1. DynFi User

    Auto-restoring from VM snapshot

    Hello, I am looking for a way to automate the restoration of a snapshoted VM to it's snapshoted initial state. This is a testing environment that we provide to our prospect and I would like to kick back every night at a giveng time to the snapshotted version. Do you know how I can : list...
  2. H

    KVM VM (64GB) won't start with memory hotplug enabled

    Hello, This had been asked several times however after extensive search there is still no real answer that would make sense or a formula that I was able to follow to assign memory - sometime it work and sometimes doesn't (guessing!) up to 48GB works fine after adding this workaround "options...
  3. L

    One Windows KVM shutdowns another

    We have a windows 10 server running on a KVM for a while over PVE 6.4-4 We were trying create an updated version with a different W10 version on a new KVM created from scratch. We installed all correctly but after a few days we suddenly noticed that when we boot one of both... the other kvm...
  4. S

    kvm guests in proxmox VM

    Hi Im sorry Im not certain if this is the right place to post, but I noticed that a CentOS 8 VM that I was assigned to, is hosted in a Proxmox environment. I have installed KVM on this CentOS 8 proxmox VM, and intend to create a few KVM guests of my own, on this VM. Ive noticed that it expects...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Issues Booting Imported VM Image

    Hi everyone! Would someone have some insight on how I can import a KVM image to Proxmox? I have a confluence server which I have in a KVM img format. I created a VM using qm create. I then copied the backup of the server I have to that servers hard drive in Proxmox. I booted the server using...
  6. S

    Proxmox cloud-init kvm template creation for hostbill automation - need help

    Hello! I am trying to to create a CentOS 7 template for my proxmox setup which I want to use with Hostbill for automated creation of VMs I tried everything but nothing works.. VM creates and online but can't login Right now I can create VM and they are online sucessfully But I can't login using...
  7. C

    How to convert a VM into LXC in Proxmox VE 6.0.2+?

    PVE version: 6.2-4 Kernel version: 5.4.41-1 source VM: ubuntu1804-amd64 target LXC: ubuntu1804-amd64 in LXC format I've used PVE for almost 2 years and I love it very much. Now I want to convert my VM created by PVE into LXC that can ran on PVE with full features like other LXC orginally...
  8. J

    MSWX VM refuses to boot or bootloops on cpu change

    There is one ms windows vm which behaves quite peculiar. Changing the CPU away from anything kvm64 (> host) results in an inability to boot. Even a reboot into safe mode use msconfig does not work as per usual. Despite having configured a windows10 .iso to boot from the 'press any key to boot...
  9. D

    Issues with Networking on KVM Guest

    Hello, I'm facing some trouble post-installation with networking on KVM Guests. After spending around ~6 hours on setting up networking to work for containers, it appears that KVM Guests can't connect to the internet. With that said, not all guests don't connect, Windows 10 guests connect with...
  10. T

    WHMCS installed in VM on Proxmox Host

    Hi, Just a question, currently we run our WHMCS installation in a Proxmox VM running DirectAdmin. Before when WHMCS was hosted on a totally different server the Proxmox VPS Module could just connect to the Proxmox host. But currently that the WHMCS installation is in a VM on the Proxmox host I...
  11. D

    error trying to take snapshot

    i am using pve-manager 6.1-8, proxmox-ve 6.1-2, qemu-server 6.1-7, pve-qemu-kvm 4.1.1-4 whenever i try and take a back up when the machine is running i get the following: task error: vm * qmp command 'savevm-start' failed - the command savevm-start has not been found and indeed when checking out...
  12. J

    Ask for best practice allowing host CLI diagnose if only one GPU that is passed

    Hi all, I had some issue to connect to my proxmox sever which does not have IPMI (or iKVM). It is build on a Threadripper workstation with MSI TRX40 motherboard. I fixed the issue, which is not related to the proxmox. That lead me thinking: Since my only GPU has been passthrough, the frame...
  13. J

    Proxmox 6.x consumes more memory than assigned using ZFS

    After being faced a few times with extraordinary memory consumption i took a look at the shell using glances. out of principle i never count on swap space and don't configure it since my use cases don't call for it. While the RAM assigned is correctly estimated proxmox/kvm decided to consume...
  14. B

    Do I NEED KVM support on the host machine?

    I'm new to all this so please assume I know nothing. The objective is to install "Home Assistant" in a VM under Proxmox. There are various images available, VMDK, VHDX, VDI, QCOW2, OVA but I had no idea which one was best suited so chose QCOW2. I created the VM following various tutorials but...
  15. Y

    Replication Failed and "state" snap finded

    Hello, in my cluster i have finded a vm with replication faild with this log: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-11-02 12:54:01 105-0: start replication job 2020-11-02 12:54:01 105-0: guest => VM 105, running => 15447 2020-11-02 12:54:01 105-0...
  16. S

    Redirecting the ProxMox kvm to a TightVNC server running on VM with GPU passthrough

    Hi guys, I have a VM that has an RTX5000 passed though to it. I understand that when you passthrough a GPU to a VM the integrated ProxMox KVM no longer works. But I was wondering If I could work around this limitation, by telling ProxMox to connect to a TightVNC server running on the VM...
  17. J

    qm template: what does it _do_? what makes a template different from a (k)vm?

    `qm template`: what does it _do_? what makes a template different from a (k)vm? Details I see references to how running `qm template [vm_number]` creates a template that makes future (linked or full) cloning better, more-efficient. But... what does `qm template` do to the (k)vm? (A bit of...
  18. J

    Server Has Sudden Increase in CPU Usage and Load

    Hello, I'm experiencing a strange CPU usage/load issue: After starting (/restarting) my server, it has a CPU usage and load, which I would consider normal (CPU usage is around 6% and load around 1). Then after a few days (6 or so), all of a sudden the CPU usage and load increase to about 40-50%...
  19. E

    Any recommendations for very Intensive cpu and networking KVM?

    Hi i am going to deploy proxysql in my Proxmox cluster, it will be done using KVM and not lxc in order to be able to use VRRP to get H/A between several VMS in different nodes of the cluster. Is there any recommendation to the VM hardware setup, the Proxmox node itself or the VM configuration...
  20. J

    Cloning from a KVM VM snapshot fails: "Failed to find logical volume..."

    I'm seeking suggestions for debugging the following. After running a "clone from snapshot" in the web gui rev 6.2-11, I receiving the following output: TASK ERROR: clone failed: activate_volume 'pve/snap_vm-199-cloudinit_baseline_1' error: Failed to find logical volume...


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