1. Y

    Performance Testing

    Greetings my friends. I wish you a good ending of the week. I have this particular question on my mind it's been a while now. On my laptop, I run a Python code that takes about 30 seconds to compile and run. My objective is to run the same code on a cluster of 3 nodes and determine how much...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] Peoxmox Cluster auflösen

    Hallo zusammen, Ich bin Anfänger im "Proxmox Home Labbing". Aktuelll habe ein einfaches Setup mit zwei Proxmox Nodes. Wie kann ich den Cluster auflösen, um einen der Nodes als Bare-Metal-Server zu verwenden? Bzw. geht das Überhaupt noch? Oder müsste ich beide Nodes Neuaufsetzen? Danke für...
  3. S

    communication problem between proxmox server on RPN

    hello, I have three dedibox servers on scaleway, the ping goes through the public IP address. After creation of RPN group, assignment of servers and creation of Linux bridge on the second network card for each server. the communication does not pass between proxmox servers
  4. K

    [SOLVED] Moving cluster operation traffic to another network

    I made a mistake when I created a 5-node cluster. I added all nodes by IP to the cluster and `pvecm status` now shows: Cluster information ------------------- Name: cluster2 Config Version: 5 Transport: knet Secure auth: on Quorum information ------------------ Date...
  5. C

    Server Randomly Rebooting

    Hi i have an cluster with 3 servers and the servers randomly reboot. All servers have 4 nvme ssds 2 with zfs 4 proxmox and 2 whith pcie passthourgh to an vm on every server that build an ceph cluster this is done becourse the ceph cluster is also used for kubernetes which also runs on the...
  6. M

    Cluster management/Corosync network - does it need to be faster than 1GB?

    Hello, I'm running PVE8.0 at home. Multiple users working from home with Windows VMs. Many small Linux VMs doing lots of low-bandwidth stuff. I'm in the process of setting up a 3-node cluster for HA. All 3 nodes have identical hardware. All 3 nodes are on a 10GB fiber network. All 3...
  7. helojunkie

    [SOLVED] One node in cluster going Grey in GUI after upgrading to 8.0.4

    I have a 6-node cluster that I recently (two nights ago) upgraded to 8.0.4. This cluster has been going strong with no issues at all until after the upgrade to 8.0.4. The upgrade went smoothly with zero issues at all. Now, one node in the cluster keeps 'greying out' on the GUI. I rebooted the...
  8. R

    Best way to separate VMs?

    Hello, I have a situation where I share a server with another business and it has come time where we need to part ways and so I need to transfer my VMs off of this server and onto a separate server. I would need this separate server to be stand-alone when all is said and done. How would I go...
  9. M

    Moving a node from one cluster to another

    Hello, I've searched and haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. Apologies if I've missed it. We're running PVE 7.4-3 and we have a cluster of 11 nodes in various data centres around the world. We're having some corosync problems and also 3 of the nodes really belong in their own...
  10. K

    Tips for labb setup

    I got some leftover servers from work and Im going to setup a small proxmox cluster I need some tips and ideas how to best utilize the hardware 3x HP dl360 g9 2x16core, 128GB ddr4 ram, 8x300GB 1x HP dl380 g7 2x6 core, 288GB ddr3 ram, 2x300GB I also got a old dell with 6x1tb that I though...
  11. M

    VM Storage: Shared storage VS. failover to local drives on nodes in cluster

    Hello, I'm in the process of planning out a 3-node cluster for failover and high availability and have a question about where to store the VMs. Assume the following; All servers are on a 10GB backbone All servers have SSDs for OS and data drives All 3 PVE nodes are identical. Same...
  12. A

    Corosync Best Practice

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to ensure corosync has its own network. Please let me know if any of these points weren't ideal and why: I created a VLAN with no gateway (just a space on my switch with a unique subnet) 10.5.0.X and set all 8x of my nodes to addresses on that subnet. I...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Problem with cluster after reinstalling node with failing Disk

    Hello everyone, so a few days ago the electricity failed in my homeoffice and the small homelab for Home purposes failed. One node was complelty failing until the point the ssd inside was basically dead. It could boot, sometimes but after a few minutes went offline again due I/O error. I came...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] How important is having all Intel/all AMD CPUs in a cluster?

    I'm looking to setup a PVE cluster, mostly for the benefit of being able to move VMs from one machine to the other and for high availability. In reading the PvE8 admin guide I came across this line: This is a real bummer since I have a mixed Epyc and embedded Xeon CPU environment. I have...
  15. Y

    New HA Cluster Storage Hardware

    Hi I'm plan to setup a 3 Node HA Cluster with 3 HP DL380 G9 Servers. They have all 2x 10G NIC's. Now I'm not sure what the best option for storage would be. The following option / hardware i have available: - Local Disk's with Ceph - Dell MD3620 SAN - EMC VNXe3200 FC SAN - HP MSA 2040...
  16. M

    Proxmox 8 config files only read-only

    I'm facing the following issue on pve-manager/8.0.4/d258a813cfa6b390 (running kernel: 6.2.16-8-pve) that i can't edit files in /etc/pve due of permisson errors. root has only read-only rights on this config files. But i has to edit those files as root, due of issues with the otp auth...
  17. tuxis

    Dutch Proxmox VE day on 12 October 2023

    We are organising a Proxmox VE day in the Netherlands, Ede on Thursday on the 12th of October 2023. In the morning, we will discuss how you can innovatively meet your virtualisation, storage and private cloud needs within your budget with Proxmox VE. We will also look at how to easily achieve...
  18. S

    VM Migration: Unable to set the IP of the target node.

    I've spent so many hours and pulled too many hairs for this already. TLDR: Migrating a VM fails because ssh of the target node listens on IPv6 only (as desired+configured), and migration is attempting connection to IPv4. All I want is the connection to go through IPv6, or the VPN IP. The...
  19. H

    Backup job stuck, doing nothing...

    Hello, I have a cluster and one of the nodes is a ZimaBoard. Everything runs fine, but when I try to do a backup of my CT the backup job is stuck and nothing is happening. It doesn't matter if the backup storage is the local SSD or a NFS or PBS - same behaviour. Example: Node name: "darwin"...
  20. S

    Help recovering ceph

    Hello all, this is my first post on the forum. I have a proxmox cluster installation with ceph that is broken and need help recovering it. After a network device stole the IP address of one of the nodes, ceph went down and never recovered. I tried troubleshooting with a proxmox silver partner...


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