1. N

    Problems with L8200A (Asus Tuff X570 Plus Ethernet Adapter)

    After giving up on PROXMOX on my B450, I've decided to try it on my Asus Tuf X570, but after install there is NO CONNECTION from PROXMOX. Just for testing purposes, I've decided to install Debian 11 (net installer and Plasma DE) to make sure if this is a Debian issue, but it works fine. Also...
  2. L

    Connection Error problem

    Hello to everyone, I have a problem with my proxmox GUI connection. When I try to access inside the GUI I receive this message "Connection error - Sever offline?". I tried to restart my PC manually and nothing... I also tried to remove all browser history but nothing. How can I resolve this...
  3. M

    Can't connect to GUI on same network

    Hello, I have just installed proxmox on debian 11. This is a new headless installation. Situation: Can't access Typical culprits: /etc/network/interfaces mecheng@skynet:~$ cat /etc/network/interfaces # network interface settings; autogenerated # Please do NOT...
  4. P

    can't get ping to default gateway

    I'm trying to connect to my proxmox server(normal desktop pc) from my laptop and my proxmox server to the internet. They are connected via ethernet and a small hub( which works perfectly fine, I can ping from my laptop the default gateway). ip addr, ip route, ip neigh output: do you guys have...
  5. O

    cannot access server or web interface until pinged (only on windows)

    I'm running a Proxmox 7.1 server and I can't access the server in any way until I ping it. When I ping it I can access it for about 5 minutes and then I have to ping it again or it won't connect. However, on a macbook it works just fine. I can't figure out why.
  6. S

    Getting internet by relay

    I am a Linux novice and I am trying to have an internet connection on my Linux machine (Proxmox) by connecting it to a machine containing the internet (create a relay). I connected a Windows machine (where I have an internet connection) to a switch then I connected my Linux machine to the same...
  7. H

    Can't connect to web gui from windows

    Hi, I've experienced a problem connecting to web gui form windows 10/11. I'm using right ip to connect (https and 8006 port). It is fresh installation of proxmox on dell 7010sff. PVE machine is connected to router (netgear r6220) by wire. It is strange because i can connect from android phone in...
  8. Q

    Block LAN connection/traffic on VM

    Hello, I would like to Host a Server for a friend but I don't want him to be able to have access on any local device/traffic. My first idea was to just block it via firewall the IP's. Is it best practice? How would you do it? Is there any documentation/tutorial to follow? Best Regards Quappi
  9. T

    Proxmox with zimbra mail server

    I just installed PMG and I went through the bowser with my PMG ip address there i add relay ip address and domain name I didn't get any changes in my mail gateway do I need to configure in my zimbra also like relaying my zimbra to PMG ?? how to relay the zimbra mail server to PMG, What is the...
  10. A

    [Feature Request] Simultaneous connections while creating and restoring backups

    Hello, I have 1Gbps connection at my home, yet the backup speed goes down up to 8 mbps highly because of my ISP's intercontinental connection protocols or settings. When I create local tar.gz dumps, then download them simultaneously using aria2c with 16 connections per file, I am able to get...
  11. F

    No 2.5GbE connection on Intel NUC 11 pro

    Hello all, I just bought an Intel NUC 11 Pro and wanted to run some VMs on it via proxmox. First, the installation did not work and aborted with an error. Now I tried the new version with the 5.11 kernel and the installation goes through cleanly and everything works. Unfortunately the network...
  12. C

    [SOLVED] No network connection after adding pcie tuner card

    Hello, I have just received a Hauppage WinTV quad tuner to use with plex and when I try to connect it to my server, physically, I lose networking. I cannot even ping my router, it just returns destination host unreachable. Motherboard: ASUS H110M-R I guess that it is somehow recognising the...
  13. S

    How to connect to wifi after installation without any other source of internet?

    Hi, I am very new to proxmox. My PC's Ethernet is broken so i have to use WiFi. i am using a TP-link T2UH. I have installed proxmox. i can see the interface on "ip a". Please give me some light. Edit:- Since there is no internet i cant get "iw" tools as well.
  14. I

    Ubuntu 18.04.4 VMs losing ssh keys, very unstable.

    First time using Proxmox, have 10 VMs with Ubuntu 18.04, first one created and others cloned across 3 servers (3 VM on each server, and 1 extra one as main access to control the others for ansible, ssh, etc...). Right after, install, everything worked great, after updating Ubuntu apt/apt-get...
  15. S

    MacBook Pro 2017 - ethernet connection via USB-C Hub

    Hi, I am pretty new, I have a problem connect to my running server on after installation Proxmox on MacBook Pro 2017. My laptop have only USB-C connectors, so I am using a LMP USB Hub (LMP USB-C mini Dock HDMI 3x USB 3.0, Ethernet, SD/MicroSD) with ethernet connector. This...
  16. W

    Internet Access over all VM

    I might be a Proxmox Newbie which I'm learning more about every day. I've purchased a server with couple of IP addresses then installed Proxmox 5 and started using it. When I create a new VM by default it has no internet so when I finish the setup I enter the VM and set a dedicated IP manually...
  17. A

    SPICE and VPN - one ip able to connect others not...

    Hi, I set up a road warrior L2TP/IPSec VPN on a PFSense firewall and i have 2 users with static IP. Let's say and in an network an L2TP server located at No issues with that, i followed the PFSense howto. I connect using the Microsoft Windows...
  18. K

    Cant connect to web interface. PVEPROXY error

    hello guys. I have a proxmox 5.x installed on top of Debian 9, local. I followed the official guide for installing proxmox in debian 9 , but i cant connect to the web interface. ======================================================================== 1. I "nmap [ip address] -p 8006" : Host is...
  19. T

    LDAP Konfig für Active Directory

    Hallo, ich habe ein neues Thema. :) Ich habe probiert nach der Anleitung die es im Netz gibt, das Proxmox Gateway in meine AD einzubinden. Leider bekomme ich immer wieder die gleich Fehlermeldung. add LDAP profile failed: 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C09042A, comment: AcceptSecurityContext error...
  20. R

    Connection not working [Hetzner]

    I have a dedicated server from Hetzner with proxmox 4, my main server Ip is and I have an additional ip ( I want to use this additional ip on a windows VM, use this ip to connect to my windows VM through RDP etc My network device configuration is...


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