1. S

    [SOLVED] Problems installing 8.1 and iscsi/multipath on root filesystem on HPE BL660c blade with HPE 650FLB hba/nic

    Hello, I'm working on a poc to install proxmox on an HPE BL660c blade connected to an iSCSI san using be2iscsi based controller/nics. I have it mostly installed and working, though I've run into a problem with iscsi. I've been reading through the forums and googling for both proxmox and debian...
  2. M

    Network configuration for a new cluster

    Hi there. I have 3 nodes and I would like to set up a cluster, using a Dell M5024 SAN as a storage, accessibile via iSCSI. I know that this setup have drawbacks (no thin provisioning, no snapshots) but I already have the hardware, so I have to deal with it. Each server has: 8 10Gb ports 2...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] iSCSI + Discard + SSD emulation?

    I am currently migrating some VM disks from internal drives to multipath iSCSI. I am new to iSCSI and so am wondering about best practices for PVE VM disks hosted on there. By default I have all VMs set to Discard and SSD emulation, but I am now wondering if those settings make sense on iSCSI...
  4. C

    TrueNAS VM using Proxmox local disk (system) and remote iSCSI (data) from another TrueNAS?

    TL;DR: Can I have a TrueNAS SCALE server N1 sharing data over iSCSI with a Proxmox server P1 hosting a TrueNAS SCALE server N2 consuming said iSCSI drive? Hello, I have the following two working servers: N1: a TrueNAS SCALE (v23.10.0.1) server with nine 2TB HDD (in RAIDZ2 setup) and 64 GB of...
  5. Z

    Moving VM's storage to iSCSI: "can't allocate space in iscsi storage"

    Hello I want each separate LUN under my iSCSI target to serve as a raw storage for a single VM disk image. I have added iscsi storage making sure to check the "Use LUNs directly" option. What I can do: Create a VM with iSCSI LUN (whether empty or not) attached as its virtual disk Install an...
  6. S

    iSCSI Settings on Proxmox with multipath

    Hello everyone, we have IBM 5200 Flashsystem storage with 2 Controllers, each controller have 2x 25Gbps connections this storage have 8 volumes so I have 8x wwids each wwid is represented 4 times on all 4 ports total of 32 devices under sdXX we created 8 volumes on proxmox connected to the...
  7. L

    does PBS support iSCSI disk?

    sdb is a iSCSI disk, I can mount it, and create fs and datastore, how can the disk list command show it ?
  8. H

    Infortrend iSCSI and proxmox

    Hello, We are trying to connect the infortrend ds3012 SAN storage to the proxmox version: pveversion pve-manager/7.4-16/0f39f621 (running kernel: 5.15.108-1-pve) The storage has a network interface on the same subnet as the proxmox cluster. Several partitions have been created and LUN mapping...
  9. D

    Proxmox iSCSI Migration funktioniert nicht.

    Moin, bei der Migration eines LXC-Containers, tritt folgendes verhalten auf, Migration läuft für ca. 5m, bei voller Geschwindigkeit auf das iSCSI-Share, danach passiert "nichts" Das ist der Output: Wiping ext4 signature on /dev/Proxmox-LUN-1/vm-155-disk-1. Logical volume "vm-155-disk-1"...
  10. A

    Migrating from iSCSI to NFS

    Hi, i have a proxmox cluster of 2 nodes, connected via a 10Gb network to a QNAP Nas. Currently, all my vm disk are stored on that NAS using iSCSI. I would like to move from iSCSI to NFS. So, i created the NFS datastore on proxmox and all just works. But, regarding the migration, i currently...
  11. T

    oVirt Replacement with Proxmox

    Hi Community, please note that we are planning to replace our oVirt setup with 7 hosts and 330 VMs. The VMs are located on iSCSI which is shared among the hosts. From the documentation it looks like that Proxmox is not capable of using iSCSI luns in a similar way like oVirt. Means features...
  12. I

    Proxmox cluster shared iscsi storage problem with directly connected hosts

    Hi, I have two proxmox 8.0 hosts in a cluster, conected (each) directly to iscsi storage (don't have SAN switch yet). I have multipath installed and configured, and successfuly see storage from both hosts if I create separate iscsi targets ( Cluster -> Storage -> Add -> iscsi) for both hosts...
  13. P

    iSCSI, LVM and HA confusion

    So I have a simple 3-node Proxmox lab + Synology NAS. My goal is to be able to build images using Hashicorp Packer and create VM's using Terraform declarations based on those images later. As far as I understand in order to create a VM from an image the storage of this image must exist on a...
  14. P

    iSCSI Multipath Preferred network

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask you for help: I have a Proxmox 8 installation with next networks: vmbr0 (10Gbps network) Management network/proxmox web-interface ( vmbr40 (40Gbps network) trunk connection with vlan awareness enabled vlan9 (part of vmbr40 iface) (
  15. A

    Connecting proxmox to NAS issue

    Hello, I am using Proxmox VE and i connect the initiator of proxmox to the external storage , in my case the external storage is NAS as showin in the capture . I add iSCSI storage from Proxmox VE interface ( Datacenter => Storage => add iSCSI ) . After that, i want to format the added...
  16. B

    I need a new cluster strategy - cloud computing

    Hello, I am a long-time proxmox user. We have purchased the following hardware for a new project and are about to launch a cloud computing platform at the entry stage. But I still haven't clarified the installation strategy and scenario. Hardwares: 5 x Dell PowerEdge R630 1 x Dell Unity 600F...
  17. D

    Cannot add disk to Ceph OSD in cluster

    Hello, I have a 3 node cluster, crated OK. I want to create Ceph storage cluster for important VMs. Furthermore, I have added to each host iSCSI drive, and created LVM on top of it. But seems that Ceph does not like that drive to be added as OSD. Is this limitation of Ceph config in PX or Ceph...
  18. S

    LVM over iSCSI not regognizing dedublication

    Hello, so I'm using my QNAP as a iSCSI target, on the LUN itself is dedublication and compression on so I can save space and use the LUNs more effencient. But the QNAP shows a usage of roughly about 300G and Proxmox sees almost 800G. How do I make it possible so the Proxmox Cluster / Host can...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Cannot use device /dev/sdar with duplicates. (500). Cannot create LVM on top of ISCSI volume

    Hi everyone, Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.0-8 I'm setting up a proxmox cluster with three hosts and an QNAP TS-1273U ISCSI storage. Everything works fine, the only problem is that I cannot create the LVM on top of the ISCSI lun. I get the following error message in the Proxmox GUI: create...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] iSCSI configured at datacenter level but not visible at VM level

    I'm new to Proxmox, currently checking out a fresh install of Proxmox CE v8.0.0-8. I've set up an iSCSI connection to a Synology, using LUNs directly and no node restrictions. The datacenter node reports an active connection to the Synology, but I'm not getting an iSCSI option in the hardware...


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