1. V

    Can proxmox-backup-client restore a host to another drive?

    Hello everyone, I have a 2 node cluster in my current setup. I want to use proxmox-backup-client to backup only the Hosts(Nodes) not the VMs, the VMs are already backed up to a NAS using the backup feature in VE. I already have a pbs setup where I want to backup the host and the VMs in the...
  2. I

    Backup und Restore ohne PVE

    Hi zusammen, ich kann mit dem Proxmox Backup Server auf einem Linux Host ohne PVE ein Backup auf dem PBS erstellen. export PBS_REPOSITORY='root@pam!pbsbackup@' export PBS_PASSWORD='mysecret' proxmox-backup-client backup root.pxar:/ Wie kann ich aber dann eine komplette...
  3. E

    Backup via Proxmox-backup-client (physical machines)

    Dear all: I'm trying to integrate our physical machines into the PBS. For the first Ubuntu machines, the first initial backups via proxmox-backup-client have succeeded -- I'll come back with build-questions for RPM-based distros! But I did not find "best practice" advice how to set up the...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Question: Why does proxmox-backup-client skip "etc/pve" in the backup?

    Hi, I am interested to leverage proxmox-backup-client to make backups on my hosts. I read several forum posts and tutorials and have successfully created the backup. Questions: 1/ I noticed that /etc/pve is not included in the backup, nor did I specified it in the .pxarexclude file. Why is...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] Problem with proxmox-backup-client in LXC contianer

    Hi, I have a Debian 11 turnkey linux fileserver running as LXC container under ProxmoxVE8. I backup the data with proxmox-backup-client to a remote PBS3 datastore, which seems to work without problems. Login to PBS and following works: proxmox-backup-client snapshot list --ns...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] proxmox-backup-client environment variables _FILE

    Hi I'm trying to use: PBS_PASSWORD_FILE=/etc/proxmox/filename1 PBS_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD_FILE=/etc/proxmox/filename2 Contents of filename1 would be "ActualPassword" (no quotes) But as soon as I run the client i get prompted...
  7. V

    Proxmox Backup Client Uninstallable on latest Ubuntu

    Both me and a coworker are getting the following error when attempting to install proxmox-backup-client on the latest version of Ubuntu: Any idea on how to best resolve this package version discrepancy? Our attempts resulted in a broken machine.
  8. D

    Inofficial proxmox-backup-client RPM builds for RHEL-based distros

    Since there is currently no official RPM build, I created automated builds of the proxmox-backup-client for RHEL based distros on Fedora's COPR. You can find the builds and further instructions here: The source for the...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] proxmox-backup-client namespace syntax

    I'm having problems with the --ns option for proxmox-backup-client. I can back up a client directory to the Root Namespace, as expected, using the following: proxmox-backup-client backup --backup-type host clientdata.pxar:/path/to/client/data --repository root@pam@ I...
  10. D

    Installed the backup client in Windows Subsystem for Linux v2

    I thought I'd experiment with using the Windows Subsystem for Linux which allows access to windows files at /mnt/c. Steps and output follow, but I am currently stuck with an error: "catalog upload error - channel closed" "Error: stat failed on "DumpStack.log.tmp": EACCES: Permission denied"...
  11. B

    Proxmox-backup-client not going/follow softlink

    Hello tl/dr: Can proxmox-backup-client "go over"/follow softlink and backup real file but not softlink? We have a daily backups windows hosts with UrBackups, then we want to geo-copy to the existing PBS on other localisation we already had. Urbackup share is mounted on PBS over NFS-readonly...
  12. T

    File Backup des CephFS

    Hallo zusammen, gibt es eine Möglichkeit inkrementell die Files auf einer Samba VM, welche das CephFS gemounted hat zu Backupen? Mit dem Proxmox-Backup-Client ist nach meiner Erfahrung immer nur eine Vollsicherung möglich. PVE (Samba VM) --> PBS. Täusche ich mich da oder gibt es hierfür etwas...
  13. O

    proxmox-backup-client --backup-time

    Hi, I wanted to add older files system snapshots to pbs using proxmox-backup-client backup Documents.pxar:Documents/2018.07.27/ --repository --backup-time `date -d 2018-07-27 +%s -u` but I get: Error: parameter verification errors parameter 'backup-time': value must have a...
  14. S

    Host file backup fails

    I have application running on gluster storage, sometimes, for various reasons, empty files are created on this storage (they might be locked by some process). When proxmox-backup-client encounters such file whole backup fails with error: Error: error at "/path/to/file": failed to read xattrs...
  15. S

    PBS --prune-backups option

    Hello i have question about --prune-backups option, this option can be set in command also can be set on storage. i want know about different between them. thanks
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 18.04 - Proxmox Backup Client (new libc6 version needed)

    Dear Proxmox Community, we have been running Proxmox VE + Proxmox BS and are quite happy with it. Just this morning, I needed to restore a single file from an old backup and it's been as easy and fast as it could possibly be. So a big thank you to the proxmox team for a nice, easy and...
  17. D

    Slow backups from NFS share

    Hi, I'm using Proxmox Backup Client on a Debian virtual machine on Proxmox VE to backup a quite large NFS share (~ 10 Tb) mounted on the VM. The backup works, but it's very slow. First backup took a very long time (~ 12 days) and it's expected, but even next backups are taking so long: at the...
  18. DynFi User

    PBS cron script works on three PMX and fails on one

    I have this cron script setup and working "ok" on three of four servers of ours : goal is to backup PVE directories and key directories in case of "server crash" for a fast restore. I am using client version: 1.1.5 and latest proxmox server 6.4.5 SHELL=/bin/sh...
  19. DerDanilo

    pbs client backup performance tuning

    I just started testing the pbs backup client for some advanced backup scenarios. One question of course is how to get the maximum performance out of the server that creates backups. In multiple larger infrastructures there are so called 'backupworkers' (VMs) who have plenty of CPU and RAM as...
  20. R

    Proxmox-backup-client interactive shell: restore - where are the files?!

    Hello together i am still testing around with Proxmox Backup Server and especially the backup-client. (About the installation of the proxmox-backup-client on ubuntu, see here.) I was abled to backup some user files from a VM that i wanted to restore in another VM. Backup up the files worked...


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