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    [SOLVED] Web zeigt keine Daten

    Hi, Ich habe ein Problem mit dem Web: Ich habe vor kurzem alle Updates eingespielt, dann gestartet und alles war OK. Jetzt habe ich gesehen, das die Verbindung zum NAS-NFS nicht da war, was meine Backups verhindert hat. Also habe ich heute wieder neu gestartet und jetzt kommt dieses Bild...
  2. A

    IPv6 web ui access HOW?

    The name is the point i have installed proxmox on my tiny pc and try to do get the Web ui reachable from other networks, with IPv4 it will work but not with IPv6 and because we are chancing the ISP at the 18.08.2022 we may lose the public ipv4 so what can i do to get proxmox webui accessible...
  3. M

    Proxmox acting up... cant login via web, cant reach services...

    Hello all! My current main Proxmox server has been running for well over a year now, all VMs and LXC just chugging along, so much so that I felt like hey lets go on vacation! 2 days in one of my Nextcloud users messaged me asking - what is up with Nextcloud. Bewildered and with no access to the...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] HELP Web Interface OFFLINE due PCI VM NETWORK CONTROLLER on auto-startup!

    HELP Web Interface OFFLINE due PCI VM NETWORK CONTROLLER on auto-startup! I tried installing Pfsense and adding my 2.5Gbit Nic to it but now i cannot acces the web ui since i started the VM and it booted the web ui offline due probably noob mistake? Auto-startup/startup on boot is ON :/
  5. S

    LXC Web GUI not working

    Until yesterday, my proxmox Web GUI worked properly. Today, the sites of the Datacenter, nodes and storages still load properly. But as soon as I select a LXC or VM, the site doesnt change/update, it stays where I was before (the node-screen p. e.). If I go back to the node screen then, that...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Web interface not working, and /etc/pve not mounting

    Hi, We have a cluster of 9 nodes with a ceph pool for vm storage, lately we stopped to have access to the web UI, but we still have ssh access to the servers, and all the VMs are still running fine. We've tried to debug the problem with no luck, the only thing that we were sure about is that...
  7. S

    Query/feature request Qemu args

    Thank you for all your work on Proxmox. It is my view a design/architecture requirement that each line within the VMID.conf should be shown somewhere within the GUI even if it is read only (vmgenid for example). This would help to ensure that all the settings can be checked by admin staff...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Web GUI not available after update to 7.2

    Hello, we updated last friday to proxmox-ve 7.2 and rebooted our server afterwards. After the reboot the web GUI was just blank. Some more reboots didn't help to bring the web GUI back to life. So we tried the following things: apt --fix-broken install as there was nothing to repair, nothing...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Web GUI not working on win10

    I cant connect to webgui of proxmox instance using my win10 pc even though my ios phone connects just fine. Router brand: HALNY I tried: -turning firewall off -different browsers -private window in browser -reboot of pc, router and proxmox server -turning off proxmox firewall (using pve-firewall...
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    [SOLVED] Web GUI not found on win10

    I cant connect to webgui of proxmox instance using my win10 pc even though my ios phone connects just fine. Router brand: HALNY I tried: -turning firewall off -https and http -different browsers -private window in browser -reboot of pc, router and proxmox server Is there anything I'm missing?
  11. H

    Can't connect to web gui from windows

    Hi, I've experienced a problem connecting to web gui form windows 10/11. I'm using right ip to connect (https and 8006 port). It is fresh installation of proxmox on dell 7010sff. PVE machine is connected to router (netgear r6220) by wire. It is strange because i can connect from android phone in...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] mit Internet verbunden aber keine Verbindung zum Server

    Guten Tag ich habe heute eine zweite Festplatte an mein Proxmox System eingehängt und seit dem war dann meine erste Festplatte als unbekannt angezeigt und als ich dann neugestartet habe hatte ich überhaupt keine Verbindung mehr zu dem Server der ist mit dem Internet verbunden kann auch Google...
  13. J

    No GUI after enabling IOMMU

    Hello, First time using Proxmox. Had GUI working fine, then enabled IOMMU and now the gui does not work. It should be reachable on I have confirmed that the pve service is up and running. I've attached pics of ip addr, interfaces and IOMMU groups / lspci. Apologies I'm...
  14. K

    [SOLVED] Webinterface EMPTY_RESPONSE

    Hallo, ich habe heute früh versucht auf meinem Proxmox Intferace zuzugreifen aber daraus wurde nichts da jedes mal wo ich versucht habe mich mit meinen Anmelde daten anzumelden ging es nicht. Sobald ich den 2FA Code eingegeben habe hat es nur andauernd geladen um mir zu sagen das es angeblich...
  15. B

    Problem with Web Gui from specific PC

    Hi there, i hope this is the correct thread to post this in, im new here. So: my Proxmox install on debian is running for like 6 months without problems. Now, all of the sudden, im not able to connect to the web Gui anymore, but just not from my PC. From my Ipad e.g. it still works fine. And...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Can't Access Web UI over IPSec Connection

    Hello guys, as the title say's i cant't access the Web UI over an IPSec Connection. My Setup is as follows: Site-A: OPNSense VM at Home running on TrueNAS, ISP is Starlink so no static IP Site-B: OPNSense VM running on Proxmox on a Rootserver, static IP from Hoster When i try to connect to...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] How can I access Proxmox WebUI from a device on a different network?

    Hello everyone, I have a fresh install of Proxmox 7.1-7 with the WebUI being on a network and I'm trying to access it from a network. I have two older Proxmox machines on the same network and I'm able to access their WebUI's from my
  18. L

    Could not log into web GUI while other node was shut down?

    I have a 4-node cluster with nodes A, B, C, and D. I recently had to take nodes A and B offline to install a new NIC in them. I wanted to watch their status on the web GUI of node C while I waited for them to boot back up, so after I shut down nodes A and B, I pulled up node C's web GUI. I was...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Local scaling preference has no effect

    After searching around a bit because I hated having to switch to local scaling on the consoles, I found the option in my settings to have local scaling be the default. Is this working for others? I can see the "resize: scale" is saved to the web UI's local storage in my browser, currently...
  20. L

    [SOLVED] pveproxy only listening on ipv6 address, not on ipv4

    I have a Proxmox 7 install ("xxxx" below), which previously was working fine. However I noticed this morning that I cannot connect to the web GUI as I usually do (pveproxy on port 8006). I haven't made any recent changes that I'm aware of. I can see from systemctl that it's up and running, and...


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