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    [SOLVED] Understanding the logic with IP of LXC containers coming from Debian

    Hi, Very sorry if my questions are stupid, I'm just trying to figure it out. I had a one node server running on Debian with Docker on it. Very simple, I had all my different services running on one machine (plex, nextcloud, etc.). I had a Pi-hole service for my DNS, this way, *.mydomain.com...
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    Add extra public IP's for each vps to use?

    Hello everyone, and thanks in advance to anyone that helps. I have a server with right now 3 public ips, the main one in the dedi and then 2 more that are assigned to it. How can i get them to work inside of proxmox? They said the following: Also, for each additional IP, please use subnet...
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    How to map 2 ports on 1 ip address.

    I have 4 network ports in my server (2-1G and 2-10G). While installation it asked me to select anyone and assign the IP address to it. I selected a 1G network interface and assigned IP to it. I was expecting that my other 1G network port/interface would also get assigned with the same IP...
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    LXC containers not receiving IPv4 addresses

    Hello, I am new to Proxmox. I have some problems with obtaining IPv4 addresses from dhcp in my LXC containers. When I reboot my LXC containers, they won't receive an IPv4 address anymore. I am not sure if this is related, but it seems this started occurring after I ran the following commands on...
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    IP Address Issue

    Hiya, I am a complete newbie and i set up proxmox on a network via an ethernet on a dell r710 and it auto gave it the IP of and i can not connect. Please Help Thanks
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    [SOLVED] Change IP from PVE Single Node

    Hello, I have changed IP Addres room of my network (before:, now My PVE (Single node) had the static IP now of course I can't access the web interface. How can I change the IP manually via cmd (to Hopefully someone can help me.
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    Gelöst: fail on "Resolved node IP" update von 7 auf 8

    Nach einem Update von v7 auf v8 funktioniert mein LAN nichtmehr. pve7to8 liefert: FAIL: Resolved node IP "" npt configured or active for "pve" Irgendwo klemmt es mit dem Ethernet und ich habe zu wenig Ahnung um das Problem zu finden ip a: ip -c a nano /etc/hosts nano...
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    Why does proxmox have 2 ip address?

    This isn't really a problem (or at least I hope so), I just want to understand proxmox better, but I didn't know where to ask this, and I didn't find any answers on the forum. I was just messing with the router settings when I noticed, that whenever I turn on my proxmox machine, I have 2 more...
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    Issue accessing Proxmox server web interface after setting up pfSense

    Hello, I'm encountering an issue with accessing the web interface of my Proxmox server. Here's my setup: I have a Dell R710 server running the latest version of Proxmox, and I recently installed pfSense as a VM on it. Currently, pfSense is the only VM running, and it is connected to the...
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    Changing the IP address and subnet in all cluster nodes

    Good evening everyone! I have a production cluster with 5 nodes. All of the nodes have one network card with: A dedicated public IP address on eno1. A vmbr4001 bridge for the public subnet of the guests (LXC). A vmbr4002 bridge for the private subnet of the guests (LXC). A vmbr4003 bridge for...
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    Having multiple IPs per server

    Hey, I’m new to proxmox, still learning. Finally i got a chance to mess with the GUI and learn about it. But there’s something that I didn’t found yet. Currently when I deploy VM i am assigning IPs manually during the OS installation which is fine. Is there a way to have IPs automatically...
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    Cluster Peer Address

    Hi there, I have three nodes and created on the first node a cluster (master). All three nodes are in 192.168.0.x/24. The cluster join information of the just created master node shows the IP which is not correct. How do I set this peer IP correctly that the other nodes can join the...
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    Can't get IP address to interface

    Hello Before few days I was working on some project and I was able to connect with GUI on server. After few days I tuned on server and I see that it does not have IP address on interface eno1. I tried same stuff as before few days, checked cables and ethernet ports and nothing is working...
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    Can't ping anything beside gateway from server

    Hello, this is my first time configuring server and things like this. I was able to get address from DHCP server and now I can ping gateway. But still can't link outside of network or any other PC in room. I can ping server from other computer. eno1 should be my working interfaces (I hope so)...
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    VM has no internet

    Our server is assigned only one internal IP address by the university. I used this IP address when installing Proxmox VE. The server has access to the internet from the Proxmox VE shell. However, the created virtual machine has no internet and no IP address. What can I do? Do I need to ask the...
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    Proxmox IP and Idrac 7 IP

    Hello, the other day I changed the router, the configuration and all that, now my dell powerge R820 server does not let me access with the previously established IP, could you help me to fix it? PS: also when using the idrac dhcp from the front screen, the ip is left at
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    Unable to connect to internet/ access from browser- Fresh Install Proxmox VE 7.2

    Hi, I am a newbie here so apologise first if this has been discussed previously. I recently installed Proxmox VE 7.2 on my old laptop in the hope of turning it to a home server. However, I cant reach the proxmox page on my webbrowser via the ip address generated after installing it. The ip...
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    Same IPv4 address on every VM

    Hi, I recently bought myself a DELL PowerEdge R470 Server and installed Proxmox 7.0.13 on it. It's working great, but all the virtual machines have the same ipv4 on the internet. They only have different IP addresses on my local network. I looked a bit around but I couldn't figure out how to...
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    [SOLVED] Console welcome banner incorrect IP

    HI everyone, This could easily affect more than PBS (e.g. PVE) without me having seen this behaviour before, but PBS 2.0-10 welcome banner on console is stating the old/original IP that it was installed with. After moving it to a new physical location on a different network, on a different...
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    [SOLVED] Can not ping gateway

    Hello, today I've decide to update proxmox from 6.3 to 6.4 but i have discovered that one of my node can not access internet and can not ping the gateway. Ping result: ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host...


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