1. B

    [SOLVED] Proxmox VM Migration zu ESXi: wie 1,5TB Windows-Fileserver migrieren

    Moin zusammen, ich habe aktuell unter Proxmox 7.1-12 folgendes Problem: Ich möchte VMs von Proxmox zu ESXi migrieren. Dazu habe ich bisher als Test die Festplatte einer Test-Windows10-VM mit dem Befehl qemu-img convert -f raw vm-107-disk-0 -O vmdk migration-test-eins.vmdk direkt in dem Pfad...
  2. M

    Migration of VM from one node to another within same cluster

    Migration of VM from one node to another within same cluster The API provide for migration is not giving us the correct response, so how can we try to implement that please help
  3. V

    Migrating VM from one device to another (storage question)

    I want to migrate VM made on 6.3 Proxmox (upgraded later to 7.4) to another server that's on 6.3. VM was originally created on local-lvm storage. Destination server is on Ceph storage pool. Can I safely restore said VM on Ceph?
  4. D

    How to migrate VMs to new CEPH Cluster?

    Hey, we build a new PVE ceph cluster and would now migrate all VMs from our old cluster. In our old one we have ZFS and directory based storage (raw and qcow2 disks) mixed. How can we do this? We already tested "qm remote-migrate" but this seems unable to migrate ZFS to CEPH Storage. Is our only...
  5. J

    convert existing CEPH cluster to Proxmox?

    As the subject states, is there a way to move an existing CEPH cluster to Proxmox? I have an existing cluster of 5 storage OSD nodes, 3 monitors, and a few virtualization hosts that I'd like to convert to proxmox.
  6. A

    Unusual output while migrating VM in cluster

    Hello! While trying to migrate one of my VMs in our cluster i noticed some unusual outputs from the task viewer: I've migrated a few vms before but never actually saw something like that before. I checked the most common PVE services but they all seem to work fine. I would also like to...
  7. B

    Change SSH port on Proxmox VE cluster

    Hi guys, I have the following problem: I wanted to change the default SSH port from 22 to 2222, and I was able to do so by editing the sshd_config files. However, even after changing the SSH port, when I try to migrate a VM between NODE_X and NODE_Y using ProxMox, it still uses port 22 and the...
  8. E

    Best way to move VMs to new hardware (new local storage)

    Soon I'm going to be moving all my VMs from one node to new hardware. The existing local storage is LVM-thin, all VM disks are qcow. The new hardware is going to be all new SSDs in a ZFS array. I have a dedicated PBS node that has current backups of all my VMs and the host. After some research...
  9. L

    Proxmox Backup server Migration

    We have a running PBS with an almost full storage (5 Tb), so we purchased a new dedicated server with bigger storage size. We are facing difficulties to understand how to move (migrate) data from the old to the new PBS server We would like to migrate backup data for sure, best would be to...
  10. P

    Odd problem with auto-migrated VMs to wrong hosts, plus how best to disable HA for now?

    We have a Proxmox cluster comprising two identical large machines, with 120 cores and 370+ gig of memory, and with each machine having two ZFS disk pools, Tank1 of 50TB HDD, and Tank2 of 2TB of SSD, and a third less powerful machine with just one ZFS pool, a mirrored paid of 10TB disks...
  11. O

    [SOLVED] qm importdisk vmdk mit zwei disk

    Hi, ich möchte eine VMWare VM nach Proxmox mit qm importdisk migrieren, stehe aber bei auf dem Schlauch. Weil ich habe zwei disk in der VM. Wenn ich eine Disk habe, mache ich es wie folgt qm importdisk 999 /mnt/esx/vmfs/volumes/Datastore/WK/WK.vmdk local-zfs -format raw Aber wie stelle ich es...
  12. T

    Hook behaviour during VM migration

    Hi, I've been looking into using Hooks in my setup to announce the VM IP addresses via BGP but unfortunately, the documentation is lacking of important information such as the behaviour during a migration. I added my hook script to one VM, started a migration and noticed that the hook already...
  13. X

    Proxmox cluster migrate vm or ct copies the storage twice

    Hi All, I'm migrating my proxmox server to a new bigger server (more storage and compute power). As a precaution I've setup cluster and added a third 'temporary' server to help migrating if things go south! The migration was performed from old -> temp -> new, all within the cluster. When...
  14. M

    Transfer of nodes from VM between clusters

    Is it possible to add another node to an existing cluster, but with already running VMs on this node. I want to transfer a node from cluster A to cluster B with all VMs running on it
  15. S

    Migrate Truenas to Proxmox

    Hi, I'm new to Proxmox. I've been using TrueNAS scale to run my dockers, VMS, and as a NAS. I wanted to move to Proxmox due to limitations and a few issues. However, I have several dockers that I really really don't want to have to rebuild. I wanted to know if there is a way I can Virtualize...
  16. J

    Migrate VM and Disks without Snapshot

    I have a VM with one quite big data disk. I want to move that VM to another Proxmox host in my cluster. The target system has enough space. Unfortunately the source system has not enough space anymore to create a snapshot. I can power down the VM and do any operation and it is not time...
  17. powersupport

    VMs not migrating when the node is down

    Hi, Today, we have a power failure in one of the nodes and went shutdown, but none of the VMs in the node migrated to another node, may I know if anyone can advise on this? Thank you
  18. N

    [SOLVED] LXC Containers not Migrating Properly in Proxmox VE 7.0

    I am having an unusual problem where, when I migrate a container from node 1 to node 2, it breaks. I migrate the container, the container shows up in node 2's VM list just fine, but when I try to start the container, it doesn't boot. It comes up with this errer "TASK ERROR: unable to open file...
  19. E

    qmp command 'query-block-jobs' failed - got wrong command id '3422341:778' (expected 3417768:2875)

    6.4.14 while trying to move qcow2 from NFS storage to local storage. drive-scsi1: transferred 44.5 GiB of 300.0 GiB (14.82%) in 31m 21s drive-scsi1: transferred 44.5 GiB of 300.0 GiB (14.83%) in 31m 22s drive-scsi1: transferred 44.5 GiB of 300.0 GiB (14.84%) in 31m 24s drive-scsi1: Cancelling...
  20. H

    PBS-Datastore kann nach Migration nicht mehr gemoutet werden

    Hallo, wir betreiben einen Proxmox Backup Server in einer VM auf einem Proxmox Virtualisierer. Nach einer Migation der VM auf einen anderen Virtualisierer kam folgende Fehlermeldung: TASK ERROR: could not activate storage 'pbs1-datastore1': pbs1-datastore1: error fetching datastores - 500...


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