Need help (VNC and Proxmox)


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Jul 1, 2023
I have installed Proxmox on a Intel NUC for it to be a homelab.
In Proxmox, have installed a few distros of linux in separate virtual machines.

In order to access the virtual machines I guess I need to use a VNC client on my Windows 11 client machine, with Proxmox acting as VNC server. I didn't install anything on Proxmox.

My Proxmox machine is wired on the network.

I tried a few VNC clients, but it simply doesn't work. No connection is established. I have no clue how to configure Proxmox (or the VM's?) to accept a VNC connection and streaming of the screen on the VNC client. When I launch a VM on Proxmox, it uses a module called "NoVNC".

Do any of you guys know how to do it? Based on what I read (and understood), VNC seems to be the standard way to approach this question, but I may be totally wrong here.

Thanks !

there isn't vnc for guests.
if you want it, you need to install on each guest.
NoVNC is a way to access to the VM guest console, within PVE Web interface.
You basically have the following options:
  1. Default NoVNC - nativly integrated into the proxmox webui, you can access all your vms directly within the proxmox webui, but the performance and image quality isnt the best and you cant connect to the integrated novnc with an external install client.
  2. Install some remote desktop software inside each vm and directly connect to the vm
  3. Use Spice, this would allow you to use a non webbased client like virt-viewer or remmina that you can install on your pc (without the need to install additional stuff inside the vm)


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