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    [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted Volume Group. Need Help readding it

    Hello all, Dumb here! ;) Long story short, I have added a new SSD as a LVM, but I wanted to create a LVM-Thin instead. So, I migrated all my VM disks to another storage LVM, wiped the disk and created a LVM-Thin. After that, I migrated all my VMs back into the new SSD. Then, comes the GENIUS...
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    Volume group "pve" not found

    I have been using proxmox to host a home server setup for the last few months. In January I upgraded the RAM in the PC running proxmox. This caused Secure Boot to panic a bit (whoops), but after disabling Secure Boot the hardware seems fine. However, proxmox now refuses to boot but instead...
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    VGs can be seen in CLI but not in GUI?

    Hi There, Does anyone knows how to fix this, i created a VGS via CLI but can't see it in GUI? root@giant:/# vgs VG #PV #LV #SN Attr VSize VFree ThickWorld 2 0 0 wz--n- 5.00t 5.00t <----------------------------------not showing in GUI???? ThinWorld 1 3 0...
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    Migrating from KVM to Proxmox - "VolGroup00 not found" and kernel panic

    Hi everyone. I'm new in the forum and very low experienced in VMs in general. I am trying to migrate an operational virtual machine running an old release of Centos (kernel 2.6.9-89 EL) in a KVM environment, to Proxmox. I took the .img file from the source server, copied in proxmox and imported...
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    best way to add different sized disks with 9305-16i hba to proxmox? disks not showing in vg

    Hey all, I played around with proxmox a bit and originally had my 6 disks which range from 1tb to 2tb to 10tb directly connected to the motherboards sata ports, and I was able to create vg's with said disks, in the gui it says " vgcreate sda /dev/sda error: Run `vgcreate --help' for more...
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    [SOLVED] Can't create lvm volume group

    Hello, I have installed a new node, i have 4 x 1,92TB SSD in hardware RAID10.. i will create now a new LVM Volume group in Proxmox. but get the follow error: command '/sbin/pvs --separator : --noheadings --units k --unbuffered --nosuffix --options pv_name,pv_size,vg_name,pv_uuid /dev/sdb'...
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    [SOLVED] Removing old Storage from GUI

    Hey guys! I'm still getting used to Proxmox, but so far it's been amazing! Since I'm still getting hands-on learning about the product, naturally I've been playing around with storage configurations. I've created some lvm/lvm-thin volume groups, but they were temporary, and I now wish to...
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    No such volume group after clustering 2 servers.

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm new to Proxmox and the QEMU virtualization software, so please excuse anything that may seem a bit stupid lol, I've recently clustered my 2 servers for easy management, the host node, aka the owner of the cluster is having issues when it comes to creating virtual...
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    Increase lvm thin what about metadata.

    Hi ! Proxmox is great and i'm pretty new with this mix of technologies. LVM is extremely powerful and i need to deal with it to increase , wisely , a thin pool without breaking anything. Here is the situation. I plan to enlarge a partition by 2TB. I need to increase the thin pool used by...
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    [SOLVED] Storage status unknown

    I have 2 identical servers that I have install promox on. After fresh install of proxmox, I created the local storage on each server and then proceeded to join the hosts to a single cluster. However, I noticed that the volume group that I created on "maryland" shows the wrong label and has a...
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    [SOLVED] Volume Group not activated after the node reboot

    Hello! I experience a weird issue on Proxmox 6.1. I've added a storage as LVM-thin. The container storage was created on this storage. After the machine is rebooted, the storage showed as 0% usage and the container would not launch. After debugging this issue for quite some time I've noticed...
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    LVM Partition's emty using iSCSI

    Hi Everyone, I have a serious problem, we installed a SAN for 3 nodes FUJITSU 2540 and 1 Stocking Harbor, I created 2 LVMs partitions on Stocking (SAN_VM for VMs and SAN_BACKUP for BACKUP), all Disks of VMs are stored on SAN_VM. today, after a power failure, I restarted the elements of our SAN...
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    Issue with incorrect cfs lock

    Hi everyone, I've been exploring Proxmox for the first time over the last 2 weeks. Overall looks a very promising but I have to be honest, I hate the storage management with a passion, what a mess. I want to deploy a Linux Container on top of a iSCSI disk, never used Linux Containers so don't...
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    [SOLVED] VG-PV from VM visible on PVE / Volume Communication Failure

    Hello, Following the creation of two VM (263 and 264) and the addition of disk, these two disks are now as PV and VG on the nodes: This has been a problem loading volumes on PVE and migrate disk: But VM working Here are the commands launched on the VM to integrate the disks: 220...
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    Replaced HDD - Resize VG

    Hello, my server is using a raid1 with 2 x 2 TB HDDs. Originally, proxmox was installed on 2 x 320G HDDs with raid1, but one HDD crashed and i have replaced both hdds with 2 x 2 TB hdds (i have cloned the date with dd). The system is up and running since more than a year but now i have a...
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    vgreduce PVE

    Hello, I'm using Proxmox 5.1 and I want to remove /dev/sdc1 from VG pve to assign it to a other VG. PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree /dev/sda3 pve lvm2 a-- 3.64t 15.77g /dev/sdc1 pve lvm2 a-- 1.23t 0 when I try a 'vgreduce pve /dev/sdc1' the answer is ' Physical volume...
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    [SOLVED] Renaming of VG and LV

    Hi, yesterday I renamed a VG and a corresponding LV. While doing so I did not think about the linked VMs which are having their disks lying on the LV. Now they woun't boot up with the following message: kvm: -drive...
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    Volume not showing up

    I have a cluster setup with two server. On the second server I setup only the root / swap storage is showing up in the web UI: But from the command line the box sees the data partition. lvscan ACTIVE '/dev/pve/swap' [8.00 GiB] inherit ACTIVE '/dev/pve/root' [96.00...


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