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    Mistake clustering

    I am re-configuring my homelab from VMWare to Proxmox, and currently have one node (Node A) that has 10 disks passed through to a Truenas Scale vm for a ZFS pool, along with 5 vms migrated from another node (Node B), that has a fresh install of Proxmox 8. Given I am relatively new to Proxmox, I...
  2. A

    Migrating from iSCSI to NFS

    Hi, i have a proxmox cluster of 2 nodes, connected via a 10Gb network to a QNAP Nas. Currently, all my vm disk are stored on that NAS using iSCSI. I would like to move from iSCSI to NFS. So, i created the NFS datastore on proxmox and all just works. But, regarding the migration, i currently...
  3. N

    Reinstall PVE while keeping vms - proxmox is "unstable" afterwards

    Hello everyone. General description I wanted to reinstall Proxmox while keeping all my vms (My setup consists of a single server with a local storage. Simple raid, no external storage trough nfs...). I followed a guide from Guillaume Matheron Reinstall proxmox while keeping all the...
  4. R

    Temporary mix PVE7 and PVE8 in the same Cluster

    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade all our hosts to better hardware and PVE8. The plan is to purchase the new hardware, add it into the current cluster, migrate all VMs from the PVE7 hosts to the new PVE8 hosts then shut down the PVE7 hosts. Please note that all VMs are stored locally (ZFS) so...
  5. A

    Different lvm volume group and cluster

    Hello, Here is my setup: Node 1 with one volume group "pve" and two lvmthin volume "Volume1" and "Volume2" Node 2 with two volumes groups (I want to keep them separated) "nvme" and "hdd" and one lvmthin volume on each VG. My plan was to have a Volume1 and Volume2 on both nodes, even if the...
  6. P

    Migrating KVMs and OpenVZ from Proxmox 3 to Proxmox 8

    Hello forumers, I am working on the migration from old Proxmox 3 VE to the newest version. As I know one of the simplest ways to move KVM from old environment is using backup and restore options: In case of containers it should be converted from OpenVZ to LXC because OpenVZ isn't available...
  7. P

    proxmox migrate BUG

    help!!! this is my bug video ,and the bug photo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1swf0X4Knk
  8. A

    Full backup after moving VM ?

    I am new to Proxmox, so this might be an known issue. But if I move a VM to a new host, the backups see this as a new VM, and so do a full backup (rather than the incremental backup scheduled). Is this by design ? can this behaviour be altered ?? Andy
  9. J

    Can't migrate VM to different storage volume

    Hi, Been using Proxmox on a test server and realize I want to commit a more substantial machine to using this awesome VE. Only to learn that differently named storage volumes cannot be migrated using the Web GUI. Okay then, no problem. So I try using the console and this happens: *So I...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Bulk migrate to another disk

    Good day to whomever deem this thread worthy of guru knowledge! I am trying to bulk migrate my VMs from one old node to another. However, I do see the issue is that drive names are different. It is trying to migrate from local-lvm to local-lvm, however, the name of new storage is "Main-VMs". Is...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] Live migration causes freeze on VM

    I have a cluster with 6 nodes running on version 7.4, all nodes are Dell PowerEdge R630 and now I needed to add the seventh node which is Dell PowerEdge R640. Live migration from a VM residing on a R630 host to R640 goes fine, but when migrating from the new R640 host to R630 the VM...
  12. I

    ZFS vs. directory storage for containers

    Hi, I'm running a small PVE cluster of two nodes. Both have an encrypted ZFS dataset set up for container storage, using native ZFS encryption. This prevents migrating the containers from one node to another (https://bugzilla.proxmox.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2350). However, if I create a directory...
  13. A

    fstrim/shrink not working after migrate

    Hi, whe have the current scenariio, pve 7.4.x in a cluster. vm1 on proxhost 2: lvs shows 28% in use from the 127GB disk on local thin storage. fstrim -av works. migrate lvm1 to proxhost 01: lvs shows 100% in use, this is a known issue, but running sudo fstrim -av in the vm normally results...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Proxmox VM Migration zu ESXi: wie 1,5TB Windows-Fileserver migrieren

    Moin zusammen, ich habe aktuell unter Proxmox 7.1-12 folgendes Problem: Ich möchte VMs von Proxmox zu ESXi migrieren. Dazu habe ich bisher als Test die Festplatte einer Test-Windows10-VM mit dem Befehl qemu-img convert -f raw vm-107-disk-0 -O vmdk migration-test-eins.vmdk direkt in dem Pfad...
  15. M

    Migration of VM from one node to another within same cluster

    Migration of VM from one node to another within same cluster The API provide for migration is not giving us the correct response, so how can we try to implement that please help
  16. V

    Migrating VM from one device to another (storage question)

    I want to migrate VM made on 6.3 Proxmox (upgraded later to 7.4) to another server that's on 6.3. VM was originally created on local-lvm storage. Destination server is on Ceph storage pool. Can I safely restore said VM on Ceph?
  17. D

    How to migrate VMs to new CEPH Cluster?

    Hey, we build a new PVE ceph cluster and would now migrate all VMs from our old cluster. In our old one we have ZFS and directory based storage (raw and qcow2 disks) mixed. How can we do this? We already tested "qm remote-migrate" but this seems unable to migrate ZFS to CEPH Storage. Is our only...
  18. J

    convert existing CEPH cluster to Proxmox?

    As the subject states, is there a way to move an existing CEPH cluster to Proxmox? I have an existing cluster of 5 storage OSD nodes, 3 monitors, and a few virtualization hosts that I'd like to convert to proxmox.
  19. A

    Unusual output while migrating VM in cluster

    Hello! While trying to migrate one of my VMs in our cluster i noticed some unusual outputs from the task viewer: I've migrated a few vms before but never actually saw something like that before. I checked the most common PVE services but they all seem to work fine. I would also like to...
  20. B

    Change SSH port on Proxmox VE cluster

    Hi guys, I have the following problem: I wanted to change the default SSH port from 22 to 2222, and I was able to do so by editing the sshd_config files. However, even after changing the SSH port, when I try to migrate a VM between NODE_X and NODE_Y using ProxMox, it still uses port 22 and the...


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