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    Anfängerfragen - LVM/ZFS, Template, Balloontreiber, Konsole

    Hallo zusammen :) ich bin noch ganz neu in der Proxmox Welt unterwegs und habe ein paar Fragen und würde mich sehr über euren Rat sowie Erfahrungswerte freuen :) 1. Meine Erste Frage dreht sich um den Storage. Macht es für den Heimanwender einen großen Unterschied ob man ZFS oder LVM-Thin...
  2. C

    Disk space usage query

    Hi all, I'm fairly new here, I've been using Proxmox for a while now and pretty much got it running as I'd like with multiple VMS over 2 nodes. I have one query which I can't seem to get an answer too. When I setup a VM, I may allocate it say, 500GB, it will only actually be using 100GB...
  3. J

    [TUTORIAL] Adding Full Disk Encryption to Proxmox

    If you want to encrypt your data, the best way is usually to start at the lowest layer possible to get as much data encrypted as possible. If you run all your VMs on top of Proxmox, then adding encryption to all disks in Proxmox is the natural solution, but there doesn't seem to be an official...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] local-lvm getting full.

    Hi, my local-lvm is almost full and I don't know what to do to fix this. I still don't fully understand what local-lvm is or how it works, compared to "local" (which is cleared with no issues). I tried fstrim on all my VMs and Containers. That only freed about 10 GB out of what's being used -...
  5. A

    LVM volume mounts fine after startup, but not before

    Hi I recently replaced the USB drive I'm running proxmox from with a much larger one. So I set aside a bit of space on the new one for ISO files by adding a new lvm thin volume inside the main lvm volume. However when i try to mount this during boot it fails. Since everything, including my...
  6. A

    Superblock LVM problem container boot

    Hi all, New proxmox user here (few months of use, love it) I think I broke something due to my little knowledge of how storage works. I had a container running linux with a docker setup and it was running out of space (vm-101-disk-0) Based on .bash_history this are the commands I used...
  7. R

    New to Proxmox - Issues with ZFS & local-lvm

    Hello Forum, I have recently started to experiment with VM's and Proxmox. I set up my first node on an old gaming system. I had 3 different drives (1 x 240gb SSD, 1 x 2tb HDD and 1 x 1tb HDD) and I managed to set up multiple VM's perfectly fine). I began to investigate what Proxmox could do...
  8. C

    LV for storage directory timing out at boot (Timed out waiting for device (...) failed with result 'dependency')

    Greetings I have set-up two storage directory, one for VZDump backup files and one for ISO images. Those two directory are ext3 LVs on an existing VG (disk2). VG disk2 is composed of only one PV (/dev/sdc1). Issue: Each time I boot I get a `Timed out waiting for device` for each of my LVs used...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted Volume Group. Need Help readding it

    Hello all, Dumb here! ;) Long story short, I have added a new SSD as a LVM, but I wanted to create a LVM-Thin instead. So, I migrated all my VM disks to another storage LVM, wiped the disk and created a LVM-Thin. After that, I migrated all my VMs back into the new SSD. Then, comes the GENIUS...
  10. L

    File system resizing not supported: fs utilities do not support renamed devices

    Running on Proxmox 7.4-16 The VM's on Rocky Linux 9.2 So far I could resize a VM's disk like described in: so basically: # Enlarge the partition parted /dev/sda print resizepart 2...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] need help setting up shared LVM and Multipath

    Hello community! There are two servers with one shared storage system via FC. I set up a shared LVM and a multipatch. I have doubts that everything is configured as needed. Proxmox version 7.4-3 I moved a number of vm with disks to these nodes, they were positioned very strangely. Some went...
  12. A

    Different lvm volume group and cluster

    Hello, Here is my setup: Node 1 with one volume group "pve" and two lvmthin volume "Volume1" and "Volume2" Node 2 with two volumes groups (I want to keep them separated) "nvme" and "hdd" and one lvmthin volume on each VG. My plan was to have a Volume1 and Volume2 on both nodes, even if the...
  13. H

    Expected Timing Buffered Disk Reads for NVMe and SSD Drives

    As I've been working on optimizing my Proxmox setup, I found myself wondering about the expected "Timing buffered disk reads" for NVMe and SSD drives in this environment. I've been using the hdparm -tT command to measure the read speeds of my storage devices, including both NVMe SSDs and SATA...
  14. S

    Swap SATA SSD with NVMe and fix LVM of 3 disks

    Hello, I purchased a new Samsung 980 NVMe SSD and would like to replace my older SSD in my Proxmox server with this. Cloning the old drive to a new one shouldn't be a problem for me and I know how I would have to do it with dd. I should be able to find out exactly how I can increase...
  15. L

    Issues with M.2 NVME ssd

    Hello, I recently added a NVIDIA Quadro P400 as a 2nd GPU to my Proxmox Node for plex transcoding and PiKVM. My Hardware thus consists of ASRock x570 Steel Legend AMD Ryzen 7 5800x NVIDIA RTX 3060 NVIDIA Quadro P400 2x M.2 Samsung 980 Pro 1TB PCIE 4.0 ssd 2x sata 3 ssd's a bunch of sata hdd's...
  16. Z

    [SOLVED] extend LVM-Thin from two disks

    Hello, ## LVM-Thin Tab ## Disks ## LVM Tab I'd like to extend disk size of /sdc with /sdb so how to do that? thanks
  17. I

    passing trim from virtual computer to host block device

    Hi! I think everything runs smooth but i would like to get confirmation if it is really ok. Setup has flash devices (actually nvme samsung and kioxia) and they are directly running on pcie (i.e. without some kind of raid controller etc although raid controller setup + nvme seems to be rare case...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] lvm.conf filter for when we use rbd in the hypervisor and lvm inside virtual machines

    Hello, I post this here just in case it helps anyone else. I am using ceph rbd to store the disk images for my virtual machines, and some of the virtual machines use lvm inside their own virtual disks. When I start such virtual machines, proxmox's lvm scans their volumes, and these volumes...
  19. L

    add lvm as storage

    There is an ssd system drive with a capacity of ~446 GB, a total of 2 disks (mdraid1 /dev/md0): /dev/pve/root 96 GB lvm thin data deleted, just a few pops /dev/pve/pve2-local-data - lvm, 342 GB. How to attach it to the qualities of lvm? Accessibility is also suitable only for this node. First...
  20. S

    Pls help with storage reassignment

    Hi, I don't remember precisely (it's a home lab, I'm not an IT pro) why I had my system drive divided to a LVM-Thin volume ("data") and a Directory volume, but now I have the system on Directory (as expected) and the LVM-Thin volume is almost empty and unused. What I want to do is remove the...


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