1. L

    Proxmox-VM für Qemu-Desktop migrieren

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe hier einen Proxmox-Server von dem ich gerne eine VM auf meinem Desktop-Rechner(Manjaro) mit Qemu öffnen würde. Wie stell ich das am besten an? Soll ich die Backup-Datei(vma.lzo) kopieren/konvertieren oder besser die vm-xxx-disk-1 aus /dev/pve verwenden? Wie ist das...
  2. A

    Migrate an LXC container from older Proxmox version

    I'm trying to migrate an LXC container from hosts with Proxmox versions 4.4-1 and 4.0-48 to 5.2-10. So what i have done untill now was a tar.gz backup and i copied it to my newer Proxmox version and restoring it, but isn't working. Any advice of what should i do??
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Migration VM problem

    Hello, I noticed some migration problem on brend new cluster instalation with ceph. When I set HA migrate to other node, then sometimes it can't start, and going to "pasue" state. Then I can click resume and everything start. In log I found this error: task started by HA resource agent...
  4. B

    migration fails

    I am trying to migrate a vm between nodes with the command shown. It fails with the message below. The servers are identical in every way. It says qm migrate 181 prox-dallas-1 --online --with-local-disks 2018-11-28 10:18:28 starting migration of VM 181 to node 'prox-dallas-1' (
  5. M

    Disk migration fails

    Hi, I am trying to live-migrate a VM (disk-size: 200GB) inside a cluster with three nodes. The VM image is currently local, so I want to move it to an NFS-share first. But if I try that, it gives this error: create full clone of drive scsi0 (local:7161/vm-7161-disk-0.qcow2) TASK ERROR: storage...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] LXC starts but nothing is console and no services

    I have a new LXC (104) which I created yesterday in a 3 node cluster and it was running perfectly for about 18 hours. This morning I migrated the running container to another node and it stopped working, but proxmox still says it's running. I have tried restarting it, restarted the node...
  7. I

    Migrating a Physical Server to Virtual Server

    Hi I have a single physical server running Windows 2012 R2 as a Domain Controller and Exchange Server 2016. I need to migrate it to a temporary proxmox 5.2 hypervisor and test as fully working. Then I need to destroy the current physical server and install proxmox 5.2 on that bare metal. Then...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] LXC migration fails on ZFS

    Hi, I'm trying to cold-migrate an LXC container from a host to another. The LXC I want to migrate is located on a "local-zfs" pool created on the first node and enabled on every cluster node. Here is the migration log: 2018-08-31 10:12:54 starting migration of CT 162 to node...
  9. R

    Moving from Qemu KVM to Proxmox on same hardware

    I am currently running Qemu-KVM on an Ubuntu 14.04 host. Since I don't have spare hardware, I will need to backup my current VM's to restore them on the new ProxMox environment. I understood that in theory a KVM VM disk (either raw or qcow2) can be used as disk on ProxMox (5.2) too, so would my...
  10. Z

    Move Proxmox host to new disk - running out of space

    Hello, At the moment I have 3 hdds on a hardware raid card as raid 5. This gives me about 260gb of storage available to Proxmox. 60gb of this is used for ISOs etc. the rest is for the VM LXC storage. I am running out of room. The Proxmox host has some customisation so I can pass a gpu through...
  11. F

    Bringing in foreign LXC containers and Vms

    I am dismantling a Vmware ESX and a Hyper-V server, plus want to bring into Proxmox dozens of existing LXC containers that I may tar or RSYNC into the Proxmox server. Specially in the case of foreign LXC containers that reside on the file system of another host, is there a mechanism to migrate...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Slow operation when migrating a container

    Hi all. I'm trying to do a project for school with high availability and we choose do it with proxmox, but I have a little problem. I have 3 nodes, and the storage the de VMs and containers is on NFS connected directly with the nodes of proxmox. My problem is, when I try to migrate doing...
  13. Y

    Can't Migrate KVM VPS

    Hello, i have this error migrating a VPS: task started by HA resource agent 2018-05-15 12:36:57 starting migration of VM 305 to node 'cvs1' ( 2018-05-15 12:36:57 found local disk 'KVM:vm-305-disk-1' (in current VM config) 2018-05-15 12:36:57 found local disk...
  14. W

    Upgrading root disk on PVE host in a cluster?

    Hi All Homelab environment. System 1: Supermicro X10SDV, 8C/16T, 64GB. 256GB NVMe (as system and some for lvm-thin) 1TB SATA SSD (as ZFS pool, shared via NFS) 4x SATA disks as ZFS Pool shared via NFS System 2: Intel NUC, 2C/4T, 16GB 512GB SATA SSD Configured as a proxmox cluster. Bunch of...
  15. S

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Ok. It's not a picture but still... take a look how long it took to migrate LXC container (that is on a NAS so there is nothing to actually migrate). 2018-04-23 15:53:24 shutdown CT 144 2018-04-23 15:54:06 starting migration of CT 144 to node 'vh3' ( 2018-04-23 15:54:07 volume...
  16. V

    Physical to PROXMOX VM

    Hi, I have old physical unknown linux OS with no access to OS, is it possible somehow migrate to Proxmox VM?
  17. D

    migrate ESXI 5.5 to Proxmox 5.1

    Greetings. The problem arose when I tried to migrate VM Ubuntu ESXI 5.5. 5.1 on Proxmox. Describe their actions. 1) using esxi converter, I got the image of the vmdk (the machine did not have installed VMWare Tools) 2) created a machine with a vmdk disk on Proxmox 3) without starting the VM was...
  18. Thorsten119

    Migrate scheitert / Cannot process volume group pve

    Hi, ich habe frisch meine 2 nodes mir Proxmox (5.1-36) installiert. node1 hat ein Hardware-Raid mit ext4. node2 soll mein Notfall-Host werden. Hier sind 2 Festplatten drin und hier habe ich bei der Installation ZFS (Raid1) gewählt. Ich habe beide nodes in einem Cluster zusammengefasst. Soweit...
  19. M

    CRIU Experiment

    Hello everyone, has anyone installed CRIU in proxmox nodes to experiment live migration? How did you do so? I know it's not stable and I'll not install it on production. I would like to install it on my laboratory (kind of sandbox). Any guidance would be great! Thanks in advance
  20. T

    Migrating a physical linux server to proxmox

    Greetings From what I undestand I may use dd to write a raw image of the server I wish to migrate. I should then setup a proxmox host and and add my newly created raw image to it. Then restart it. However it does not work. If I wish not to use a cd (clonezilla) how can I go about migrating a...


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