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  1. M

    Windows 10 guest stutters during SMB file copy

    I have a strange Windows 10 guest issue. I don’t have any native Windows systems to just try it. When I copy a 20GB file over SMB, Windows 10 stutters - not just the mouse pointer, but animations in a running browser (for instance). I tried copying the file locally, while also running iPerf...
  2. J

    Windows Guest - Disk I/O and Throughput Performance

    Hi All, I'm trying to identify what is the culprit for noted performance degradation specifically on Windows guests. Appreciate any help or advice, below is the write up of details. Background Usually I run exclusively linux guests on my Proxmox cluster, and these achieve (fio tested) in the...
  3. intelliIT

    [PVE 8.1.3, KERNEL 6.5.11] plötzliche abstürze zweier nodes in einem 3 node ha-cluster

    wir haben nun schon einige zeit ein ha-cluster mit 3 member nodes am laufen (sind auch subscribed). alle nodes sind auf identischer hardware aufgesetzt. in unregelmäßigen abständen fallen 2 der nodes aus, starten neu und hinterlassen keinerlei verwertbare log-schriebe. journal und dmesg sind zu...
  4. G

    Problems installing Windows 10 -> Stuck at boot after install

    Hallo, I am super new to Proxmox and the whole virtualization in general. So... my setup is an Lenovo ThinkCenter M700. On there I have installed Proxmox and am already successfully running a container for my Docker things and that works fine. So I have one app at home (for my home-automation...
  5. I

    I can't connect to my Proxmox on browser in Windows

    Hi guys, This is going to be a weird issue to describe. I made a VM of Ubuntu in VirtualBox, and then made a VM of Proxmox in Virtual Machine Manager on Ubuntu. I am able to open Proxmox on Firefox in my Ubuntu VM, but not in Windows. I am wholeheartedly not sure what I need to start this...
  6. Q

    Ubuntu Camera Passthrough

    Hi, Does anyone knows how to passthrough camera from my Windows through RDP to Ubuntu 22.04, I know that this is not that much related to the ProxMox, but my Ubuntu 22.04 is on the ProxMox 7.4-3, and I saw some comments online that people did it through USB being added to the Ubuntu in the...
  7. P

    PVE8 Windows 10 taskbar does not blur anymore

    If I set Display in PVE8 to none, my Windows 10 VM taskbar will have blurred transparency, but NoVNC will not work, thus I can't remotely check what is going on. However when I 1. Change Display to VMWare Compatible (vmware) so that I can remotely check what is going on 2. Duplicate the 2...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Help With Windows10 VM Stuttering Games

    Good evening guys. This is the first time I post a thread here, please be a little lenient to, thanks! I recently set up a homelab Proxmox 7.4-3 server for study use and gaming, and here is the hardware: CPU: i5-12400 GPU: ZOTAC rtx3060ti Mother Board: ASUA b660m-k Ram: Sumsung DDR4 8g 3200hz...
  9. E

    Change Default Resoultion in Windows 10 with GPU Passthrough

    Guys, how can I change the default resolution of 1028x768 to something else on guest VM with Windows 10? I changed the default resolution in the bios OVMF (UEFI) to 1920x1080, but when i start guest OS it still has default resolution of 1028x768. I use it without Display (none), but with GPU...
  10. L

    Windows VM using a lot of RAM

    Hi I installed several Windows VM's in two different dedicated machines using Proxmox 8. When i start the VM's, they use a lot ram. Seems to be a general problem, that's why i tested in different dedicated servers. I followed this tutorial...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] 2x Windows 10 VM's Problem

    Hello I've created a Windows 10 VM, everything works well. Then i cloned this VM to another one, so i can easily have 2x Windows 10 VM's. The thing is, i can only have one turned on, if i turn both on, one of them will shutdown. I even changed their internal ips so they can have different ips...
  12. P

    Issues Setting Up Windows 10 VM with GPU Passthrough

    Hello dear Proxmox community, I am currently attempting to set up a Windows 10 VM with GPU passthrough, but I'm encountering two primary issues and am hoping for your support. Problem 1: "kvm: vfio: Cannot reset device 0000:08:00.0, depends on group 22 which is not owned." Upon starting the...
  13. enoch85

    Nested Hyper-V (Windows 10) with KVM?

    Hi, Been debugging why my Windows 10 machine (VM) is so darn slow. Found this, and it solved the issue. So far so good - until I tried to run a VM in Hyper-V on that same Windows 10 guest. Turns out you need to use host and not any of the other CPU types. It was absolutely flying on...
  14. T

    Urgent Help, Windows 10 Crash!!! BSOD VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR

    Hi Folks, I am getting VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR error when i do load test like Passmark This is very random, 90% time this error happens with in the first test. Note: If i switch to KVM64/QEMU 64 this crash does not happen strangely My Hardware/Software AMD 5900X 32GB DDR4 RAM @ 3200MHZ...
  15. C

    Need help mounting a usb drive on windows 10

    I have a weird situations going on. I have a usb passport drive which is formatted with NTFS and I have connected to my proxmox server. when I do lsblk on proxmox its mounted at "/dev/sdb1". When I configure a VM in the config file, I have entered the below line in my config file. virtio2...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Enable secure boot on Windows 10 VM

    Hello everyone, I am trying to enable secure boot on a Windows 10 pro VM in order to upgrade it to Windows 11 (requierement of PC health check app for the upgrade). This is what I am doing : - Adding a EFI Disk (efitype=4m, pre-enrolled-keys)1, size=1M) to the VM. - Changing the BIOS...
  17. E

    AMD RX 6600 not working in windows VM

    Hi all, Sorry if this is not the right place to post this. It's my first time asking here. I currently have a Proxmox VE server on some "old" hardware. It's a Radeon 5600, RX 6600, 32 GB ram, and all on an Asus b550 micro-atx mobo. I am trying to build a Windows VM using this guide here. I...
  18. T

    Windows 10 VM randomly rebooting with error BSOD 0x00000113

    Hi, I have proxmox Windows 10 VM with GPU passed. I am constantly getting windows crashed with Video DXGKRNL Fatal Error when on gaming (randomly) or during shutdown or like running 2-3 Passmark stress test. My GPU - GTX 1080 MO - X570 AORUS PRO (Latest BIOS) CPU- Ryzen 5900X RAM: 32GB...
  19. taich

    Proxmox 8 and Windows 10 VM

    I recently upgraded to version 8. I want to install a Windows 10 VM, but this is not working any more. I can go through the Windows installation process but when it comes to partition and format the windows disk I get stuck. Altough I configured a 80 GB disk for this VM Windows does not...
  20. X

    PImox and windows 10

    Hey, I have a question I installed pimox on my raspberry pi 4 and I tried (without any knowledge) to install a vm of windows 10 I found nothing on the internet ans=d when I tried by myself it doesn't work can someone help me figure it out ?


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