1. C

    How to make the iSCSI Synology NAS Drive on the Cluster accessible from the Mac OS X?

    I have configure a cluster of 3 hosts and successfully connected iSCI NAS and the SMB NAS volumes to the Cluster. My question is what do I need to create on the cluster to be able to access the iSCSI from other devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X) via the cluster. The specific reason for me...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Lost iscsi connectivity to storage after upgrade 7-8

    Hello, after upgrading from version 7 to version 8 of Proxmox, the cluster was left without communication with my iscsi storage. After verifying what could have happened, I realized that the names of the fiber cards that were installed were renamed. They communicated with the ISCSI storage, this...
  3. T

    Setting VLAN for iSCSI Specific Traffic - Error Encountered

    Hey All - Brand new to Proxmox but am familiar with eSXI and perhaps that's what's confusing me. Here's a quick overview of the network: 2 Network Cards - 4 ports. One card is specific to Proxmox and VMs with eno1 and eno2, both configured as a LACP bond with the network and...
  4. J

    Proxmox as an iSCSI target

    I use Proxmox on one home server, and I have several drives, a powerful CPU and a 2.5Gb network in it. On Proxmox I have several virtual machines and containers with different software (like databases, media servers, etc). On a daily basis I work on my workstation where I have vmware workstation...
  5. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Storage Controller Efficiency Data for Bandwidth-Constrained Workloads on Shared iSCSI Storage

    Greetings everyone, Good news! We've managed to carve out some time to compile the latest data set for our ongoing exploration of Windows 2022 server on Proxmox. Part 3: Computational Efficiency of Storage Controller Configurations under Constrained Bandwidth Workloads Expanding upon the...
  6. T

    Plugin logging for development troubleshooting

    Hello, I am attempting to develop a perl plugin to interface a PowerStore SAN with ProxMox via iscsi, however I do not see any logs related to plugin loading and therefore have idea if my plugin is being loaded successfully or what. Is there a log to show attempts at loading plugins to aid in...
  7. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Deep dive into Storage Controllers, Compatibility, and Efficiency Metrics with Windows on Proxmox

    Hey everyone, Given the recent developments with VMware/Broadcom, we've noticed a surge in inquiries related to running Windows on Proxmox. To assist those transitioning away from VMware, we've thoroughly examined Windows Server 2022 storage controller compatibility, native driver support...
  8. L

    iSCSI: Unnütze Einträge bzgl. "no route to host" im daemon.log

    Hallo, wir nutzen ein SAN im Zusammenspiel mit Proxmox, welches direkt (ohne Switch) über zwei Kabel am Server angeschlossen ist. Alles funktioniert soweit, aber mir sind störende Einträge im Log aufgefallen, die ich gerne unterbinden würde. Der Server hat zwei Interfaces für iSCSI. Je eines...
  9. H

    ZFS over iSCSI

    Hi, Could someone please guide/refer me to a document detailing steps to configure ZFS over iSCSI using TrueNAS. If TrueNAS is not possible, then steps for ZFS (supported) on Linux. This is for the latest Proxmox and TrueNAS/Linux OS's. Thank you. I appreciate it. I have been googling to no avail.
  10. E

    ZFS over iSCSI w/TrueNAS Scale -- difficult troubleshooting

    Thanks in advance. :) TrueNAS-SCALE- Proxmox 8.1.4 with 2 node cluster in a home/smb environment. Main network is 1Gbe, Storage Network is 10Gbe. Attempting to set up storage per many articles, but this one in particular by Surfrock66. All configs followed (SSH, etc) Its...
  11. I

    iSCSI storage digest configure

    Hello! I encountered the following problem when configuring iSCSI storage: Unable to configure Header/Data Digest for specific target. I can enable Digest for all connections in /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf #node.conn[0].iscsi.HeaderDigest = CRC32C / None #node.conn[0].iscsi.DataDigest = CRC32C /...
  12. T

    File Server: pci passthrough to VM and back by iSCSI/NFS?

    Hello, I recently migrated my home lab from Hyper-V to PVE. As next I want to re-design my file server by taking advantage of ZFS file system. Before, on Hyper-V I used MS Windows Server as File Server that was running as a VM on the Host. On the Host was set-up Storages Spaces with ReFS and...
  13. M

    Mounting iSCSI Share to LXC Container

    Hello, I am currently trying to mount a iSCSI Share to an LXC Container. If I try to mount the iSCSI Share directly to the LXC Container I get the following error message: "iscsiadm: read error (-1/104), daemon died? iscsiadm: iSCSI driver tcp is not loaded. Load the module then retry the...
  14. A

    Problems after upgrade to PVE 8.1.3

    Hi. After the upgrade to PVE 8.1.3 - 2 problems. 4 nodes in the cluster. The storage is Synology. 2 problems: 1. On all nodes, logs of the following type: iscsid[1363]: connection-1:0 cannot make a connection to fe80::211:32ff:fefe:dc69:3260 (-1,22) 2. Empty graphs for nodes. I rebooted all...
  15. S

    iSCSI and LVM issues after NAS IP change

    My Proxmox server (version 8.1.3) is hosting several virtual machines, the first of which is TrueNAS Scale. Three of the other machines use iSCSI from TrueNAS as block storage. I imported the three iSCSI block storages into Proxmox and built LVMs on top of each. Everything was running...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Problems installing 8.1 and iscsi/multipath on root filesystem on HPE BL660c blade with HPE 650FLB hba/nic

    Hello, I'm working on a poc to install proxmox on an HPE BL660c blade connected to an iSCSI san using be2iscsi based controller/nics. I have it mostly installed and working, though I've run into a problem with iscsi. I've been reading through the forums and googling for both proxmox and debian...
  17. M

    Network configuration for a new cluster

    Hi there. I have 3 nodes and I would like to set up a cluster, using a Dell M5024 SAN as a storage, accessibile via iSCSI. I know that this setup have drawbacks (no thin provisioning, no snapshots) but I already have the hardware, so I have to deal with it. Each server has: 8 10Gb ports 2...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] iSCSI + Discard + SSD emulation?

    I am currently migrating some VM disks from internal drives to multipath iSCSI. I am new to iSCSI and so am wondering about best practices for PVE VM disks hosted on there. By default I have all VMs set to Discard and SSD emulation, but I am now wondering if those settings make sense on iSCSI...
  19. C

    TrueNAS VM using Proxmox local disk (system) and remote iSCSI (data) from another TrueNAS?

    TL;DR: Can I have a TrueNAS SCALE server N1 sharing data over iSCSI with a Proxmox server P1 hosting a TrueNAS SCALE server N2 consuming said iSCSI drive? Hello, I have the following two working servers: N1: a TrueNAS SCALE (v23.10.0.1) server with nine 2TB HDD (in RAIDZ2 setup) and 64 GB of...
  20. Z

    Moving VM's storage to iSCSI: "can't allocate space in iscsi storage"

    Hello I want each separate LUN under my iSCSI target to serve as a raw storage for a single VM disk image. I have added iscsi storage making sure to check the "Use LUNs directly" option. What I can do: Create a VM with iSCSI LUN (whether empty or not) attached as its virtual disk Install an...


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