1. A

    Proxmox Server Neubau - Speicherplatz verwalten

    Erstmal ein freundliches Hallo an alle. Habe mich gerade neu hier angemeldet in der Hoffnung dass ich nicht falsch bin und mir hier mit etwas Inspiration bzw. Orientierung gedient werden kann. Folgendes: Ich habe mit ein neues System gebaut auf dem ich Proxmox installieren will. Intel i5-7600K...
  2. K

    Access Files already on USB Disk

    Hi. I've been running ProxMox for a few weeks. I have a Home Assistant VM and a Linux (Mint) box running. I want to add a NAS. I was looking at OpenMediaVault. I have a FAT32 formatted USB drive which I'd like to attach and serve the files from it. Is it possible to attach it to ProxMox in...
  3. R

    [TUTORIAL] How to effectively increase OMV system disk space in PROXMOX [HOW TO]

    I have read to many OMV users that, like me, one day their sda system disk began to run out of space and despite increasing the space in proxmox, that space is not reflected in OMV So I made this guide of what has always worked for me hoping that someone will help and at the same time can help...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Design question about using OMV VM to create RAID via passthrough disks.

    I have a question about design passing through 10 disks to an OpenMediaVault VM using RAID6 on the VM. When creating this RAID6 on the OMV VM everything works correctly. Something that got me thinking about long-term recovery was when I had to restore my OMV VM, then manually repassing through...
  5. W

    [SOLVED] Extend VM drive when linux FS is first entry

    Hello, My VM has run out of storage on its virtual drive. I went to extend the drive in proxmox, then I realized I would have to extend the partition in the VM as well. The problem is that the linux file system is the first partition on the drive with the swap and extended, so I cannot just...
  6. O

    Proxmox OVM Festplatte

    Guten Tag, ich habe meine Festplatten über Proxmox LVM an einen LXC Container (openmediavault) durchgereicht. Jetzt habe Ich gelesen, dass man diese auch direkt in an den Container durchreichen kann. Ist es ein Vorteil dies zu tun? Bzw. habe Ich einen Nachteil wenn Ich dies über Proxmox...
  7. I

    [SOLVED] Sync issue between mount and OMV shares

    I'm having some sync issues. Currently I'm mounting my HDD drives (ntfs) in my node with the command mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sde2 /mnt/disk1 which works fine and everything mounts. I also have a OpenMediaVault VM running which shares these drives (or folders) on my network so I can access them on...
  8. B

    Newbie - need recommendation on best way to install Proxmox, VMs, containers, etc.

    I've been playing around Proxmox for a week on a 8GB ram/512GB HDD mini PC (i5). I'm about to build a more proper/low powered desktop server (Xeon E5-2560L-10cores/20threads, 32GB RECC, nvme 500GB, WD Red 4TB x2.) Applications, for now: Debian 11 VM with KDE environment (hosting at least...
  9. V

    Guest hangs when halt / shutdown issued (OpenMediaVault 5.x)?

    Attempting to halt an OpenMediaVault 5 guest running on Proxmox 7, but the guest vm seems to hang after issuing halt directly on the guest. When on PVE I see, qm list: VMID NAME STATUS MEM(MB) BOOTDISK(GB) PID 111 OpenMediaVault running 24000...
  10. V

    LXC block device direct access and other device/PCI passthrough?

    Running OpenMediaVault (OMV) through an LXC would be quite useful and it appears there is a desire to do this. Can storage device (eg block storage) be passed through to LXC containers for direct hardware access? Here is a thread expressing such interest...
  11. D

    Good Practice for Home Server

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Proxmox and Linux, so please excuse my noobiness. Objective Trying to move away from a MacMini hosting SMB shares (the crooked Apple way), TimeMachines and running some Debian/Windows VMs via Virtualbox for Homelab stuff. Moving towards a "real" (home) server with Debian...
  12. P

    Windows findet SMB Laufwerk erst nach Anmeldung in Proxmox WebGUI

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe auf meinem Proxmox Server eine VM mit OMV eingerichtet und die Freigaben via SMB geteilt. Diese Freigaben sind auf meinem Hauptrechner (Windows) eingebunden. Komischerweise verbindet sich Windows nicht immer direkt mit den Freigaben, sondern zeigt die Netzlaufwerke mit...
  13. A

    How do I "unify" the boot order of VMs and LXCs?

    Preamble: I have 10 containers and 1 VM. The VM is OpenMediaVault containing a mergerfs mount which is shared via cifs to my Windows 10 PC and pve host node. The share is mounted to every LXC via this line in /etc/fstab: //<ip-of-omv-vm>/data/ /mnt/data/ cifs...
  14. S

    Issue with NFS share on LXC CT and permissions

    Hi, I have a fresh installation of an ubuntu on LXC with docker. I mounted on this LXC a share NFS folder from an VM of Openmediavault like that: arch: amd64 cores: 6 features: mount=nfs,nesting=1 hostname: Docker memory: 4096 mp0: /mnt/pve/storage-docker,mp=/mnt/storage-docker net0...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Node crashes and resets without log entry + RRD update error

    Hey there, im not sure if the two issues are related - if not, i will change the thread title accordingly! So my little proxmox homeserver keeps crashing after a migration to a different motherboard without leaving any traces in the syslog why. It only happens if you start a larger file...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Openmediavailt Zeigt keine Arbeitsspeicherauslastung an

    Hi liebes Forum dies ist mein erster Thread und ich gebe zu ich bin noch sehr neu was den Umgang mit Proxmox angeht. Ich habe folgendes Problem, die Administrationsseite von Openmediavault zeigt mir keine Arbeitsspeicherauslastung an. Sehe ich mir aber den zugewiesenen und genutzten Speicher...
  17. D

    Performance issues with OpenMediaVault VM (ZFS/LUKS...)

    Hi For a home server/nas I'm using the latests versions of Proxmox (5.4) and OMV (4.1.22-1) on recent hardware (core i3-8100, 16gb of ram, installed on a ssd...). I have only one 8TB hard-drive with no raid configuration for my data storage. I use my previous server (intel Atom J1900, 8GB of...
  18. N

    OpenMediaVault NAS on Proxmox

    Hello, So I've setup my Proxmox on a PCIe 500GB inside my server. I started my first machines (PiHole, LibreNMS, etc...). Now what I need to do is to use 4 3Tb HDDs to setup a NAS. What I did was to create my VM on the SSD and I connected the physical drives through "qm set VMID --sataX...
  19. M

    Proxmox IO Erorrs: ZFS - Data unaccessable

    Hallo liebe Community, falls jemand Hinweise oder eine Idee hat, bitte um Hilfe. Ich habe einen Server mit Debian Jessie als Hostbetriebssystem. Darauf läuft Proxmox und virtualisiert mir mehrere Linux Server. Im Proxmox gebe ich zwei physische Festplatten an ein OpenMediaVault NAS. Diese...
  20. P

    Proxmox Festplatten durchreichen und Serverhilfe

    Hallo, ich werde mir nächstens einen neuen Server bauen. (AMD Athlon 200GE, ASUS Prime A230M-K, 8GB RAM, 230GB M.2 SATA SSD) Ich möchte zusätzlich noch 3 Festplatten anschließen, die in einem SnapRAID laufen, um meinen aktuellen Datenserver zu ersetzen Letztens habe ich mir auch einem Computer...


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