zfs over iscsi huawei oceanstor

Discussion in 'Proxmox VE: Installation and configuration' started by txsastre, Mar 13, 2019.

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    hello everyone.

    I'm testing our new storare, an huawei oceanstor 2600 V3.

    just trying some combinations.

    just published a iSCSI LUN and connected to proxmox, it seems that is OK, but when trying to move VM from NFS to iSCSI it throws and error, if searched on the forum and it says that is normal and recommends to configure a ZFS over iSCSI... do you know if I can do this with this storage system ?

    I also can share block and file systems, which one is best for proxmox ?
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    Each of them has pro/con !

    For iscsi, a disconnection > 120s will be a big problem(you will lose any write data made ftom iscsi client). For NFS, is better because the client indefinitely retries operations.
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    * Which error-message do you get?
    * Do you have a LVM setup on top of the iSCSI-LUN?
    * please post your /etc/pve/storage.cfg

    ZFS over iSCSI relies on the target/storage to have a zpool and to be accessible via ssh (PVE uses ssh to connect to the target, creates a zvol for a Guest, exports it via the target-implementation's commands and uses the newly created zvol as LUN for a disk-backend). This does not work with a normal storage-appliance

    Downside of iSCSI: no snapshots (on NFS you can use qcow2 for snapshots)
    Downside of NFS: if a connections hangs your PVE-node will have the usual problems of a hanging NFS-mount (hanging processes, increasing load, some operations taking quite long)

    Please also check out our reference documentation, where those things are explained:
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