1. A

    Frequent Watchdog reboots

    I am relatively new to Proxmox and have a cluster running with 3 nodes, everything is currently working fine, cluster is up HA is running fine. The issue I face currently is that in case the cluster link goes down for let's say more than 10s, watchdog kicks in and reboots the server, this causes...
  2. B

    Small 2 Node Setup Questions

    I currently have two Mini PC with Proxmox in a cluster along with a raspberry Pi QDevice. Each server has a public 2.5gbe and a private 2.5gbe (interconnected between the servers on separate subnet). I am using ZFS on NVME on both servers. I am currently using HA w/ Replication. 1) Is...
  3. F

    Corosync 2Nodes + QDev // Backup network design

    Hello together, I'd like to build a PVE HA Cluster out of 2 PVE Nodes and 1 QDev to get quorum. In order to get a nice and stable Corosync Link, I've a dedicated 1G NIC via Crossover LAN between the 2 PVE nodes. The QDev VM is a external hosted system and can't be connected via LAN. The Plan...
  4. G

    Proxmox primary cluster NIC interface and experimenting with thunderbolt networking

    Looking for some guidance, on a fresh install when adding the new node to the cluster there is a "Link" selection box, in which configuration file is this setting stored and how do I change it? For context: - I would like to setup my cluster node using the native RJ45 NIC initially. Then...
  5. S

    Proxmox VE Cluster vs Non-Cluster

    I am (re)debating this Issue, as I have done in the Past. My use Case, as a Homelab user, is that some/many Hosts are up only when needed (at specific Times, in order to reduce Power Consumption), and so the "normal" way with Quorum doesn't really work. I had a look at...
  6. S

    Hyperconverge with SCSI MULTIPATH 10Gb/s DELL ME4024

    Hello everybody, I woul'd like to design an Hyperconverged infrastructure with 3 proxmox linked by DELL Fibre Switch S4112F in one hand and one DELL SAN ME4024 in other hand We have configure LVM on the the cluster's datastore. We have problème, only HA is available but, we have to have a...
  7. N

    VM Network Traffic is visible to all VM in the same VLAN, but only if they are using VirtIO Network Bridge

    Hello guys, I am currently facing an Issue in our Proxmox Cluster as described in the Title. It does not matter on which Node the VMs are on, or if they run Linux or Windows, it happens on every single one. However LXCs in the same VLAN are not affected, since they dont use the VirtIO Adapter...
  8. S

    Subscription Plan - PVE Cluster mit 2 Nodes

    Hallo an alle die das lesen! Ich habe vor einen PVE Cluster mit 2 Nodes und einem Q-Device zu installieren. Da dieser in einem produktiven Umfeld laufen wird, sollen die 2 Nodes mit einer Subscription laufen. Macht es Sinn die aktive Node mit einer Basic und die replizierte Node mit einer...
  9. T

    proxmox cluster of 3 remote servers, each accessible locally

    Good evening, I am new to proxmox and would like to install a cluster of 3 remote servers. All installed VMs and CTs must be accessible locally. In fact it is for a company with 3 offices in three different regions. At each office level, employees must be able to access all VMs/CTs in the...
  10. S

    Cannot backup to other node

    Hi, all. Fighting here with a bit of a crazy setup, searching internet for solutions to no avail so far, so asking like this. I have 2-node setup with 3rd Raspberry Pi to get enough votes. On 1st node, I have some VMs. On the 2nd node, I have a 2TB SSD and I'd like to use it for backup of the...
  11. G

    Do I need to recover from "A,NV,NMW" QDevice status?

    "NV" looks not normal in my cluster status. According to "NV" means # pvecm status Cluster information ------------------- Name: HOMELAB Config Version: 16 Transport: knet Secure auth: on Quorum information...
  12. D

    No Network after Reboot

    Good day, I have a cluster with Host01 and Host02. After a reboot, neither Host01 nor Host02 gets a network connection. Only after manually starting the Network.service does the host get a connection and become reachable again. So far, I have tried creating a network.service and a...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] section 'device' already exists and not marked as array! (500)

    Hi, I built 2 weeks ago a cluster with HA using 2 Proxmox servers. Servers version is 8.1.4 on both I made few changes to get the Quorum with only 1 server. I have 3 different networks on each : - One for storage - One for the cluster - One for the Prod They can reach each others on the 3...
  14. B

    Pinging vm on node1 -> vm on node2

    Hello friends; i have bought two bare metals from OVH and on each bare metal i have installed proxmox ; after that i created a Data Center with the two nodes ; Each node has its own public ip + i have created some vlans and private network so i can assign ips to VMs to access to net...
  15. D

    HTTPS Certs for 6 nodes in a cluster

    I am trying to setup HTTPS Certs on a cluster of 6 nodes. Before I added them all to the cluster I had HTTPS certs working on all of them. After I added the servers to the cluster all but the first server lost the HTTPS certs. Am I supposed to only give 1 server HTTPS certs? Do I have to do...
  16. L

    [SOLVED] Upgrading a ZFS cluster

    Hello, I have 3 basically identical systems I’m having put together in a cluster. 2 out of the 3 have the same amount of storage but 1 of them has only half the amount. I want to make everything zfs and I am using intel or micron enterprise ssds. With zfs would I be able to slowly upgrade the...
  17. C

    Update from 8.0 to 8.2

    Hey everyone, I have a cluster running Proxmox 8.0.3 and I need to add a new node. However, I'm encountering certificate errors and other compatibility issues when trying to add a server with version 8.2. I couldn't find version 8.0 in the Proxmox download archives to install the new server on...
  18. K

    Configuring Proxmox Cluster on Dell T3500

    Hi! I need help configuring Proxmox which we would like to use in production in the future, currently the environment will be semi-production and I would like to have it properly configured. I have two T3500 computers from which I would like to create a cluster for learning Proxmox. One of the...
  19. B

    Question about CEPH Topology

    Hi everyone, I would like some help regarding CEPH topology. I have the following environment: - 5x Servers (PVE01,02,03,04,05) - PVE 01,02, and 03 in one datacenter and PVE04 and 05 in another datacenter. - 6x Disks in each (3x HDD and 3x SSD) - All of the same capacity/model. I would like...
  20. D

    How to setup a HA schema using Proxmox over VPN

    Hello there! I'm trying to configure a Proxmox cluster using a VPN from 2 different geographic sites with a total of 3 nodes. I'd like to enable Ceph cluster using ODS disks but it looks like ceph Monitors and ODS configurations need to use a network in the same segment like If...


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