1. zpool trim in Proxmox 6.1

    Am I correct in assuming that I will need to create a cron job to run "zpool trim" on, e.g., a weekly basis? Because the "autotrim" property doesn't appear to be set on zpools by default (neither "zfs get all" nor "zdb" show it), and I couldn't find any existing cronjob or timer that runs "zfs...
  2. aPollO

    TRIM in Windows 7 Gästen

    Guten Tag Zusammen, ich habe vor kurzem die Einstellung bei allen meinen Windows Gästen geändert. Jetzt laufen alle mit SCSI Controller VirtIO SCSI und die Festplatten logischerweise an scsi0 mit der Option discard.Auf allen VMs sind die aktuellen Spice-Tools mit dem Qemu Agent installiert...

    I have read all posts marked with trim but am still a little confused. Currently I have two PE nodes. Both have PE installed to an SSD. One has two further SSDs for VM disk images (using LVM-thin, discard always on); the other has HDDs which are passed through directly to the respective VMs...
  4. trim or discard mapped size disk from within the host machine

    About returning unused space (trim or discard mapped size disk) I know about use `fstrim` command in guest vm. But I can not login to the guest customers! Now, my question is, is there any way to do this from within the host machine (main proxmox server)?
  5. PVE Installer 5.0 - possible to install on disk partition only (not whole disk on zfs)

    Would it be possible to take an entire disk (256GB SSD) and break it down into smaller partitions, then install rpool on a fragment of the disk only? Right now the installer for PVE 5.0 beta2 when selecting zfs raid1 from the menu it shows entire disk /dev/sda, any possibility to have the...
  6. LXC mount options / trim

    Hey. is it possible to add a mount option like discard to an LXC RAW storage? If not, is it save to use something like that to trim runnings VMs from the Host-Os: fstrim /proc/<PID of LXC init process>/root Thanks for your help!
  7. Trim virtual drives

    Hey everyone ! We were moving disks from a storage to another and noticed that when they arrive on the new storage, the thin provisioning expanded to full space. Before, when we had a few VMs, we could use the old method to empty the disks (using dd to fill the disk with zeros and deleting...
  8. TRIM Host, CT & Windows VMs

    After reading many posts I am still unclear on the best use of Trim with SSDs. I have two RAID1 SSDs on a Perc H730 controller which supports trim: Currently my server boots with...
  9. ZFS with SSDs: Am I asking for a headache in the near future?

    Hey there. I've built a new proxmox 4 machine for the small business I work at, which will mostly be running a postgres database and a few web hosts in LXC, in addition to some windows kvm test environments, upgrading from an old Core 2 Quad system running PVE3.4 I'm using a pair of Samsung...


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