Different lvm volume group and cluster


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Oct 4, 2023

Here is my setup:
  • Node 1 with one volume group "pve" and two lvmthin volume "Volume1" and "Volume2"
  • Node 2 with two volumes groups (I want to keep them separated) "nvme" and "hdd" and one lvmthin volume on each VG.

My plan was to have a Volume1 and Volume2 on both nodes, even if the volume group was different.

I don't understand why it is necessary to have the same volume group on all nodes. It is hard requirement.
We could have a mapping like :

  • Volume1 on node 1 is on volume group "pve"
  • Volume1 on node 2 is on volume group "nvme"
  • Volume2 on node 1 is on volume group "pve"
  • Volume2 on node 2 is on volume group "hdd"
So I created this config:
  • Volume1-1 on node 1 with volume group "pve"
  • Volume1-2 on node 2 with volume group "nvme"
  • Volume2-1 on node 1 with volume group "pve"
  • Volume2-2 on node 2 with volume group "hdd"
But I can't migrate CT with a different storage ?
Hum ok, reply partially to myself. We can do this with:
pct migrate 106 node2 --target-storage=Volume1-2

But how can we do if there is multiple disk on different volume? I have a CT on both Volume1 and Volume2.

Can the --target-storage can be a mapping? Like --target-storage="Volume1-1=>Volume1-2;Volume2-1=>Volume2-2" ?
As per man page (man pct), you only have two options:
--target-storage <string>
Mapping from source to target storages. Providing only a single storage ID maps all source storages to that storage. Providing the special value 1 will map each source storage to itself.

You are free to open a feature request: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/where-to-post-feature-requests.46317/
However, I expect that such flexibility is not something that more than a few users would want. I expect that most people who running a PVE cluster will also use some sort of shared storage, making the need to map local storages mute point.

Blockbridge : Ultra low latency all-NVME shared storage for Proxmox - https://www.blockbridge.com/proxmox


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