1. S

    Start VM on different nodes using iSCSI

    I have a Proxmox cluster with 6 nodes sharing an LVM on a single large iSCSI LUN. My intention is to be able to start up my VMs on any of the 6 nodes, given that there is enough resources available. Now I have a VM set up on node A, and I'm confused about how to move it to node B. 1. If I try...
  2. D

    Snapshots on NFS or iSCSI

    Hi, I have a shared storage based on a NetApp system which exports through NFS or iSCSI. I am not able to make snapshot backups for LXC containers on NFS storage, so I am looking for something better. I read on that even iSCSI does not support snapshot, but...
  3. D

    Proxmox 5.0, iSCSI and LVM clarifications

    I've been testing Proxmox 5.0 for the last few days, experimenting with a few of the machines I have. I have two Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 arrays in a Dell m1000e chassis with 9 physical blades also in the blade chassis. The PS-M4110 only supports iSCSI. Each of the blades has an onboard nic...
  4. D

    Storage Empty When Adding Drive

    Hello, I'm trying out Proxmox and I've attached a test machine to an iSCSI NAS. There are 62 LUNs. When I go to add a drive to a test virtual machine I click on storage and the "loading" animation is displayed but after a short amount of time it disappears and the storage box is empty. I don't...
  5. I

    Problems with SAN when writing large IOs - need to set max_sectors_kb

    Hello Proxmox Community! We've got a 6 node Proxmox cluster running the current version of proxmox 4.4. The disks of our VMs are located on one of our 2 multipathed iSCSI SANs. We got a new one this year and rebuilt our network with 10 GbE DAC Ethernet, a physically seperated 10 GbE LAN and...
  6. C

    Need help with iscsi

    Hello I have 50 vps installed in 40 micro servers (microblade with atom C2750 and 8G of RAM), the microblade is connected to an QNAP ES1640DC-V2 (dual controller with 4 SSD cache and 12 SAS Near-line 6T) for storage VMs. All servers have 2,5Gbs/ network interfaces and are connected to NAS with...
  7. Mystray

    Faulty storage connectivity and HA

    We are trying to build HA cluster with iSCSI storage over dedicated network interface. Looks like disconnecting storage network (in any way - physical fault or misconfiguration) doent lead to any reaction from PVE HA. For example, if node connection to iscsi storage failed, we got messages like...
  8. L

    Multipath configuration on Proxmox VE 4.4

    Hello, I am setting up Multipath on Proxmox 4.4 following an online guide. I have got to a point where I have logged in to my iscsi session and confimed that my SAN's virtual disks have mounted. I have created /etc/multipath.conf and entered the following: defaults {...
  9. H

    iSCSI LUNs

    I have used iSCSI targets with single LUNs previously without issue however I now have a taget with two LUNs yet I cannot see how to reference the LUNs individually. I can connect to the iSCSI target in pve yet only see one LUN listed.
  10. S

    Dell MD3600i iSCSI SAN (ZFS over iSCSI)

    Hello I'm reaching out to this community as I'm just starting out with Proxmox and could do with some advise. Does anyone have any experience of using a Dell MD3600i SAN with a Proxmox cluster? We are very early in the planning stage and we are trying to do the best possible setup with...
  11. stefws

    iSCSI LUNs or VM image LVMs slows grub during updating PVE

    Got a 4.4 production cluster attached to a multipathed iSCSI SAN from a HP MSA1040, divided the MSA into two disk groups A&B, then created 5+1 xiSCSI LUNs per MSA disk group and mapped those to PVs in four volume groups on each hypervisor node like this: vgXbck LUNs are mapped to nfs server...
  12. T

    iscsi: connect to existing lun

    I want to connect an existing iscsi lun to Proxmox. I added the iscsi target (successfully), but I couldn't access the data. Does anybody know how can add an existing luns into proxmox? (am I missing someting?) and where for is the option "Use LUNs directly"?
  13. L

    Backup over Network to NAS

    So I'm looking for a solution where ProxMox does its backups over the network to a FreeNAS box. Last week I had this running very well using NFS until Tuesday morning when FreeNAS went offline. To me if the NAS goes offline the backup should quit and get over it, but it didnt do that. Instead...
  14. S

    Adding ISCSII From GUI

    I believe I have done this before without a hitch. Other sources seem point to adding ISCSI LVM as well however, I am not able to add an LVM its asking me to select a Base Volume. What step did I forget to do?
  15. J

    Recommended storage system???

    I am about to configure a NAS that’s suppose to supply the storage for 3 virtualization servers. And I need some advise regarding which base-system to chose. The NAS has good processors, sufficiently RAM, good disks and 10G connections between the servers… So I am mostly looking for general...
  16. F

    ISCSI Multipath does not create mapper devices during boot

    i want to use my iscsi target as volumegroup using multipath i configured multipath and "systemctl status multipath-tools" says "active (running)" but will not create the /dev/mapper/ devices i "fixed" it by adding "systemctl restart open-iscsi.service" in the rc.local how can i be sure that...
  17. R

    best practise for ZFS over iSCSI? (FreeNAS)

    Hi, I guess ZFS over iSCSI would be better than just use iSCSI share + LVM on top of the iSCSI share, since it gives the benifit of easy snapshot and clone right? So I have a new installation of FreeNAS to provide iSCSI. Is it best to use a new zvol and device type extend or a new dataset...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Moving container between LVMs

    Hi All, Proxmox 4.2-18 Proxmox is attached to a SAN, which has a large LVM presented, and is in use for some containers. Co-worker created 20/30 new containers on local LVM (only 800GB) by accident, what is the correct way to move these to another storage? downtime is no issue as these...
  19. K

    Migrating from XenServer, use existing LVM over iSCSI

    Hello, I'm currently using Citrix XenServer 6.5 and considering switching to ProxMox (testing it with another physical server). I'm using a Synology NAS as the iSCSI server. XenServer created LVM over the raw iSCSI for the VM storage. I have cloned the iSCSI target/LUN on the Synology for the...
  20. M

    Installation on Datacenter

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, i work with proxmox on my servers from version 2.x and I think this software is very powerful. Actually I’ve 3 cluster with drbd (6 servers) and some stand alone installation for a total of 22 proxmox installed. I'm planning to install a Proxmox cluster...


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