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    Web interface no longer works - access via SSH still possible - data lost?

    Hello all, I can no longer access the Proxmox web interface. Accordingly, LXC containers and VMs no longer work. (Screenshot) Access via SSH is still possible. I had previously performed updates of Proxmox directly, as I do at regular intervals. Then did a complete restart of Proxmox and...
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    [SOLVED] after cluster activation, no web access to node

    I use version 7.3-6 and tried to activate a cluster for HA with 3 machines. After the migration process and reload the gui on the 2nd node, I can't login. On my first node is the 2nd node not available and I got a msg: '/etc/pve/nodes/pve02/pve-ssl.pem' does not exist! (500) Via ssh I can reach...
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    Load balancing: Only provide web interface on one node and email notification

    Hello! In the documentation it is said (https://pmg.proxmox.com/pmg-docs/pmg-admin-guide.html#_load_balancing): The second node can then be used as a quarantine host, that only provides the web interface to the user quarantine. 1. But I did not find a chapter, how to configure that - so can you...
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    Periodically VMs Show ? as status

    Hello fellow ProxMoxers! I am running a home server with a machine with lower hardware. 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz 1 X 8Gb Ram DDR3 It is working... fine, but sometimes the web interface simply get me nuts! All VMs show a unkonwn status and hide their IDs and names. With a...
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    How to delete webUI VM ghost

    Good evening! Home-labber here. In doing a lab, I wound up deleting a VMs .config file instead of the .lock file and totally hosed my VM. I am not concerned, since this is a VM that I was using to as a test-platform anyway and it has been destroyed and stood back up many times. But I cannot...
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    Web UI and ssh not answering soon after start

    Hi, I'm new to ProxMox, so, Sorry for noob questions. I've bought a small pc (AMD Ryzen 7 5825U, 32G RAM, 1Tb NVME SSD) for experiments with virtualization. Problem: I've installed Proxmox VE 7.3 with ISO Installer from official site. Everything worked fine during first ~10 minutes. After...
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    Proxmox web GUI on Raspberry Pi

    The web gui works fine on Windows computers Chrome/Edge browsers. When I try to use it via the Raspberry Pi Chromium it just doesn't display the page (blank white window) but you can tell the Pi thinks the page is loaded because the url is displayed perfectly. In desperation I installed Firefox...
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    [SOLVED] No WEB GUI access to fresh instalation

    Dear All - Please support. I'm all over similar threads without any luck/success. Fresh miniPC beeline INTEL 5905/ 16GB RAM / 256GBm.2SATA / LAN,WiFi I have instaled 7.3 then 7.1 now 6.4, all had/have same issue - no respone over WWW https://****:8006/ The latest instal without attempt of...
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    Default extend/display all "folders"/pools on the left side

    Is it possible that all the "folders" - in the server view, the individual hosts - in the folder view, nodes, virtual machines & storage - in the pool view, the individual pools, are extended by default if you log into the webinterface. I dont mind if it is somewhere in a config, it would be a...
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    Allow admin to configure required votes for quorum OR out of quorum behaviour.

    Hi, It would be nice to allow admins of a cluster to define either: - a minimum votes required for a quorum (yes, admins might be aware of pitfalls and are prepared to deal with consequences) OR - define behaviour when quorum is not achieved - current "stop everything and just sit there" is a...
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    Cant access WebServer of ProxMox

    I have just set up a new ProxMox machine. On the server I can run curl -s -k https://localhost:8006 | grep title and get the title from webserver so it is up and running but when I try from browser I just get a timed out message.
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    Webinterface not reachable

    Hello Guys, I shutdown my Proxmox Server 1 month. Today I started the Server and I cannot reach the webinterface. Via Putty I can access the shell but not the webinterface. My Servers are running in the background. Any ideas?
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    [SOLVED] Web GUI not accessible

    I have a Dell PowerEdge T430 that I'd like to set up as a Proxmox host. I intend for it to be my router, among other things. Since I want the pfSense VM to be the gateway, I've set it up without connecting it to my modem, but now I can't connect to the web GUI. It just times out. I'd appreciate...
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    Unable To Access Proxmox Web GUI From Outside LAN

    Hi Guys, I really appreciate it if someone can assist me with this. I have no issue accessing my Proxmox Web Interface from my local network but from outside (via the Internet) I can't make it work. Yes, I have enabled port forwarding for 8006 to my Proxmox server in the router. The same issue...
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    Can't login and loss of zpool after abnormal system shutdown and server being off for 2 weeks

    Hi there. About two weeks ago, a host bus adapter on my single node PVE server died. That seemed to throw things into chaos and my system become unresponsive - I could login or do anything even at a local console connected directly to the server. I ended up having to power down and up again, at...
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    [Feature Suggestion] use monospace in server-view web ui

    I don't know if it's only me, but I sometimes wished that the server-view in in the proxmox web ui would be monospace. I mean that if some kind of naming convention is used it's still hard to find the servers, as their naming is not aligned very well. If it's not only me wondering if that would...
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    No web access

    Hello everyone. I just removed a test cluster and everything went well except that the node that separates now does not let me log in from the WEB interface, Error: "login failed. Please try again" I have tried everything they say in the forums but nothing solves me, any ideas please
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    New user, observations, suggestions...

    Good day, I just started using PBS 2.2. It's on a dedicated server which also contains my in-house file archive and home directories. I plan to bring in a tape library at a later date. The tape features, as near as I can tell, will work just fine. The immediate issue I'm running into is there...
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    multi cluster web interface

    hello dear community. I have 3 cluster in different data centers. I don't need them to synchronize with each other. But i wanna have one interface for orchestrate all clusters. maybe exist some way over prox api add my clusters to one web interface. If it dosn't exist it be cool create stand...
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    Backup server web gui not starting?

    Just installed latest PBS (no subscription) and the web gui is not started anymore. netstat -natp | grep 8007 returns nothing. service proxmox-backup is running Any help is appreciated


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