1. S

    Proxmox IO-Error - LVM-Thin full

    Hi, I am pretty new to proxmox. I have one VM and I am getting an i/o error probably because LVM Thin is full. This is how it looks like. I have one 64 GB disk and 48 GB allocated to the one VM. How do I increase data? root@pve:~# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on...
  2. M

    Proxmox 3 server HA with shared storage

    Hi, I recently came to know about Proxmox. I know that to build HA cluster I need 3 servers working together on min 10G network. My question is how Proxmox creates shared storage to perform VMs migration? What kind of storage I need(SSD,HDD)? I am planning to purchase and build 3 server...
  3. P

    How do you specify where VM image will be created?

    I'm a bit confused how do you specify where the VM image will be created - any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I've created an LVM RAID0 volume and mounted it at /media/RAID0POOL. Added this resource "Datacenter" -> "Storage". But when I try to create a VM I see no option to point...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] ZFS Storage wird mir nicht mehr angezeigt.

    Hallöchen alle zusammen Heute wollte ich an meinem Server ein wenig arbeiten, dabei ist mir aufgefallen das mein ZFS Pool nicht mehr erkannt wird, ich bräuchte echt Hilfe da da wichtige daten drauf sind.
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Can't delete volume from container because the volume's underlying storage no longer exists

    Proxmox VE 7.4-17 I temporarily attached an external USB disk to my Proxmox node and added it to DataCenter->Storage in the GUI. I then attached a VM disk on this storage to a container (disk name is usbRetro:105/vm-105-disk-0.raw) Stupidly I removed the storage entry, forgetting that I still...
  6. N

    Trying to add WD 2TB Elements portable drive - communications error

    I just bought a brand new WD 2TB Elements portable drive, connected using both USB3 and USB2 but the drive does not show under Disks, the drive works fine on my windows machine? I get communications error, could it be the type of USB3 connector with the newer WD drives? I can see my old...
  7. R

    move iso images and container template to another disk

    How to can I move them off the small local disk to a larger drive?
  8. S

    Mount point as a drive

    Hey all, noob here. I got proxmox installed on an Intel NUC, having (only) 2 HDDs setup as ZFS RAID 1. This setup is only for my homelab for media server, home-assistant, etc. I would like to allocate a dedicated space to be used for both SMB/NFS shares so various Containers, such as Plex will...
  9. K

    Proxmox cluster architecture choice

    Hello, My company wants to set up a proxmox infrastructure but we're hesitating between two choices (we can adjust the hardware configuration of each server). We want to have at least 5Tb of usable storage. Depending on the choice, we invest in a backup server (PBS or TrueNAS replication) a...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] local-lvm getting full.

    Hi, my local-lvm is almost full and I don't know what to do to fix this. I still don't fully understand what local-lvm is or how it works, compared to "local" (which is cleared with no issues). I tried fstrim on all my VMs and Containers. That only freed about 10 GB out of what's being used -...
  11. I

    ZFS-Local Deletion

    Hello, I do not want a zfs-local partition on my server so I deleted it from the gui by going to datacenter>Storage>and clicking remove. However I watched a networkchuck video where he did this with a lvm-local instead. He said that once it has been removed from the GUI you need to remove it...
  12. W

    First installation - storage best practice for OS, VMs and Data in one server

    Hi there- this is my first Proxmox install, so maybe one of you could give me some guidance or point me to a good resource concerning storage organisation. I researched it but did not come to a full conclusion yet: So I am about to get a decent server with at least 8x SAS/SATA in HBA mode (no...
  13. S

    iSCSI Settings on Proxmox with multipath

    Hello everyone, we have IBM 5200 Flashsystem storage with 2 Controllers, each controller have 2x 25Gbps connections this storage have 8 volumes so I have 8x wwids each wwid is represented 4 times on all 4 ports total of 32 devices under sdXX we created 8 volumes on proxmox connected to the...
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    Empty LVM storage shows as full in UI although it's empty

    I Installed PROXMOX on a new server, and after a few days, the storage on the UI started to show like it's full, although I haven't created any VMs or anything on it. This PVE is part of a cluster, and I am afraid that other nodes have somehow written to this disk. I have a few nodes, each one...
  15. D

    Storage does not allow other than disk image & container on ZFS pool?

    In the Datacentre settings, specifically Storage, it is impossible to select e.g. ISOs, templates, backups, etc. for a ZFS pool. Why? I understand that it is possibly a workaround to add a Dir being a ZFS dataset, but why not allowing selecting the actual pool? Does this have anything to do...
  16. E

    Storage/Disk creation appears empty

    Hello guys, i have a problem. I need to connect my PBS to a PVE. To do this I need to create a Pool Storage/Disk. However, when trying to create it, it doesn't give me the option to select the disk. Both in directory mode and ZFS mode. * PBS was installed as ZFS(RAID10) on installation setup *...
  17. T

    oVirt Replacement with Proxmox

    Hi Community, please note that we are planning to replace our oVirt setup with 7 hosts and 330 VMs. The VMs are located on iSCSI which is shared among the hosts. From the documentation it looks like that Proxmox is not capable of using iSCSI luns in a similar way like oVirt. Means features...
  18. S

    Proxmox Cluster mit VM's auf NFS Share

    Hallo zusammen Ich bin sehr neu im Thema Proxmox und wäre froh über eure Hilfe. Mein aktuelles Setup besteht aus einem Synology Nas DS1821+ mit ca. 100TB HDD Speicher im Raid (7 Festplatten aktuell). Dazu habe ich zwei Kleiner Server (i9/i7, 64GB Ram jeweils, 1TB SSD) auf welchen Proxmox...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted Volume Group. Need Help readding it

    Hello all, Dumb here! ;) Long story short, I have added a new SSD as a LVM, but I wanted to create a LVM-Thin instead. So, I migrated all my VM disks to another storage LVM, wiped the disk and created a LVM-Thin. After that, I migrated all my VMs back into the new SSD. Then, comes the GENIUS...
  20. P

    Moving virtual HDD only to another node?

    Hi everyone, I was adding another node to my cluster today (node 4), and during the process, node 1 decided to crash. This triggered the HA, and it began spinning the VM up on node 2. The HA migration failed, and the hard disk was never moved. On node 2, I see the VM and the config; and on node...


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