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    [SOLVED] Workaround to use qemu-user-agent without guest-fsfreeze ?

    Hi all, I think we're all aware of the the issue with the snapshot backup locking the guest FS with fsfreeze and not being able to thaw the FS, resulting in a completely locked VM. It's been discussed many times in and out of this forum. I don't know if there is any progress in fixing the very...
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    VM Guest: OS Type: FreeBSD

    Id like to suggest creation/addition of OS Type: FreeBSD. The only real setting I'm aware of, and my therefore make this irrelevant, is: FreeBSD supports UEFI. FreeBSD does NOT support Secure Boot. ...Yet. Suggestion being: Adding a selection item for OS Type = FreeBSD. This would set a...
  3. T

    Feature suggestions for PBS backup speedup.

    Hi, After some testing and feedback from proxmox staff, I would suggest: 1. reenable change of compression level during backup to PBS (now it's locked to ZSTD, but in the past it allowed uncompressed). At this point forcing compressions can make CPU bottleneck and also increase load on the node...
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    Allow admin to configure required votes for quorum OR out of quorum behaviour.

    Hi, It would be nice to allow admins of a cluster to define either: - a minimum votes required for a quorum (yes, admins might be aware of pitfalls and are prepared to deal with consequences) OR - define behaviour when quorum is not achieved - current "stop everything and just sit there" is a...
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    [Feature Suggestion] use monospace in server-view web ui

    I don't know if it's only me, but I sometimes wished that the server-view in in the proxmox web ui would be monospace. I mean that if some kind of naming convention is used it's still hard to find the servers, as their naming is not aligned very well. If it's not only me wondering if that would...
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    Feature Suggestion: AVX/AVX2 CPU flags

    We can change the CPU to host to use AVX, but live migration is difficult in this case. AVX is supported by most server CPUs. Like aes, it would be nice to be able to use AVX while using kvm64. Example) AVX is required from MongoDB version 5 or later.
  7. S

    Query/feature request Qemu args

    Thank you for all your work on Proxmox. It is my view a design/architecture requirement that each line within the VMID.conf should be shown somewhere within the GUI even if it is read only (vmgenid for example). This would help to ensure that all the settings can be checked by admin staff...
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    When run Clone option I like to say which of HD to include in the clone process or not
  9. M

    Feature Request: alter static ip on cloning templates

    I've setup a few templates and upon cloning there is no option to assign a new static IP address. Adding this feature in the clone window would be helpful. This way I can assign IP addresses as I'm cloning based on requirements and avoid network issues, rather than booting into a network with an...
  10. R

    Backup "window" feature?

    Hello, im not sure if this is the right place to post this. But im not sure where else to post this. I want to suggest a feature to the backup server, a feature used by IBM Spectrum Protect. What is it? It is a backup window, a time window defined by the user in which backups take place, the...
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    [SOLVED] Feature request - Checksum verification on ISO listing

    Hi When downloading an ISO you should always do a checksum verification to verify the authenticity of the image. It also helps detect any corruption. It'd be great if on the ISO listing under Storage, if there was an option or column containing checksums. I hope this idea helps Thanks
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    [Suggestion] Toggleable verbose mode when adding PCI devices

    Hi there, I'm loving Proxmox, hence this suggestion: to make it even more user-friendly! I just did a blunder: I added my USB controller (29:00.3) instead of my microphone jack (2a:00.3). This happened because I first looked up which was my Audio input by doing lspci -v | less, and then I went...
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    Feature Request: LXC USB Passthrough über LXC-Resourcen Übersicht

    Hey, ich weiß nicht, ob das der richtige Platz für einen solchen Post ist, bitte korrigiert mich, wenn ich falsch liege. Um es Nutzern einfacher (bzw. zuverlässiger) zu machen ein USB-Gerät in einen LXC-Container weiterzureichen, wäre es schön, wenn man wie bei VM's USB-Geräte über die WEB-GUI...
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    Pool.Audit Role

    I'm trying to create a read-only user to gather information from my Proxmox server via API, but an important information missing are Pools. I'm giving to this user only PVEAudit Role, but "api2/json/pools" returns empty. I've checked the source code and noticed Pools are only returned when the...
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    Cluster Name not exposed in any CLI command

    I know that the cluster name is hidden in corosync, but is there any pvecm-esque command that tells you the cluster name? If not, I feel like it should be displayed in the "pvecm status". There are a few times where I've needed the cluster name and had to go digging to find it again.


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