1. pfSense in a VM with HA

    I'm trying to figure out how I could install a pfSense VM and make it HA. I have a ceph cluster of 4 nodes (but there will be nodes added regularly), so I can give each node a public IP address on one of it's ethernet ports. Creating a bridge and adding that to the pfSense VM will give me a...
  2. Memory issues

    I have been trying to figure this one out by my self but I think I need some help with translation. One of nested Proxmox servers that has 4 LXC servers running (each using ~1G RAM) claims that it is using 14G out of 16G. What is the rest of the memory being used? root@vh0:~# cat /proc/meminfo...
  3. TASK ERROR: start failed: command '/usr/bin/kvm

    PRECISO MUITO DE UMA AJUDA. QUANDO DOU INICIA PARA INICIALIZAR UMA MAQUINA (SERVIDOR) DENTRO DO PROXMOX DA O SEGUINTE ERRO: ponte 'vmbr0' não existe kvm: -netdev type = tap, id = net0, ifname = tap102i0, script = / var / lib / qemu-server / pve-bridge, downscript = / var / lib / qemu-server /...
  4. [SOLVED] PVE 6.0.x doesn't load kvm_amd (EYPC 7551)

    Please advise as I need to get production up and running again. Should I just revert back to the PVE 5.x version? Had to R&R due to no backups and a hardware failure. Upgraded/installed PVE6.0.1 on EYPC 7551 but it's not loading the virtualization module and manually doesn't seem to cut it...
  5. Shared ceph storage on a 5 node setup

    Hi everyone, Currently we are using SolusVM with 5 nodes each with: * 64GB of RAM * 4x 1TB SSD RAID-10 * 2x CPUs We're evaluating moving to Proxmox and use Ceph, as for the long-run it is future-proof, more scalable and easier to maintain than SolusVM. Also we're having problems with...
  6. Connect bluetooth speaker to Windows 7 KVM?

    Is there a way to connect my Cliptec bluetooth speaker to my Windows 7 32-bit KVM? I installed the Gigaware bluetooth drivers and it seems to have connected to it, however the speaker icon on the taskbar still shows red and that there are no audio devices available. I tried playing a youtube...
  7. dev loop0

    Hi guys. My big is itching :) My big is a server with about 10 KVM clients that each host about 10 LXC containers (nested virtualization is the way to go these days.) Lately I have seen several "dev loop0" problems usually with I/O errors indicating a malfunctioning disk causing problems with...
  8. KVM Rate Limit doesn't work well

    Hello, i have tested rate limit on a KVM vps ( proxmox 5 last version ). It doesn't work on UDP flood. A single vps in my case, put down an entire machine.. Some ideas ? Thanks
  9. How to create VM KVM from .img template

    hello i will ask , How to create VM KVM from Template .img i have template KVM here : how to create VM kvm with this template OS, this template KVM from virtualizor thanks you
  10. RAM consumption (Cannot allocate memory)

    Hi everyone, First of, I am well aware of the famous "Linux ate my RAM" page and I post here because my issue makes no sense. I am also aware of the usual RAM requirements of 1GB per TB or storage for ZFS, but again, seems a bit odd in my situation. I have 5 VMs on my server, of which only...
  11. Linux kernel 5.1?

    Hi, Coffee-Lake GPUs need at least Linux 5.1 for KVMGT support (e.g. Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 610). Are there any plans for Linux 5.1, yet? Thanx for any hint! :)
  12. Migrate LXC to KVM

    Hello Everyone, is there a way to migrate a lxc container to a KVM? I would appreciate your help and tips :) Greetings, Alex
  13. Transfer KVM from virtualizor to Proxmox.

    Hello! I'm taking my first steps with proxmox. Sorry about the translation too, I use an online translator. I want to transfer several KVM servers to proxmox, in the documentation it only says this: KVM to Proxmox VE (KVM) Just create a new VM on Proxmox VE and add the existing disk image to...
  14. VMs not starting

    Hello, I get the following error if I try to start a VM on a specific host: Does anyone know what is going on?
  15. Second (and not only) IP on Centos 7 VM (KVM) machine

    I attempt to assign secondary IP address on a CentOS 7 KVM VM. My node is on OVH. I already added an IP (virtual mac etc) on the CentOS 7 VM and it's working fine. I attempted to replicate the same procedure, assign an extra IP but I can't ping it from the outside. Is there a limitation? I mean...
  16. How to migrate from a KVM virtual machine to a LXC container?

    Hello, I have a virtual machine which has a hard disk drive running on an LVM volume. I don't see how to migrate it to an LXC container without going through a traditional migration. I saw a tutorial -"How to convert a KVM image to a LXC container ? ", but it doesn't seem to be applicable to...
  17. High CPU usage on kvm

    I have only two virtual machines, doing nothing, one windows 2016 and the other one Linux, a Mikrotik virtualized router. Each one shows more than 100% in Top, but virtually nothing inside. What am I doing wrong? The drivers are up to date. How do I fix this and why it is right from the start...
  18. Rebooting node issue

  19. btrfs as a guest file system

    Dear all, I want to have urbackup VM and I want to use btrfs killer feature (cross link, offline dedup and so on) with urbackup. What do you think if I will have zfs (zvol) as my host fs and btrfs as a guest system? Best regards,
  20. Windows virtual machine : non persistent drive possible ?

    Hi, I would like to know if Proxmox has a feature similar to a non-persistent drive in VMWare Workstation. I remember that a similar question has already been asked and answered negatively in the past. But things may have changed though searching both the internet and this forum hasn't given...


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