1. J

    slow vm migration

    Good afternoon dear, I have a problem with about 3 nodes of which all share a 10g fiber link for migration and vms backups. but even if the vms migration and restoration are slow some reason why so little speed 3 nodes config network nodes cluster config slow restoraution vm...
  2. E

    can 6.4-14 and 8.1-2 be in one cluster ?

    Hello! I'm going to add a few servers to my PVE 6.4-14 cluster, can i install 8.1-2 and add it to cluster to move some VMs to 8.1-2 and then upgrade 6.4-14 .. thanks
  3. J

    Locked CT after separating node from cluster

    I found myself in a dead lock situation: At first I deleted my cluster, in other words, I separated my node from the cluster. Then I realised that one CT is down and locked. I wanted to start it, but that wasn't possible because of the locked status. So I tried to unlock the CT via qm unlock...
  4. M

    no such logical volume pve/data (500)

    Hi Everyone, I have a proxmox cluster and today I added a new node to it. However once it was added I'm now getting an error on the new node: no such logical volume pre/data (500). Not sure what I can do to fix it? Is there an easy way to remove the node and re-add it?
  5. S

    Last node in cluster

    So I have removed all the nodes from a cluster except the last one. This last one is still hosting VM's. Can I remove the cluster without taking down the environment or any of the VM's? This is not a Ceph cluster.
  6. M

    Problem with Planning Storage for a Cluster with 2 Nodes

    Hello, guys, I have created a cluster with 2 nodes (planning to expand to 3 nodes in the future). However, I'm facing an issue. I have two dedicated servers, each equipped with RAID 1 consisting of three SSDs, and on both servers, this volume is identified as /dev/md4, boasting a capacity of...
  7. I

    chronyd issues

    I have a cluster of around 20 nodes, Proxmox 8.0.4 +ceph (on 4 of them) all have the same configuration of chronyd. and most of the time everything works. recently (in the past month) i started to have issues with time sync. usually it comes after a power failure, some servers are out of...
  8. K

    I can't seem to have shared template

    Hello all, I am fairly new to Proxmox so forgive me if I am on a completely wrong path. I have three nodes into a cluster and a shared NFS storage (truenas). I have made a template VM on host1 and have successfully moved the disk on the NFS share. But, when I want to clone the template with...
  9. J

    Proxmox Cluster Terraform

    Hello, I am running a couple 20+ node cluster today and we are deploying VMs using terraform (bgp/proxmox) Since as far as we know in the API you have to specify which one of the nodes you want to deploy the VM to we have created a javascript in between Proxmox and terraform that translates...
  10. C

    Proxmox Cluster Firewall Minecraft

    I've set up a cluster of 3 machines, and have added 5 LXC's for a Minecraft server that I plan to initially expose limited number of users online, those in school Minecraft club. Proxmox has the Firewall at the datacenter level, server level and VM, LXC level. For Minecraft the servers are set...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] High Availability On Numerous Hardware Configuration

    I'm interested in configuring high availability but I couldn't find information about how it works with different hardware configurations. I have a really beefy main server, and my other servers that would be in the 3 HA node aren't as powerful. 128 Cores 4 TB of RAM 44 Cores 1 TB of RAM 88...
  12. X

    PMG7 to PMG8 upgrade | cluster with two nodes | without an in-place upgrade

    Dear Forum I would like to upgrade an existing PMG7 cluster with two nodes (1 master and another) to PMG8 without an in-place upgrade. Is there a step by step guide for this?
  13. F

    Cluster: force VM to start without quorum and expected votes?

    Hello, I am running a 2 node cluster with an external QDevice. So I am looking for a solution to force start a VM even just 1 node is online and the QDevice is not reachable. That VM is not running on a shared storage so I don't care about split brain. I don't want to set expected votes or...
  14. D

    Clone the boot SSD in cluster mode

    Hi, I've seen few threads about cloning the boot disks to another disk/SSD, some used clonezilla (which, as of this moment, still having problems cloning the Proxmox boot SSD), some use dd. My problem is a bit different: I have a cluster of 3 nodes (prox,prox2,prox3, I've created the cluster...
  15. S

    Half of the hosts in the cluster automatically restart due to abnormality

    I especially want to know what protection mechanism the PVE cluster has to allow the host to automatically restart. Environment: There are 13 hosts in the cluster: node1-13 Version: pve-manager/6.4-4/337d6701 (running kernel: 5.4.106-1-pve) Web environment: There are two switches A and B...
  16. L

    Proxmox Cluster / different version compatibility

    Hello, So the client have quite old Proxmox cluster with 18 servers in this cluster. These servers running "Virtual Environment 5.4-15". Yes. That old versions of Proxmox. I'm pushing customer to upgrade to the latest version, but it's a long story. Currently they buying a new server. My...
  17. D

    Proxmox cluster does not work (freezes every time)

    Hello, since yesterday nothing works anymore on my Proxmox server, I have already reinstalled both servers, with the official iso file, but on my first server "Proxmox" the cluster does not work, there is always the one with the question mark shown, and when I go to the server in...
  18. P

    HA Cluster Replication Question

    Hello, I would like to set up a Proxmox HA cluster with 2 nodes. I can't use Ceph with only 2 nodes, so I wanted to try replication. With replication, you can set the container to be replicated every 15 minutes, for example. But then I asked myself a question: If my container is running on...
  19. B

    Backup to another node

    Hi. I'm really new to proxmox. I will try to back up my "proxmox" node's vms to "dl380" node. They are in cluster. I have a directory type storage on "dl380" node with the following settings. When I try to run a backup job I received the following error message. I checked the systemctl...
  20. I

    [SOLVED] Proxmox cluster not using Link 0 to migrate VMs

    Hello. Does anyone know why proxmox cluster uses Link 1 instead of Link 0 to migrate VMs? My Link 0 is 10G network card and Link 1 uses 1G card. I was wondering why migration is so slow so I checked NIC traffic with vnstat and I noticed proxmox cluster data goes thru backup link. Is there...


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