1. H

    Give Proxmox access via one of its VMs

    Hello, i bought an x86 appliance that have 6 x 2.5 Gb NIC my plan is to virtualize OPNSense as Router and other services ( like HA ) I've installed proxmox and OPNSense with the current configuration NIC0 : Static ip ( used for access proxmox in case of failure ) -> NIC1: OPNSense...
  2. H

    Network Configuration Advice

    Physical Hardware: 3 nodes with same Hardware 1 -1GB nic 2 - 2.5GB nic 1 - 10GB nic Network hardware: 1 - 8 port 10GBe switch 1 - 24 port 1GBe switch 1 - 8 port 1GBe Switch All LACP LAG capable I am trying to figure out what would be the best configuration for a clustered, HA, and CEPH...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Good day

    I've just recently installed proxmox on my ancient laptop, installation was bumpy as i couldnt click on anything though i used tab and space bar technique, installation went smoothly up until then, set up my stuff(im brand new to this so i might not have a clue on what im doing) ive watched some...
  4. S

    Help with Choosing Hardware

    Hi Everyone, I am currently wanting to build a mini home lab server using Proxmox and I am needing some help as I am fairly New to proxmox. The Current specs I am thinking of using are the following: Specs CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x (No integrated graphics) Ram: 16GB DDR4 Motherboard: ASUS B350 F...
  5. V

    [SOLVED] Easiest GPU for PCIe passthrough

    Hello all, if the title seems something like a newbie would ask, it's because it is... I'm in need to add a graphics card to my ProxMox 7.2-11 installation, so I can pass it to a Windows 10 VM. It doesn't need to be anything special, I simply need OpenGL support for a few programs running under...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Advice for new Home Lab installation with old pc

    I am a complete newbie to home labs and this advice is really just for anyone who is/might be in my recent position. I like to consider myself a technologically able person. I am a Comp Sci student, have done networking IT stuff in the past. I thought to myself "How hard could it be to really...
  7. S

    where best is, PBS on VM or Bare-metal Server ?

    i want to install PBS should i install on VM or Bare-Metal need your experience advice ?
  8. F

    Configure Dual SFP+ PCI Card with Proxmox - Intel X520-DA2

    Hi all, I've actually had this card installed since the offset but not had it connected or the setup. I would like to get it set up now and I have connected both fibre links to my switch. In PVE I have a total of 4 physical interfaces showing which would be correct given that the motherboard...
  9. F

    PCIe Passthrough ID Changes - Breaks Passthrough to VM

    Hi all, I am using PCIe passthrough to pass a SAS HBA through to a VM. I did this using the web interface in the hardware section for the VM. Everything was working fine until the other day when I had to power down the server. After it booted back up, the VM in question would no longer start...
  10. F

    Zpool Errors - Help Please

    Hi all, Not off to a great start. I've had my PVE up for a couple of weeks now from a fresh install and setup. I am already showing zpool errors.:( I have a striped mirror zpool using 4x Samsung M.2 NVMe drives. All were purchased brand new a matter of weeks ago. I configured them into a...
  11. F

    ISO Storage on ZFS??? Possible?

    Hi all, I have a new Proxmox installation that I have setup. I have 2x 128GB Supermicro SATA DOM's that I used for the installation. My plan was to partition them each with a 60GB and 50GB partition. Install Proxmox on two 60GB partitions as a mirror for redundancy. Then with the two 50GB...
  12. F

    Root User

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and Proxmox and looking for some advice. In general, what are people doing with the root user on the system? Generally, I would always create a new sudo user and then disable root login but I have read on a couple of Reddit forums that this can cause problems...
  13. N

    Advice needed : Very large machine

    Hello, I'm seeking advice on my personnal cloud machine. It's a VMS hosting 10 Docker containers, problem is: it's around 300GB of data ! My Proxmox has only 1TB of local storage space and I think I have 200GB left on my Proxmox Backup Server. Can someone help me figure out how I can...
  14. Z

    Suggest a DNS Server and which better at server side (virtual) or networking side (device)

    Hello, For experts... I was wondering which best choose for DNS Server to install and where (virtual server or at network device) and does proxmox had such service? Best Regards
  15. N

    Advice in filesystem and RAIDz1

    Hi all! After couple of years using QNAP Virtualization solutions I'm jumping on self assembled server with Proxmox. My server hardware is: - Ryzen 2700 - 32GB RAM (soon expanded to 64) - Intel 1000/PRO 4 port Server Adapter - 3x1TB HDD Toshiba - 2x250GB SSD Patriot Burst I want to make SSD on...
  16. P

    Input on final storage for a new proxmox user

    Hello! I finally decided to undertake a complete overhaul of my hodgepodge home network centered around an aging readynas and its backups. The separate pfsense box build is up and running and I am ready to finalize the star of the new show, the proxmox hypervisor, with the exception of the...
  17. X

    Proxmox configuration question for 2 NVME Machines

    Hello! I would like to ask for some advice here what type of installation and configuration setup do you guys recommend for this 2 systems: 1. System 2xE5-2670V2 64GB RAM 1x1TB NVME SSD and 1x128GB SATA SSD for Proxmox 2. System 2xE5-2696V2 128GB RAM 2x1TB NVME SSD and 1x128GB SATA SSD for...
  18. W

    Advice requested on storage setup.

    Hi All Environment - Homelab - not production. Single host, Supermicro X10SDV-8C+ (8C, 16T), 64GB. 1x NVMe SSD - 256GB 1x Samsung SSD - 1TB 4x WD Red - 2TB (total 8TB raw) (I also have a Synology NAS which I use for backup / archive and all media) I use a variety of containers / KVM guests...
  19. C

    Configuration Advice for Proxmox Newbie

    Hi Proxmox pros...I was hoping some SMEs could give me a hand on some advice on my new Proxmox implementation. I was a former Freenas user, but I felt like it was limiting in key areas that are important to me (i.e. VM hosting and native Plex support). Hardware Dell Precision T7500 CPU: Dual...
  20. J

    New configuration help

    Hello, total noob here and still i'm doing some research before going out to buy a new pc that is going to be using proxmox for: A VM Windows 7 or 8 + SQL server with a 50GB database and 2 simultaneous users max. & A Ubuntu VM for OpenVPN and Samba. or 2 Containers for TurnKey OpenVPN and...


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