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    GPU Passthrough VM crashes when using PCIe mode

    I've been trying to get this to work for the past week with no luck. I've tried multiple different guides, but still can't seem to get this working. I'll start with symptoms: -Attaching GPU to VM with PCIe and Primary GPU results in windows blue screen. -Attaching GPU to VM with PCIe and no...
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    Windows 10 VM sudden speed drop when copying files

    Hi I have a problem with my win 10 vm that when copying files, it copies at a good speed 200-400MB/s and then randomly drops to 0, and all other vms become unresponsive, also the I/O delay becomes really high. It's the same if I'm copying from a network drive or like a folder from destkop to any...
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    RDP nicht möglich

    Habe ein Windows VM erstellt nun ist zu dieser VM aber keine RDP Verbindung möglich. Internet funktioniert. RDP zulassen ist aktiviert. Jemand eine Idee?
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    Hab eine Windows VM aufgesetzt hab VirtiO per ISO installiert ging alles Probleme. Danach hab ich Windows 10 geupdatet danach kein Internet mehr gehabt -> Treiber waren verschwunden. VirtiO neu installiert nun wird es nur noch als VirtiO Balloon Driver unter Systemgeräte installiert. Jemand eine...
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    [SOLVED] Poor disk speeds in Windows 11 guest

    I recently migrated my Windows 10 virtual desktop to Windows 11. However, the system has become very unresponsive and feels really sluggish. There is a lot of delay when clicking or typing. I have scoured the Proxmox forums and Google, but so far I haven't found a solution. I ran some...
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    CD Drive is not working correctly in Win10 VM

    Hey everybody so I recently installed proxmox and and a win10 VM to use for ripping DVDs. I installed an internal DVD player. Prior I used a software now called ripped DVD monster and MakeMKV to ripp my DVDs. However MKV is not working on my VM and the other one stops after like 10% and crashes...
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    Proxmox for VR development

    I currently need two different workstations for VR development with different software versions that cannot coexist without creating issues ( thanks Microsoft ). Unfortunately, I just have one workstation and I thought of using proxmox and 2 VM to solve my issues. The 2 VM will never be used at...
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    Unable To Install Proxmox

    Good day, my friends. I hope you are doing well. I'm posting this today in response to a request. When I try to install " Proxmox" on my Windows 10 PC, I get an error notice that says "problem opening file for writing." Even when I put in my best effort to install it, the problem persists. Is...
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    Proxmox VM - Windows 10 [One Disk Image, multiple VMs]

    Hi People, So what i wanted to achieve is i wanted one central Master VM disk and multiple VMS will be using the same as read only mode. So my base vm let say vm 100 has windows 10 and lots of other softwares, and my other vms, vm101 to vm105 is using the same disk image of base windows vm...
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    Cloning Win10 VM as a completely new machine?

    Hi, I'm testing Win10 Autopilot feature with Proxmox. It's an automated PC kittng process managed by MS Intune. It begins refreshing PC according to pre-registered HWID.csv, which is composed of hardware hash, serial etc. HWID is acquired by powershell command...
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    [SOLVED] After changing disk type for Windows-VM boot fails

    I was hoping to upgrade my disk configuration for a Windows VM via the following steps (which worked flawless on numerous other systems before): - add small SCSI-disk to VM causing Windows to install the VirtIO drivers - change disk type from ide0 to scsi0 However, if I change the disk type...
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    Proxmox windows guest error 43

    Hi, maybe someone here can help me to configure my laptop to get windows using the gpu. I have installing windows and configured pci passtrough. After starting windows vm everything works fine but the gpu (GT 630M) gets error 43. I tried almost everything nothing works. cat...
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    High Bandwidth (Download) Causes VM to Lockup

    Hi there, I'm having an issue on my hosts (2) wherein whenever I download large files/ISO's or run Speedtests etc and it consumes most of the available bandwidth for my ISP downlink (1Gbps), it seems to tank the Windows VM I am using at the time to download. I am connecting to the Windows VM's...
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    Nvidia GTX 980 Passthrough - Error Code 43

    I am trying to passthrough my GTX 980 since a few days. I've tried a lot of different solutions and so far, none of them gets me over this cursed error code 43. I'm running Proxmox VE v7.1-7 on the following machine: CPU: Intel Core i3 8100 (Coffee Lake) Motherboard: Gigabyte z730n GPU: MSI...
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    [SOLVED] USB 3.2 ASM3142 Pass-through Windows 10 Requires Reboot to Initialize Ports

    Hello Proxmox Forum, I originally posted this on the Proxmox subreddit but am re-posting here as well for visibility. Original post is here: I just bought...
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    How to change template(windows) and update linked clones

    Hello, I created a virtual machine for Windows 10 and built template from it(after sysprep ...) . After that, I built 20 linked clone from the template. I added another hard drive to all 20 virtual machines and all the important files is stored on this second drive. Now I want to update Windows...
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    Does adding a GPU to windows 10 VM decrease VNC / RDP frames-per-second lag?

    Since windows 10 home disabled RDP :'( i was wondering how else to get smooth gaming performance inside the windows VM. By adding a GPU to the VM, would that increase the FPS connection for smoother gaming? What other remote desktop protocols is best for gaming from a linux host to the windows...
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    upgrade 6 to 7 version proxmox freezer vm windows

    hello After upgrading proxmox version 6 to 7 the vm with windows 10 and windows 2016 server freezes constantly. in the vm with windows upgrade virtio to the latest version. Any recommendation. Cheers pve-manager/7.1-8/5b267f33 (running kernel: 5.13.19-2-pve) root@plvm4:~# pveversion -v...
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    Fresh Windows 10 install stuck loading Redhat VirtIO network

    Hi everyone I am using pve-manager/7.1-6, latest Windows 10 H2 and virtio 0.1.208. I followed this guide: but the VM gets stuck when I try to load the network drivers. Balloning and iSCSI drivers work. After installing Windows 10...
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    Windows VMs can't connect to VPN

    Can someone guide me through the process of troubleshooting VPN connections? I have PVE up and running. My Linux Desktop and MacOS VMs can connect to my work VPN (L2TP) without any issues, but none of my Win10 and Win11 VMs can connect using the Built-in VPN. I get this error: What I've done...


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