1. J

    VNC Shell über API unverschlüsselt starten.

    Hallo, wenn ich eine Shell per API anfrage ist diese über VenCrypt verschlüsselt. Mein WebSocket zu VNC Proxy bietet aber keinerleie möglichkeiten dieses Protokol zu entschlüsseln. Wenn ich mir anschaue wie ProxMox die Shell selbst startet ist mir ein ``-notls`` Argument aufgefallen. Wenn ich...
  2. G

    Accessing Externally VMs Using VNC

    Hello, Is that possible to access my VMs remotely with VNC using TigerVNC client and not using the web based noVNC client provided with the PVE WebGUI? I don’t like the fact that strangers can attempt root login to my PVE hosts. All that I could found on the internet is outdated posts and...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] I cannot connect to my VM with VNC

    Hello, I have an problem, I set up an VNC access, like in all the tutorial, I did the same thing, but I can't connect to my VM, I can see it and use it with noVNC on Proxmox, but I can't get access to it thrue VNC Viewer or my light client (with an AXEL card), and when I try setting up the...
  4. P

    VNC password gets resetted everytime the VM is shut down

    Hi guys, I have recently installed Kali as a VM in proxmox and configured VNC because I need indipendent browser access; however, I go in the monitor section and type "set_password vnc mypass -d vnc2", everything works until I shut down and restart the VM: I get "Authentication error" although...
  5. C

    Failed to run vncproxy,The VNC cann't connect to other node

    Because openssh have the vulnerabilities,So i update the openssh to 9.6p1. Now i cann't connect to other node's VM,but If the VM is running on the same node, the vnc connection works perfectly fine. I checked the /etc/ssh/sshd_config and /etc/ssh/ssh_config ,there have AcceptEnv LANG LC_* and...
  6. I

    Endless problems with certificates and/or RSA keys.

    After the reinstallation of the third node with the same IP and host name, endless problems with certificates and/or RSA keys... It doesn't help either: ssh-keygen -f "/etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts" -R ..... pvecm updatecerts --force systemctl restart pvedaemon pveproxy (on all nodes) systemctl...
  7. R

    Most performant way to "take over screen" from MacOS

    Related to my previous topic about SPICE, I was thinking: what is the most performant way to remote-controll a desktop on a VM? I find VNC a bit underperforming. I'm not sure if that's macOS related though. I want to take over the screen of Ubuntu desktop, which runs as a VM. What is the best...
  8. P

    I would like to access my virtual machines using an external NoVNC behind a reverse proxy

    I currently have a virtual machine management application, I would like them to be accessible externally through a reverse. I have already configured the vnc args, but this does not suit me if there is a very high demand for access and the port control is not good, only if I could change the...
  9. S

    vnc does not work in cluster

    Hi, I have three nodes in a cluster and when I try to VNC in the other two nodes's VMs, it doesn't work. Only the host node works. From my understanding, it's something to do with ssh? Can someone give a few pointers on how and what to set to have this working properly? Thanks
  10. J

    Please Help, I have a very specific use and need to know if its practical to use proxmox for this! Thanks

    Hello, I am the head IT and only IT person at my Dr. office. I build pcs often, and have built most of the staffs personal computers in the office including my Dr.s which they all love, but one of the last 3 that are horribly old and causing problems need to be replaced like over the weekend...
  11. T


    Dear, I am Student in Application Development and I am running into some problems when using the Proxmox VE API. I am trying to set up a Websocket through which I manage "the vnc console". The idea is to have the vm's "console" displayed on an xterrm console. As the internet & documentation...
  12. U

    Opening a VNC console from an external app

    I'm developing a customer facing admin panel application that talks to Proxmox in the background and I need to be able to open a noVNC window from there. Through various tutorials and forum posts, I was able to put together a URL that should open the console however it always ends with a 401: No...
  13. M

    Need help (VNC and Proxmox)

    Hello. I have installed Proxmox on a Intel NUC for it to be a homelab. In Proxmox, have installed a few distros of linux in separate virtual machines. In order to access the virtual machines I guess I need to use a VNC client on my Windows 11 client machine, with Proxmox acting as VNC server...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Configure VNC keymap

    Hello, we need to access a Windows machine via VNC using RealVNC's VNC Viewer from Mac. Apparently the VNC-keymap is en_US but we would like to have de_DE. In VMware this can be configured but I haven't found anything regarding Proxmox. en_US wouldn't be such a problem but e. g. the shift-key...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] [Proxmox API]: vncwebsocket endpoint not sending data (Ratchet)

    Hello, I'm trying to make a Proxmox interface website for a school project, I have to give access to VMs and visualize them, handle permissions from my own interface... Here are the constraints : I've to use PHP 8 and Symfony 6 for the server side. The client should never have access to the...
  16. J

    access webinterface/vnc via apache reverse proxy / load balancer, novnc ws connection failing

    Hello, I have 3 nodes (alpha, beta, gamma) that I am trying to access via a reverse-proxy with a balancer, the idea being that if one node goes down, the balancer will select another node automatically. I am using apache2 as the reverse proxy. I got the web-interface working, but when using the...
  17. D

    VNC Client Access Flicker

    Hello all, Not one to post often to forums for tech help but I am at a loss and banging my head up against it here. Latest proxmox installed fresh. Tested proxmox before but wanting to set up in home lab. System is AMD 5700g, 64gb memory, all was working and running fine briefly as a test...
  18. parrotassassin15

    [TUTORIAL] How to set up noVNC on a web application.

    A little back story I have had many issues with setting up noVNC after countless hours of research I finally got everything working as designed. I would like to post a quick walkthrough of how I did this so people in the future will have less issues. I am using the following API Wrapper for...
  19. N

    VNC Timeout / LC_PVE_TICKET not set, VNC proxy without password is forbidden

    Hey, When I request a VNC session from Proxmox using the API, the timeout is pretty short with less than 5 seconds. Anybody got an idea if its possible to adjust it? So far I didn't find any way yet.... Regards, Ne00n
  20. S

    Error when backing up and entering the VNC console

    Hello everyone, I hope you are very well and can help me, I happen to have a version of PVE 6.0-4 and recently I have experienced strange behavior on my VMs. I noticed this in the backup task, because it began to throw an error "got timeout", this only happened with a couple of VMs, but over...


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