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    Cannot edit some VM attributes in web gui

    Since upgrading to 7.0.11 I cannot edit all the attributes of my VMs. Things like BIOS, Display, Memory all work as expected when you click on them and select Edit. BUT if I click on Hard Disk or Network Device and click Edit I get a weird blank box in the top left of the browser window, with a...
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    (v6) Unable to login (WebGui: root)

    Hello there, Today, out of the blue I am suddenly unable to log in to my Proxmox Web GUI. Additional users work (e.g sub-users who can access some machines). Using 'root' will not work whatsoever, it just errors with 'Login failed. Please try again'. There are two machines in the cluster, both...
  3. D

    VM laufen aber Webgui zeigt Unknow Status

    Hallo Leute ich bin etwas verzweifelt, ich hab eine Server und nur eine Node, bei dem alle VMs soweit laufen aber auf der Weboberfläche des Proxmox Server wird alles als Status Unknow angezeigt. Ich kann nur noch mit der Command line steuern. Ich glaub das ich durch ein unmount Script das...
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    Proxmox web gui crashes

    When rebooting my proxmox machine, the gui is accessible for a few seconds, enough for me to login, then crashes. I am not able to ssh into the machine either. Despite this, the VMs are running and I am able to connect to them over my local network. Oddly enough, I am able to ssh into my proxmox...
  5. C

    Unable to Load Web-GUI while still able to make an SSH connection

    Hey, I have a very basic understanding of the linux cli and I've only recently begun using proxmox. I've looked through a few different forum posts but I'm still at a loss. Looking for assistance/ guidance on troubleshooting my issue. I can ssh into my proxmox server (an old laptop) but when...
  6. A

    GUI not functioning on a new install.

    Installed Proxmox on a second host and am getting an error (shown below) when trying to edit anything on a VM using the web interface. Result verification failed (400) boot: value does not match the regex pattern Here is my output of pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.0-2 (running kernel...
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    connect to web gui refused!

    hi i add domain to certification part at node - acme it succesfully generated also set dns record and check ping of that g9b.bitpaas.ir but it shows connection refused although i can access to panel by ip ! also i check ss -tulpn tcp LISTEN 0 4096...
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    Web interface connexion not working after fail backup

    Hello we have a bakckup plan every saturday on our servers on a local storage. On one of them the backup fail. VMID NAME STATUS TIME SIZE FILENAME 103 APP2 FAILED 00:24:33 vma_queue_write: write error - Broken pipe 104 VM 104 FAILED 00:00:00 unable to...
  9. H

    The interface will not be refreshed after uploading the ISO.

    After uploading an ISO, the new ISO will not appear in the interface, you need to switch tabs to do so. Using the download form URL does not. Browser is Chrome 92,pve version is 7.0-11, all other packages are up to date.
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    [SOLVED] Blank Web GUI after installation of proxmox VE 7

    After the installation of proxmox VE 7, il have a blank page when i connect to the web gui. Do you know the problem?Thanks
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    cannot access Management GUI via xfce+chromium directly on host server

    Hello everyone, i just installed proxmox for the first time and after the installation followed https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Developer_Workstations_with_Proxmox_VE_and_X11 since i needed to get some vms going for work and didn‘t have any client on hand. Now whenever i open chromium and navigate...
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    [SOLVED] WebUI doesn't accept perfectly valid and extant interface names

    Hello, the web interface doesn't accept my perfectly valid interface as a bridge port I am auditioning Proxmox as a potential replacement for OVZ for my little org, and I'd like to keep the bespoke NIC naming we already use (through udev rules), as it's unambiguous to the physical reality of...
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    [SOLVED] Web GUI constantly logout me

    After update 6.4 -> 7.0 beta -> 7.0 WEB GUI logout me every 5 minutes. How edited it or disabled? browsers: Opera, Firefox with cleared cache & data. 1 user - root. 4 different servers (all update to 7.0) - it's the same everywhere. # journalctl -b | grep log Jul 07 19:00:00 omega...
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    WEB GUI not accessible

    I have installed proxmox through virtualbox on my window OS. The installation is done until i get the ip address for the server. I've tried to access the WEB GUI using the ip address given but it says "This site can't be reached" "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" but my internet connection is still...
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    [SOLVED] PVE Webinterface nicht erreichbar

    Hallo liebe Proxmox Community, ich habe vor kurzem die Systempaket von meinem Server aktualisiert, nun kann ich das Webinterface (https://ip-adresse:8006) von Proxmox nicht mehr aufrufen. (siehe auf folgendem Bild) Ich habe schon einiges probiert und bin bisher zu keiner Lösung gekommen. PVE...
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    Neuer Router

    Hallo ich habe seit heute ein neune router ich habe schon alles eingerichtet aber jetzt wenn ich versuche ins webgui zu gehen bekomme ich denn fehler ich habe die neue ip & das neue gateway in /etc/network/interfaces /etc/hosts /etc/pve/corosync.conf Eingetragen Der server hat internet...
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    Absicherung Proxmox

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin neu in der Welt Proxmox und somit auch neu hier im Forum. Ich bin zurzeit im 3 Lehrjahr in meiner Ausbildung zum Systemintegrator, und habe mir seit gut einem halben Jahr ein Server bei einem Hoster gemietet. Auf dem Server experimentiere ich einfach ein wenig rum...
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    Web UI Scroll up bug in chrome

    Hi, This bug is there since many updates for chrome, and for proxmox products. The scroll able views when scrolled down to bottom start jumping backward many times when you start scrolling up. This seems to happen only in chrome even with no extensions, firefox not effected. To reproduce you...
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    [SOLVED] Port 8006 doesn't answer anymore after upgrade

    Just upgrade to pve-manager/6.4-4/337d6701 (running kernel: 5.4.106-1-pve) from previous release (Enterprise repository) and I'm not more able to connect to the Web Interface on port 8006. I tried to restart the whole server but nothing to do. I also checked journal -b but I cannot see any error...
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    „Diese Seite funktioniert nicht“

    Ich habe proxmox auf meinem 2pc installiert, das hat auch alles geklappt aber ich kann nicht auf das Web Interface zu greifen in verschiedensten Browsern steht „Diese Seite funktioniert nicht“ (Err_empty_response) Kann mir jemand helfen? Danke im Voraus.


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