1. K

    Pci bus error security uncorrected

    Installation error. My system: Xeon e5 2667v4 atermiter x99 gtx1070ti I think this is possible due to the edited Bios. Is it possible to bypass this message during installation? And will this cause real errors to be ignored? I'll try installing it with standard BIOS one of these days.
  2. N

    New Installation

    Hello, I am starting newly to explore the proxmox. Could you please someone guide me in the right direction? Eg: Installation Configuration Network Configuration Storage configuration. I have installed Virtual Environment 8.1.4 in OnBoard USB flash Drive, is it good practice? I don't see...
  3. S

    New to Proxmox. Need suggestions

    Hi All. Am new to Proxmox and need suggestion on a proper setup. We have the following servers which we are planning to reuse. CPU No of CPUs Physical Cores/ CPU Total Physical Cores RAM RAID Controller HDD Quantity RAID Model Xeon E5 2690 @ 2.90 GHz 2 8 16 64 H710P Mini Samsung EVO 860...
  4. P

    How busy is the root disk of a Proxmox system, and which partitions are written to the most?

    Assuming a setup where there is a separate boot disk or disks, and then ZFS storage pools for the actual VMs to live on, how much traffic, on a general basis, and especially write traffic, should be going to the root disk of a Proxmox server? We have two large, multi-core hypervisors with over...
  5. H


    Hello Community, I just installed proxmox on a new server but infortunattly i can't see my SSD disk in the GUI, The result of lsblk : and in the GUI i don't see Storage2-apps and Storage3-bkp I have published this problem before but i don't find a solution yet Thanks you for support
  6. habitats-tech

    [TUTORIAL] If you are new to PVE, read this first; it might assist you with choices as you start your journey

    I have created this post with the hope it can assist newcomers, and not only, with decision making. This post uses acronyms and is a preamble to a full set of articles which are best viewed on my portal, as I provide full online glossary, links, graphics and easy to follow instructions. In any...
  7. C

    Proxmox instal error with Intel ARC A380

    Good day, Last several days I've been struggling to get proxmox installed. I chose the Intel arc a380 gpu for transcoding video streams, but so far it seems to be the problem. The error below seems to be the only consistent error that is coming up. I tried to find the solution on google but no...
  8. L

    Has anyone installed Proxmox on a Ryzen 4700S with the Cardinal kit?

    I didn't find the cardinal kit chipset virtualization specs I have a hob-lad and I found the kit price interesting Has anyone installed Proxmox on a Ryzen 4700S with the Cardinal kit
  9. N

    Proxmox7 supported raid controller

    Hi, Does anyone know if the latest Proxmox 7.2-1 supports PERC H330 controller. Thank you for your quick prompts. Cheers!
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Too high refresh frequency from the video card during the installation

    Hi, I'm facing a weird problem during the installation, at the stage where I haev to accept the terms and conditions (graphical environment) the graphic card issues a video frequency too high for my all monitors, on only one I can see a ndistoerted desktop whereas with others monitors I get...
  11. M

    Failed to boot on HP Z820

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to install Proxmox on a HP workstation Z820 for learning purposes. The installation completes successfully however, when the computer restarts I get the following message: Non-system disk or disk error. No bootable device found. I have attached a picture of what I...
  12. J

    UPS connected to Proxmox

    How can I connect my uninterruptible power supply to my Proxmox server, the UPS is already connected to my Pc with a power cord.
  13. C

    First time install. Can’t connect via web.

    First and foremost, I appreciate any help you may give and please go easy on me as I’m a newbie and and trying to setup a homelab to learn more. Well, I haven’t even logged in yet and I’ve found a problem I do not know how to fix. This is a clean install on a clean drive. When I power on the...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Update failing

    Hello, I was trying to update my installation of proxmox and now I am getting the following when I try to do an apt update && apt dist-upgrade. I have tried to do an apt clean along with apt reinstall proxmox-ve but I keep getting this error and it stops updating and now none of my VMs or...
  15. K

    v7 iso release 2 on hp z400 failed to install at ramdisk

    I wrote to the USB with Rufus using dd mode. I replaced quiet with nomodeset on the 'Linux line in grub I get the echoed output, then two flashes of the cursor in the top left corner, and the screen goes and remains blank (and have waited over 40 minutes) I have also attempted installing...
  16. H

    [SOLVED] one node cannot see other nodes in a cluster

    Hi, I got a problem. I have set up a five node cluster wIth the latest version (7.0-2) on each of the five nodes. The nodes can see each other at first. However, after about one hour, one node cannot see the other four nodes. Meanwhile, the other four nodes show very slow performance and...
  17. D

    ASUS J1800I-A - Proxmox will not install

    I got the following ITX motherboard ASUS J1800I-A ( ). I am able to install ubuntu desktop and windows fine. IF I use the same usb and try to install Proxmox it will not launch the klauncher for it and will just...
  18. D

    Export vm's to reinstall proxmox on same hardware

    I have a proxmox PVE running and want to back it up and install it on the same hardware but with a clean proxmox installation. I am planning on whipping everything of the current hardware. But I don’t want to lose my VM’s. The backup option on my VM’s doesn’t work because it can’t find the...
  19. K

    Installation of 6.4 fails on ZFS root

    Install process completes fine. After reboot, ZFS pools are missing and system is unable to boot. SuperMicro X7DBR-3, BIOS 2.1c Adaptec AIC-9410 (onboard) 2xSAS 74GB in JBOD Installing from ISO on USB (sdc). Tried with 6.3 and it fails the same way. Trying to install with ext4 at sda fails at...
  20. D

    Installation errors on Debian 10

    Hello, This subject was already treated but I do not understand well... I am under Debian 10, I tried to install Proxmox but I have several errors. I specify that I am new on Proxmox, I put you a screenshot of the problem. I thank you in advance, and for reading this post. I wish you a...


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