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    Optimal home Network topology with Proxmox

    Dear all, I am trying to build a home server where i want to run few services, such as Nextcloud, as LXC contianers. I am relatively new to networking and before posting here i have read several pieces of documentation. Nevertheless, i still have doubts regarding the best setup for my use case...
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    Most performant way to "take over screen" from MacOS

    Related to my previous topic about SPICE, I was thinking: what is the most performant way to remote-controll a desktop on a VM? I find VNC a bit underperforming. I'm not sure if that's macOS related though. I want to take over the screen of Ubuntu desktop, which runs as a VM. What is the best...
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    iOS SPICE Proxmox App Verbindungsprobleme

    Guten Abend zusammen, ich versuche leider vergeblich, dass ich mit der App "aSPICE Pro - oVirt Proxmox" Eine Verbindung zu meiner VM bekomme. Das Video Ist sehr nichtssagend für mich. Ich bin mir nicht sicher...
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    Unable to Access PVE Management Interface from External Network

    Currently, I have installed PVE (Proxmox Virtual Environment) on a PC with the management address set to Additionally, I have installed a virtual machine running OpenWRT ( However, I'm unable to access the PVE management address from the external network. I...
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    Remote Access to VMs

    Hi guys, I have a problem not directly related with Proxmox VE and I don't know how to start looking for a solution. I have a Proxmox VE installed in the office running several VMs (Linux and Windows guests OS), and I need remote access to the windows desktops. First I started configuring...
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    Need help (VNC and Proxmox)

    Hello. I have installed Proxmox on a Intel NUC for it to be a homelab. In Proxmox, have installed a few distros of linux in separate virtual machines. In order to access the virtual machines I guess I need to use a VNC client on my Windows 11 client machine, with Proxmox acting as VNC server...
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    Openning Proxmox to the WEB for Management and its VMs. Multiple questions for final networking-securing-backup-imaging of Proxmox and its VMs.

    Hello All, As I have done other things in my professional carreer, I have missed some chunks of the IT, unfortunately also bigger chunks. Now working on my project I am in the middle of nowhere, exposing the ip of the management to internet. I am setting up one DL380 with Proxmox, 128 GB RAM...
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    [SOLVED] Connecting to a Windows VM using SPICE client over the Internet via Cloudflare tunnels

    I am self-hosting Proxmox VE v7.4 and have a Windows 11 VM configured with a SPICE display and SPICE enhancements enabled. I've installed both spice-guest-tools and spice-webdavd on the VM to enable folder sharing and I can connect to the VM just fine using virt-viewer on my local network. I...
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    Android APP unable to use FQDN without exposing port.

    Hi community! Very first post, hope i'll do my best. I used the Android APP to connect to my Proxmox prety nice and smooth with an exposed public IP and port. (x.x.x.x:8006) Now i managed to configure an Nginx server and a personal domain to acces my services without exposing ip/ports or...
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    How do I access the harddrives of Proxmox from a different machine?

    Hi there! I am absolutely new to Proxmox and just started it on a small home server to play around with it and to learn for future projects. Proxmox is running and as a test I installed Plex with a helper Script (TTECK). Everything works fine, I've got a 500GB HDD for the system and a 4TB HDD...
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    Unable To Access Proxmox Web GUI From Outside LAN

    Hi Guys, I really appreciate it if someone can assist me with this. I have no issue accessing my Proxmox Web Interface from my local network but from outside (via the Internet) I can't make it work. Yes, I have enabled port forwarding for 8006 to my Proxmox server in the router. The same issue...
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    Remote access to Linux VM

    I've installed Proxmox VE 7 on an old PC as a hobby project, not proficient at all, just playing around. Installing VM's is a breeze, but as I travel a fair bit, I would like to be able to get access to one of the VM 's (Pop!_OS, runs really well) when I'm not at home. I searched around but all...
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    Internal NIC stopped working with Proxmox

    My on-board NIC stopped randomly working and I am completely stuck. Upon booting, leds on the nic cable appear fine then disappear as soon as Proxmox has booted. Tested by booting on an old hard drive that had windows installed, internal nic works fine and cables too (I had internet connection...
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    Verständnisfrage Anfänger / Proxmox / Win10LTSC VM / Zugriff per RDP aus Intranet funktioniert nicht

    Moin zusammen, habe versucht was im Forum zu finden, komme aber nicht weiter. Hardware: Intel NUC I7 10th Gen, 64 GB RAM, 1TB NVME, 2 TB SSD Proxmox installiert: aktuelle Version Ich habe bisher VM´s auf einem Laptop unter Hyper-V erstellt und bearbeitet. VM Windows 10 LTSC erstellt läuft...
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    [SOLVED] Best way to launch one VM from remote ?

    Hello, I have set up a gaming w10 VM for my little brother on my server which he accesses using parsec. Parsec is only working when the VM is up and running but It is a waste of resource to let the VM always on. To turn off the VM you can do it once you are in parsec however I can't come with a...
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    Interface for VPN on VMS?

    So long story short. My ISP blocks ports 80 and 443 so I'm working on getting around that while finding a new ISP. I've got an Azure VM running openvpn access (can do regular openvpn if needed) that I want my VM's to use as WAN so I can access them remotely (through a reverse proxy). Is there a...
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    Remote Access IP issue

    Yesterday I enabled the port forwarding option in my router for the remote access of the Proxmox GUI interface. Everything was working I was able to access the server from my home but today I can not access the server using the same IP address after checking my port forwarding settings in the...
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    How to get remote access to Proxmox AND assigned DNS?

    Hello again Proxmox Community, I'm very new to Virtual Machine Management and Networking in general. So far I've successfully installed Proxmox on my server and spun up 2 VMs. My next goal is to: 1. Get remote access to Proxmox 2. Assign an HTTPS DNS address to Proxmox (i.e...
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    Multiple ports for the same VM

    Hello everybody, I need some help configuring ports for the usage of an external VNC client for multiple simultaneous users. I already did some research about it. I have 3 computers. One of them has Proxmox and the VM that I created. I need the other 2 computers to be able to acces the same...
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    openvpn & containers for beginners

    Hi there, I am very new to the proxmox world and be honest, it is super! I would like to set up a vpn to be able to access my proxmox from outside home.. And being a complete newbie I figured out this options: - configure openvpn inside a container - install ubuntu or similar into a VM and...


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