proxmox 5.2

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    Web GUI not working

    Hello everyone, I'm super new to networking and ProxMox so please bare with me as I reply to your feedbacks. This server was already configured previously and I'm trying to learn how it's set up by using web GUI. However, I'm having trouble accessing to it. my private address to connect to...
  2. S

    Bridge Konfigurieren

    Guten Tag liebe Community Ich habe eine Anliegen was ich selbst mit 5 Stunden Googeln und mehreren Tests nicht selbst Erlediegen Konnte. Vorgeschichte: Ich und ein Kollege haben uns vor 2 Tagen einen Server bei Webtropia Gemietet einen Dedicated Server mit Folgendem OS Debian9=Proxmox weil...
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    API - Add user to VM as Administrator

    Hello. I am trying to integrate Proxmox API into a PHP based tool we have, and I have been able to create a virtual machine, start it up and create a user. I want to add the created user to the created VM as an administrator of that machine. $fields = array( 'user' =>...
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    Proxmox 5.2 VM stalled during restore backup

    Hi, I have problem with restoring machines on proxmox5.2 with kernel pve-kernel-4.15.17-1-pve. Problem is that when I restore machine from backup everything is going all right but when task gets 100% it stalled and VM machines that are running got stalled. Everything is freezing. After few...
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    500 Can't clone to non-shared storage 'local'

    Hello, I have been struggling with the new cluster I setup using Proxmox 5.2. I have my KVM Templates .conf on the "main" node, and the disks on a NFS shared storage, so I can full clone them on any node. Well I can't aparently, because I always get: "Can't clone to non-shared storage 'local'...
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    Proxmox 5.2 fresh cluster - KVM Templates storage ?

    Hello, Proxmox 5.2 is amazing, period. However I am in a loop hole as I do not understand the following issues: I could only mount 1 NFS storage instead of 1 x each nodes, I guess this is the way to do it inside a cluster ?! I cannot copy the KVM templates on all nodes, they always stay on...
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    GPU Passthrough - Out of ideas

    I've hit a wall as far as ideas to get GPU passthrough working. Everything I know seems to suggest that it should be working and supported by my system. The error I'm receiving when trying to launch a Windows 10 guest with an NVidia 1060 GTX passed through is: "failed to set iommu for container...
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    Kein Zugriff auf WebIF von Proxmox

    Habe mir mal hier ein Test System mit der Proxmox ISO installiert ganz Standard mäßig. Nach dem reboot wird in der Busy Box die IP angezeigt mit der man sich in der WebGui verbinden kann. Wenn ich mich dann mit der IP in der WebGui anmelden möchte bekomme ich im Browser nur "Verbindung...
  9. B

    Authentication Failure Using FreeIPA LDAP

    I'm having trouble with LDAP authentication on a Proxmox 5.2 server. Everything appears to be configured properly but users are still unable to authenticate even though ldapsearch query works without any issues from Proxmox console. daemon.log on server are showing the following: Nov 7...
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    running vm from ext. hdd

    Right now Im using proxmox on single intel nuc with wd red hdd. Fine. Im thinking about install proxmox to SSD hdd and running all vm from usb 3.0 wd red hdd. is it possible?
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    After activating Hyper-V, Windows crashes into repair (nested virtualization)

    I'm trying to get embedded virtualization. Guest - Windows Server 2016 based on KVM. First of all I am guided by this article:, I have proxmox 5.2. After activating the Hyper-V role and rebooting the system, Windows goes into repair. VMX, Vt-D...
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    apt update database error - 401 unauthorized

    Hello. I have just installed a proxmox 5.2 server, and I see an error on the web interface when it tries to check for updates. Running apt-get update from the command line shows the following error: Failed to fetch...
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    Win 2k12R2 reboot freeze

    Hello everyone, I've a little bug in my Proxmox 5.2-1 cluster. I have a VM with a Windows Server 2012 R12( use as a DC and DNS). It's working, but every time I want to reboot it, it's rebooting then freeze on the windows logon screen. I have to reset the VM to make it works.... See below my...
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    ZFS tgx rollback?

    Hello! I hvae a very bad situation on one site. PVE is damaged somehow: / directory is clear and some datasets are lost. No backups as usual.... So i was looking for some recovery features of zfs and foung TGX. Some topics i read said that one can import pool with specified TGX. Is this feature...
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    MS Edge noVNC Connection Timed Out

    Edge won't open any noVNC connections when going through my NGINX reverse proxy, but it works on by connecting to the server directly via it's IP address. xterm.js works fine on Edge behind the reverse proxy. I have tested it on Firefox and noVNC works perfectly fine behind the reverse proxy...
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    Migrating a Physical Server to Virtual Server

    Hi I have a single physical server running Windows 2012 R2 as a Domain Controller and Exchange Server 2016. I need to migrate it to a temporary proxmox 5.2 hypervisor and test as fully working. Then I need to destroy the current physical server and install proxmox 5.2 on that bare metal. Then...
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    Proxmox + Optimus Computeur + Gnome or Panthon desktop = crash

    Hello everyone, I'm a student in a french informatic school and I've got the project to turn my laptot in a VM server using proxmox OS. But my laptop must also be in the same time server and client, I want to be able to connect on the vm from the laptop that host the vm in the same time. Here...
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    corosync crash when network unstable work

    Hi all! I found next situation: when link is unstable, (such as network card 10Gbps attached to switch by connectors RJ45 w/o gilding - contacts on network card and on connector can be oxidized), switch can up/down links and after which corosync goes "crazy" - starts loading one core of the...
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    apt-get dist-upgrade attempts to remove proxmox-ve!

    Hi there, I am using latest version of proxmox-ve in a clustered 4 nodes environment with ceph. Today, attempting to update i had this dangerous problem: apt-get dist-upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The...
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    Doubt About VLANs

    Hey, I was reading the docs and made some tests trying to understand how VLAN works with bridges, something that I'm not used to. As far as I understand, it looks like: VLAN aware is for multiple VLANs on one interface/bridge and it's guest, without creating a eth.x to each x VLAN that I have...


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