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    PVE 5.3 cluster iscsi storage issue

    Hello all. I have a cluster with 4 nodes and shared storage. The storage is connected to the cluster by iscsi with multipathing. Every works correctly, but I found some problem after testing. After rebooting one of the clusters, I can't perform migration back the vm's. The error that I get...
  2. N

    Proxmox guide "Proxmox ISCSI installation" is very out of date?

    Hi There, I'm a new Proxmox user and loving it so far on a simple local installation !!! but ... ... I'm trying to follow the guide "Proxmox ISCSI installation" ( to install Proxmox to an iSCSI Target LUN so that I can test booting the...
  3. O

    Can't get iSCSI volumes

    I configured 2 nodes. Both are connected to the storage, but only one of them can see the volumes : - Node 1 : - Node 2 : Any idea on how to fix it ?
  4. O

    Connect several nodes to the same iSCSI volume

    Hey, I'm trying to mount the same iSCSI LUN (on a HP MSA) on my 2 nodes On top of the iSCSI volume, I created a LVM : I noticed that on the node I didn't use for creating the LVM, there's no pv or lv : Node 1 (works fine) Node 2 : Any advice ?
  5. T

    zfs over iscsi huawei oceanstor

    hello everyone. I'm testing our new storare, an huawei oceanstor 2600 V3. just trying some combinations. just published a iSCSI LUN and connected to proxmox, it seems that is OK, but when trying to move VM from NFS to iSCSI it throws and error, if searched on the forum and it says that is...
  6. D

    3par Multipath iscsi best settings

    Hello all , I have been running a 3par cluster for some time now and some times I dont feel we have it optimised as well as we could . we have 4 x10ge using openvswitch soft-slb and 4 peers active on the 3par. What multipath optimisations have other people been using defaults {...
  7. B

    Unable to migrate disk with ZFS over iSCSI (Linux Guest)

    Hi, I have been playing around with ZFS over iSCSI, and got it working properly a couple of days ago, and was able to start moving the existing disks over without any issue. Container disks are hosted over NFS. System info: PVE 5.2, latest no-subscription updates installed iSCSI host is one of...
  8. Y

    ZFS over iSCSI storage

    Hello, what is now the best solution to have a redundant ZFS Storage over ISCSI ? Thanks!
  9. S

    (coming from VMWARE) Drives are showing OFFLINE in windows installer (iscsi only)

    As the subject says, I mainly come from a vmware world (vcenter). I am having some trouble understanding how "datastores" work in the pve world. I have an iSCSI drive attached to a new VM (1Terabyte). This block 1TB has 1-50 GB Primary partition on it, so I can have a repository of ISO's...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Slow LVM (over dm-crypt, over iSCSI) metadata operations

    Hi. I'm running a 3 nodes cluster, running latest PVE 5.2. As storage, I use iSCSI, but, as I don't fully trust the storage operators, I've added a dm-crypt layer. And on top of this dm-crypt, I've created an LVM VG which is shared on all node, and used as LVM storage. So, for every node, it's...
  11. B

    ZFS over iSCSI for HA

    Hi there! I have 5*ProxMox servers running 5.2-9, one of which has a number of hard drives in them, I would like to share those disks to the other 4 servers in the cluster so that I can run HA. (to clarify, the other 4 servers contain minimal storage that I do not wish to store VMs on) My...
  12. O

    lvm over iSCSI very slow after lvremove

    Hello, we are running cluster with 5 nodes and shared storage (1x Synology 3617, 1x DELL MD3200i) connected to all nodes with iSCSI and on top of this we have LVM. Last week we had a problem, when I removed unused disk from one VM stored on Synology. Everything looked fine, disk was removed...
  13. F

    ISCSI on Synology Timeout

    Hi everyone, Very new on the proxmox project, I give it a try to setup a homelab. I am trying to setup a connection to an ISCI LUN on a synology NAS on the same network. The discovery is OK (I can list the different target) but when I try to validate the connection, I have a timeout message...
  14. J

    Unable to attach FreeNAS iSCSI volume on Proxmox 5.2

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had success on connecting an FreeNAS iSCSI volume to Proxmox? I could not for some odd reason. I created two iSCSI volumes on FreeNAS. I have a Xen and Proxmox server. The Xen server sees both volumes. The Proxmox sees none of them. I even tried disabling CHAP...
  15. D

    LVM over iSCSI slow I/O

    Hello, I have new HPE DL360 with proxmox and Synology NAS RS2418+. I trying migrate my VMs from backup which they are on different (old) NAS to new proxmox installation where I use iSCSI target. 1. I created LUN and Target on NAS. 2. add iSCSI to proxmox 3. add new LVM to proxmox storage...
  16. T

    LVM-Thin on iSCSI - how to configure it?

    Ho do I define LVM-Thin storage on iSCSI? Can this be done in GUI?
  17. S

    Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    We are proving a proposal to a client and would like to recommend the best option to have shared storage for their cluster(s). I have been looking through the forum during the past couple of days and found several threads on this topic. Unfortunately, I have not determined that the most...
  18. J

    iSCSI message

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the question... I configured iSCSI and delivered a LUN through 2 network cables (two Storage controllers). Apparently everything is working, as shown in the output of the command "multipath -ll" 3600d023100033f6f4b98cce0168a4056 dm-19 IFT,DS 1000 Series size=50G...
  19. U

    [SOLVED] iscsiadm not reading /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf

    I'm putting this here so that others don't make the same mistake. In PVE's GUI, the iSCSI plugin (Datacenter > Storage > Add > iSCSI) doesn't offer a parameter to configure the username/password for Mutual CHAP authentication. I added the credentials to /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf and tested with...
  20. T

    Choosing a storage type for LXC containers in an HA cluster

    Hello there, I've been experimenting with the Proxmox HA stack in my lab for the last few months, but I'm now at a point where I need some advice on how to move forward. For reference, I'm running a small homelab with mostly consumer-grade hardware/used server stuff from a few years back. My...


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