1. A

    NAS in a VM, share disks

    Hi all, I have a Proxmox PC with a PCI SAS controller with connected 2 (for now) 6TB drives. I need to use these drives into OMV (VM) and into some other VMs. Is it better to passthrough the whole PCI card to the OMV VM, manage the disks in it, create the shares and mount them into the other VMs...
  2. P

    ZFS Online but unable to import

    I know this is a pretty common question, but I haven't found a situation quite like mine.To cut it short, I had a ZFS pool on my home server on bare metal of proxmox, wanted to move it to an open media vault installation. It went fine, but then i removed the zfs storage from proxmox, not...
  3. J

    Daten OMV sind in VM Disk dadurch LVM voll

    Hallo, ich habe einen kleinen Proxmoxserver mit Openmediavault, Homeassitant und IObroker. Die VMs habe ich auf der System SSD installiert (NVME). 2 Sata SSD habe ich direkt an OVM durchgereicht. Dort werden Photos und Dokumente gespeichert. Nun habe ich festgestellt, dass die Daten...
  4. M

    Best practice: Mount NAS (NFS) to LXC

    Hello, I wonder what the best practice is how to mount NAS to a LXC? Why? Reason: I don't want to estimate and manage the size of the LXC data storages in a containers, etc. (e.g. jellyfin, nextcloud, etc.) + have all the advantages of user management etc. of a NAS system. I basically just...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Can I spin down disks since I'm not using them?

    Hi, I'm not able to physically remove those hard disks so I wonder is there a way to remotely shut them down/spin them down till I'll need to use them again in few weeks/months? I'm already using pass-through in OMV VM that spins down one disk using APM (disk is used by Plex media server)...
  6. M

    Open Media Vault VM crashing when copying between CIFS shares

    Good morning all! I'm having problems with an Open Media Vault VM on Proxmox and am seeking advice on how to debug the issue. I have an OMV 6.0.latest VM running on Proxmox 7.4-3. The OMV VM is configured to serve up multiple CIFS shares. The harddisks behind the shares appear to be working...
  7. P

    OMV or Debian LXC - Which is best for installing Docker on Proxmox?

    I am a proxmox beginner suffering from information overload. I have read of 2 different ways of installing docker on proxmox: 1. Using omv-extras on openmediavault 2. Creating a Debian container and installing Docker on top of it. I already have omv installed in a container, which I believe...
  8. C

    Proxmox with an ovm vm, which option for providing hdd storage and raid 1?

    Hardware: ASRock j4205 with 8gb RAM, 2x4TB WD Red, crucial ssd 250gb (sata), 1gbit ethernet. Hi, I'm using proxmox on the j4205-itx board and run omv in a vm as a nas solution. I also want to have the to hdds mirrored/raid 1. As far as I understand there are four options to provide hdd storage...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Many unknown crashes/freezes

    Hi all, I recently started up a homeserver with a bunch of replaced parts from my main Rig. I currently have Proxmox 7.3-6 installed on an m.2ssd, with another m.2 1tb for VM disks and backups. I have 3 4tb HDD passed through to my OMV VM that I am using as a NAS in RaidZ1 for files, backups...
  10. K

    NAS Virtualisieren Anfänger fragen

    Hallo, ich habe paar fragen bezüglich meines Vorhabens. Aktuelle Lage: Bei mir läuft seid einem Jahr Proxmox als Host. Dort habe ich lxc container laufen für mein Smarthome. (iobroker etc.) Läuft alles super. Aktuell habe ich noch ein altes NAS extern laufen wo ich meine container Backups...
  11. M

    Use of USB drive in OMV6 on Proxmox

    Hi, I want to use OMV6 as a virtual machine on Proxmox and use an external drive as storage in OMV. OMV is running fine in Proxmox and i set up the USB drive as an USB device in the hardware section of Proxmox. However, the USB drive does not show up as a disk in OMV. Am I missing a step...
  12. R

    [TUTORIAL] How to effectively increase OMV system disk space in PROXMOX [HOW TO]

    I have read to many OMV users that, like me, one day their sda system disk began to run out of space and despite increasing the space in proxmox, that space is not reflected in OMV So I made this guide of what has always worked for me hoping that someone will help and at the same time can help...
  13. T

    LXC Nexcloud SMB Freigabe auf NAS

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin im Thema Proxmox noch recht neu, denke aber das ich soweit bisher mich recht gut in die Materie eingearbeitet habe. Jedoch bereit mir ein Thema seit mehren tagen Probleme und ich weiß nicht mehr weiter, hoffe da auf euren rat. Vielen Dank dafür schonmal jetzt.... Ich...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Design question about using OMV VM to create RAID via passthrough disks.

    I have a question about design passing through 10 disks to an OpenMediaVault VM using RAID6 on the VM. When creating this RAID6 on the OMV VM everything works correctly. Something that got me thinking about long-term recovery was when I had to restore my OMV VM, then manually repassing through...
  15. G

    Best overprovisioning settings for this setup?

    So I'm setting up a small homelab on a PC: CPU: Intel Xeon E31268L v3 - 4 cores 8 threads - Around an i7 4770 in performance RAM: 16GB DDR3 SSD: 128GB mSata => Boot and VMs HDD: 2x8TB HDD 1Gbps Network I'll install Proxmox on that and set up these VMs: 1. OpenMediaVault 6 with the 2x8TB HDD...
  16. C

    HDD Storage Verwaltung Strategie

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe vor ca. 2 Jahren meinen ersten Proxmox Server aufgesetzt um zu lernen. Mittlerweile ist er gewachsen und ich mache so ziemlich alles mit dem Server. D.h. auch alle meine Daten sind dort abgelegt und können von jedem Gerät genutzt werden. Ich denke aber, dass ich das...
  17. P

    Windows findet SMB Laufwerk erst nach Anmeldung in Proxmox WebGUI

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe auf meinem Proxmox Server eine VM mit OMV eingerichtet und die Freigaben via SMB geteilt. Diese Freigaben sind auf meinem Hauptrechner (Windows) eingebunden. Komischerweise verbindet sich Windows nicht immer direkt mit den Freigaben, sondern zeigt die Netzlaufwerke mit...
  18. F

    very disappointing ZFS... seems to pause when copying big files, very bad perfs.

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a proxmox node with a ZFS pool and I got very bad performances. I'm a bit new to zfs and I think I need some help ! Symptom: when I try to copy a few GB to the server, it starts at full speed, then pause for 5-10 seconds, then starts again for 1-2s, then pause again...
  19. G

    Read Only block storage in VM

    hello I've had an on-going issue for some time. i have 4tb Samsung external USB HDD connected to an Odroid H2 via usb 3 > running proxmox 6.3 a while back I attempted...
  20. B

    PVE 6.2 - SSD speeds how to tune

    Hello, I am new to Proxmox, and this is the first time I am using LVM so I am not yet fully used to how it works. I installed PVE on a consumer SSD (Samsung 860 Evo 500GB) and had a 2TB WD Black HDD for some VMs. No ZFS or Ceph is being used, and disks are single drives in LVM. At first I...


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