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    HA, can I have some migrate?

    Hey everyone, I'm in the midst of setting up my HA (High Availability) setup and aiming to get it just right for my needs. I've got a couple of key guests that I need to automatically failover in case of issues, while there are others that aren't as crucial, which I'd prefer to shut down...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Migrating to a new server

    I am trying to figure out a strategy to move my existing PVE installation to a new server. The new host will have new disks etc, so data will need to be migrated (as opposed to just physically moving the disk). I am also taking this opportunity to install Proxmox fresh. Quite significantly, I...
  3. E

    Copy VM to another pve

    Hey guys, i want know how can i copy a virtual machine from a pve ( to another pve ( This VM can't stop running (if possible) because is a server.
  4. D

    qm destroy looking in the wrong place?

    All at the command line... I have to jump through these hoops because "qm create" has no way to target a specific host in a cluster. So I run "qm create 1001" on HOST1. Then I run "qm migrate 1001 HOST2" on HOST1. Then I run "qm destroy 1001" on HOST1 And I get this message: "Configuration...
  5. V

    Migrating to a New Node Fails

    Hi all, I'm having an issue that happens sometimes where when I create a new VM and migrate it to another node of mine (pve12-test -> pve11-test). VM created with: qm create 1170 --memory 1024 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 --scsihw virtio-scsi-pci --onboot=1 --ostype l26 && qm set 1170--scsi0...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] Proxmox cluster not using Link 0 to migrate VMs

    Hello. Does anyone know why proxmox cluster uses Link 1 instead of Link 0 to migrate VMs? My Link 0 is 10G network card and Link 1 uses 1G card. I was wondering why migration is so slow so I checked NIC traffic with vnstat and I noticed proxmox cluster data goes thru backup link. Is there...
  7. H

    migration from openstack to proxmox

    Hello i want to migrate a machine virtual from openstack to proxmox What's the steps and how i can well done this migration ?
  8. F

    backup migrating

    Hello I m using proxmox cluster with 3 servers in it, and i want to move backups between storages in different servers but in the same cluster. Maybe someone knows how to backup vm to another server storage. I also do not use proxmox backup server
  9. K

    Move a large disk to another storage

    Hi, I'm trying to move a VM disk from one SMB share to another. But i have a problem with that, the disk in question is 10TB. I did my research and tried to move it several times without success. Here is what i did: Try preallocation off Try moving it as qcow or raw Try to shut down...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Has anyone ever migrated VMware APC ups VM to Proxmox?

    Hi, APC VM is facing issues when I upload this to Proxmox. It starts with default settings, but ultimately it looks like it is not able to find the bootable drive. I used UEFI and disabled secure boot but no luck so far. Please suggest the configurations.
  11. M

    How to update public ssh keys for proxmox nodes

    Hello all. 98% out of the weeds here but can't cross the finish line. I have a 7 node cluster on proxmox ve and I had to do a ton of hardware upgrades (memory, os and ceph data ssd, nic card change) as well as configure redundant networking as I take this cluster into use soon. In the process I...
  12. A

    Online Migration local -> local only insecure

    Hi there. I'm having problems with online migration of VMs between two hosts in a cluster. Both have local storages (lvm thin). If I try to start the migration via the GUI or without options from the command line, I consistently get the following error: 2024-01-24 12:35:10 starting migration...
  13. J

    Proxmox High Availability Migrate Issue

    I have encountered an issue with Proxmox High Availability (HA). The problem occurred when one of our servers went down, causing the VM to move to another server where HA is implemented. Now, when we tried to migrate it back to the original host/server using Proxmox, it did not proceed...
  14. M

    Migrate VMware VMs to Proxmox

    Hi, We currently have VMware Vms and want to migrate our VMs to proxmox. What is the best way to achieve this?
  15. C

    [SOLVED] Move VM from a dead node to a second node

    New to proxmox, I was trying to rename the initial node pve1; however, it disabled the initial node and created a new one, vm-dev. The VM (TrueNas) is still located on the dead node; I can’t seem to find any working tutorial that would help me. Any help would be appreciated! Also, I need a...
  16. L

    remote-migrate : cannot store CT rootdir

    Hi guys. I'm trying to remote migrate a VM off a ver. 8.x cluster to ver. 7.x - I presume above error is due to 8 to 7 being backward incompatible that way or... it can be done? What manual tinkering would it take if possible? many thanks, L.
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    How to migrate VMs from VMware Esxi to Proxmox?

    Hi, I need some help, I want to migrate many servers from VMware Esxi to Proxmox, but I have obstacles for the migration such as VMs on Esxi must be shut down first. Is there a way to migrate VMs from Esxi to Proxmox without having to shut down the original VM first, can it be said that it is...
  18. C

    Disk space usage query

    Hi all, I'm fairly new here, I've been using Proxmox for a while now and pretty much got it running as I'd like with multiple VMS over 2 nodes. I have one query which I can't seem to get an answer too. When I setup a VM, I may allocate it say, 500GB, it will only actually be using 100GB...
  19. D

    VNC Proxy Failed to Start

    When I migrate a ubuntu vm from pve0 to pve1 or pve2 in a cluster I lose vnc access. When I move the vm back to pve0 I get vnc access. Environment: - 3 identical hosts in a proxmox cluster. - ubuntu23.04.3 Minimal with qemu-guest-agent The vm lives on vlan 20. I don't want the vms to have...
  20. F

    Start Ceph with Single Node to later create Cluster with 3 nodes

    I'm not very used to Proxmox... But meeting the demands of my customers stating to undestanding it a bit. And I'm facing a problem that is almost like a chiken or egg matter. I will mention a hypothetical scenario here, but this is one that is very close to what I'm frequently seen on...


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