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  1. G

    VM to Template Conversion

    TLDR: "Convert to template" should become "Create template" I know this is a request feature of sorts - I hope its OK to post it here. I know that when you convert a VM to a Template, the VM is no longer runnable, since the VM itself has been converted to a Template & no longer exists. So in...
  2. M

    [Feature request] - Watchdog for standalone hosts - or workaround

    I'm on latest update and have a frozen hosts every few hours. My host is standalone and would appreciate when there would be an option to reboot automatically. Thread for such a problem It doesn't replace analysis but I had same issue with some changes a while back and it got solved by an...
  3. M

    Feature request: Don't delete volumes onm restore which were excluded from backup

    On my old proxmox instance i didn't use zfs but the directory storage (.vmdk / .qcow2 files). I used VMs on which i excluded drives from backup. When i restored a VM, the disk was then marked as unused but still available to remount on that VM (after doing a qm rescan). I also had trouble with...
  4. patefoniq

    Web UI feature requests

    Hi, I've created the ticket on Bugzilla, but I don't know if it will be processed. It's only a small feature: I also have another small request. Could you change the way of declaring the RAM for the VM, from MiB to GiB? No one is using megabytes for VMS' now, the standard is dozens of...
  5. B

    Feature Suggestion: Give the ability to put 'alpha' in VM ID field

    This would be an awesome help in being able to sort these items. Perhaps the ability to put a letter in this field. As examples: L100 - Linux VM L101 - Linux VM W100 - Windows VM W101 - Windows VM N100 - Network (like a firewall or ad-blocker) A100 - Application (like a NAS or something which...
  6. P

    [WISH] additional types for Who Object Mail Filter

    Trying to optimize security/spam protection a come across some ideas what would be useful to have in Who Object Mail Filter 1. Contacts (from ProXmox Stats) In normal world you usually trust the sender to whom you already send some email. For that would be useful to be able whitelist the or...
  7. P

    [WISH] Negation (NOT/EXCLUDE) of Object in Mail Filter

    Mail Filter in Proxmox Mail Gateway is powerful tool that have a lot of potential. I have been tuning Mail filter and I come across simple problem how to exclude some Object in the Filter. I am missing some parameter NOT/EXCLUDE when building Filter USE CASE Example: I want to remove dangerous...
  8. F

    Network try before committing, and better editing support

    Hello folks. I had some problems with my network, and I thought it would be awesome if I had two features, so I'm leaving a suggestion. - Make a trial configuration before making it permanent. I couldn't find anything related to this, but having something like a try button, that will apply the...
  9. J

    [Suggestion] PVE separate fileds for ram general ram usage and zfs pool ram usage

    Hi all, When using zfs pool for primary storage in pve, it uses nearly total ram for ARC service... I cant predict how much ram left for me, separating ram usage from services that relative to zfs and VM ram usages can solve this problem Thanks
  10. F

    [suggestion] Folders for VMS

    Hi, my suggestion is to have the possibility the create Folders, like on VMWare or even Active directory, to organize the VMS eg: proxmox-1/ ├─ development/ │ ├─ project-1/ │ │ ├─ vm1 │ │ ├─ vm2 ├─ production/ │ ├─ project-1/ │ │ ├─ vm1 instead of the current one: proxmox-1/ ├─...
  11. S

    IPv6-address on all interfaces

    Hi, I have a proxmox-machine with six NICs, each with its vmbr. I have set IPv4/6-addresses only on one vmbr because this is the managing vmbr. The other NICs/vmbrs are only for VMs with different networks. IPv4: Everything worked as expected - none of the other vmbrs got an ipv4-address...
  12. T

    Proxmox on Linux Desktop Distributions

    Hi there, didn't know where to ask this. But I am curious if it would be possible to make Proxmox features compatible on Desktop OSs. I am thinking of something like Docker, Virtualbox or Virt-Manager, which can run as a Hypervisor and on a Desktop. I think Developers would appreciate a Proxmox...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] Workaround to use qemu-user-agent without guest-fsfreeze ?

    Hi all, I think we're all aware of the the issue with the snapshot backup locking the guest FS with fsfreeze and not being able to thaw the FS, resulting in a completely locked VM. It's been discussed many times in and out of this forum. I don't know if there is any progress in fixing the very...
  14. S

    VM Guest: OS Type: FreeBSD

    Id like to suggest creation/addition of OS Type: FreeBSD. The only real setting I'm aware of, and my therefore make this irrelevant, is: FreeBSD supports UEFI. FreeBSD does NOT support Secure Boot. ...Yet. Suggestion being: Adding a selection item for OS Type = FreeBSD. This would set a...
  15. T

    Feature suggestions for PBS backup speedup.

    Hi, After some testing and feedback from proxmox staff, I would suggest: 1. reenable change of compression level during backup to PBS (now it's locked to ZSTD, but in the past it allowed uncompressed). At this point forcing compressions can make CPU bottleneck and also increase load on the node...
  16. T

    Allow admin to configure required votes for quorum OR out of quorum behaviour.

    Hi, It would be nice to allow admins of a cluster to define either: - a minimum votes required for a quorum (yes, admins might be aware of pitfalls and are prepared to deal with consequences) OR - define behaviour when quorum is not achieved - current "stop everything and just sit there" is a...
  17. G

    [Feature Suggestion] use monospace in server-view web ui

    I don't know if it's only me, but I sometimes wished that the server-view in in the proxmox web ui would be monospace. I mean that if some kind of naming convention is used it's still hard to find the servers, as their naming is not aligned very well. If it's not only me wondering if that would...
  18. J

    Feature Suggestion: AVX/AVX2 CPU flags

    We can change the CPU to host to use AVX, but live migration is difficult in this case. AVX is supported by most server CPUs. Like aes, it would be nice to be able to use AVX while using kvm64. Example) AVX is required from MongoDB version 5 or later.
  19. S

    Query/feature request Qemu args

    Thank you for all your work on Proxmox. It is my view a design/architecture requirement that each line within the VMID.conf should be shown somewhere within the GUI even if it is read only (vmgenid for example). This would help to ensure that all the settings can be checked by admin staff...
  20. V


    When run Clone option I like to say which of HD to include in the clone process or not


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