1. A

    Instantiate VM from qcow2 image

    Hi All I have a qcow2 image of Redhat VM. My understanding from the storage guide is that only directory backend that supports qcow2 image. My question is if I have imported a qcow2 image on the directory backend, can I instantiate a VM on some other storage type, like LVM ? I want to use...
  2. A

    last missing enterprise feature (on shared block storage / SAN)

    Hi, I know that there is already "LVM over iSCSI/FC" for shared block storage (SAN) which carves out LV from a shared VG/LUN for individual VM disks - but with no snapshot and thin provisioning support my question is why is there no (extended) storage plugin which provides 1.) "QCOW2 over/on...
  3. A

    hpe 1060 stroage with 2 hpe server setup

    Hello friends, I am very new to proxmox so i need some help to proceed, thanks in advance. i have 1 hpe 1060 storage and 2 hpe dl380 server the storage is directly connected to the server1 through fiber channel with two paths and same way server2 is connected to the same stroage what i wish...
  4. F

    Is it possible to combine 2 virtual disks and add them to a VM?

    I have 1 R530 server with a 17TB virtual disk, plus a Dell md3200i with a single 35TB disk. Both disks are in proxmox and I can add them to the VM, however I'm trying to combine them as one big disk. I was looking into mergerfs to do this (VM is running Ubuntu), however I thought it might make...
  5. E

    "tmeta" and "tdata" become active after reboot, manually disabling works

    Heya, I'm having a bit of a weird issue. After rebooting my Proxmox node today the 4TB HDD constantly seems to go into "failure" despite physically being okay, Proxmox always reports that "tmeta" and "tdata" is active so it can't activate the LV. Activation of logical volume...
  6. M

    Boot hang after blackout - due to LVM status?

    Hello, I am quite new to Proxmox. But last night, due to an electric blackout, my single node proxmox, with a single ssd, shuts down. At the power on the node won't boot, after few seconds the only thing I see via console is: pnp 00:01: can't evaluate _CRS: 12311 Found volume group "pve" using...
  7. R

    Repartitioning local LVM drive possible?

    Updated-edit on bottom Hey I'm pretty new to proxmox (and zfs) been using it for about a month or two and really like it so just wanted to say thank you right away. However there are a couple things I don't fully understand, I think it will be clear after I explain what I'm trying to do and...
  8. N

    Is ZFS recommended for single node with heavy use of passthrough ?

    Finally got all the parts for my home server and currently testing. I plan to have SR-IOV passthrough for VM networking, HBA passthrough for storage VM. This means i can't take live snapshots and because it's just one node i don't need replication. Without using 2 major benefits of ZFS, should...
  9. H

    LXC won't start

    Hello, Ran into a problem with my Proxmox VE. My LXC container, which is my go-to NAS, just won’t boot up after a reboot. Here’s the error it’s throwing at me: run_buffer: 322 Script exited with status 32 lxc_init: 844 Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container "100" __lxc_start: 2027...
  10. K

    Please, help me understand my disk usage

    Hello all, I have a small ITX host with only one SSD in it, for proxmox installation and the VM storage. But I don't understand how my local-lvm is almost full while it should have plenty space left. Here is the physical disk : If I understand correctly, Proxmox create a "root" LV of...
  11. Z

    Extending SSD after Cloning

    I recently had an SSD fail on writes, and luckily, I could clone it using dd without much issue. Had to run fsck /dev/mapper/pve-root, and all was good. However, the new drive is 500GB; the previous was 120GB. I'm trying to claim that space and not quite following the instructions in another...
  12. M

    Error activating LV 'pve/data'

    After a restart of my server I get the following error: TASK ERROR: activating LV 'pve/data' failed: Check of pool pve/data failed (status:1). Manual repair required! I tried lvconvert --repair pve/data and got this output: truncating metadata device to 4161600 4k blocks Child 3798 exited...
  13. T

    Remove local-lvm and increase local

    I wanted to show the steps that I took to accomplish this task. I am a real beginner to Proxmox, and I struggled with the idea of changing the disk partitions using a live disk and GParted, etc. So, I looked for an easier method for me to do this, and I hope this helps someone. I had...
  14. V

    Shared Storage with FC-SAN

    Hello, I'm trying to get the best storage possible using fiber-channel SAN. With Multipath, I'm able to get the SAN appear as disk on my nodes, and I'm able to create a PV/VG on it. So I have now a Shared storage based on LVM, on my SAN, available on all my nodes. The only issue I get, is...
  15. D

    Virtuelle Festplatte für mehrere Container

    Hallo zusammen, vielen Dank für die Aufnahme hier im Forum. Ich bin seit einigen Wochen damit beschäftigt, meinen ersten Homeserver mit Proxmox aufzubauen. Nun möchte ich folgendes Design realisieren: Auf bestimmte Daten sollen mehrere Container Zugriff erhalten. Ich möchte die Daten daher...
  16. L

    Ubuntu vm wont start when cloned to lvm iscsi shared storage, local storage ok

    Hi Got issues when trying to deploy vm's from template to lvm shared storage(iscsi), I'm sure this worked ok some weeks ago. When cloning the same template to local storage theres no problems. This is a 4 node cluster created as POC and so far a no-sub license. Hopefully this could be resolved...
  17. B

    Can I and *should* I mirror an existing LVM root partition on an SSD with another SSD?

    Background: I have a 'server' running Proxmox that I used for self-hosting a number of low-intensity services mainly for myself. This 'server' is my old repurposed HEDT desktop machine. It is also used for storage, and has raidz2 running across 6 spinning rust disks. The system (root, etc) runs...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Proxmox local-lvm stops when 2 servers in a cluster of 3 dies?

    I have 3 servers in the cluster, each server has- 1. 2 HDD hard drive and hardware Raid 1 for local storage and os storage 2. 1 SSD for Ceph use for HA. I have 2 VMs in local-lvm(ext4) and 2 in Ceph storage. My Ceph HA is working fine, it only fails when 2 out of 3 servers die. However I...
  19. J

    lvm-thin, lvm or dir?

    Hello, I have a Proxmox server with a 64GB SSD for the Proxmox system and a 30TB HDD hardware RAID for all virtual machines, containers, ISO images, etc. What should I use for this 30TB RAID? LVM-Thin, LVM, or Directory?
  20. R

    Can I change size of CT Volumes with Proxmox ?

    Is it possible from Proxmox to modify the size of a CT Volume knowing that the volume would to took take some space from another. I have three CT Volumes : VM-100-Disk - 2TB VM-101-Disk - 1TB VM-102-Disk - ~1TB My CT n°1 has been mostly retired and now is only used at 5% of its capacity at...


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