1. C

    [SOLVED] Email notifications (smtp) in PBS

    I recently installed PBS 3.1 and I'm trying to get email notifications working for sync, verification, etc. Backup notifications from PVE are working just fine. This only relates to PBS. I have selected my "notify user" with a valid corporate email address and I have chosen "Always" for all...
  2. X

    [SOLVED] use smtp to send ALL notifications

    Hello, I added an SMTP "Notification Target" from the notification screen it works fine (tested and mail received). I disabled the "mail-to-root" target as I wanted to use the SMTP target for all notifications. I also updated the notification matcher to use the SMTP target instead of the...
  3. I

    SMTP Notifications configuration for self-signed

    Hello, I want to configure my SMTP server to receive mail from my PVE cluster. But, when I try to test my configuration, I got this return: Could not test target: could not notify via endpoint(s): mail_endpoint: Connection error: error:0A000086:SSL...
  4. E

    Cron not sending emails

    The box (PVE1) was installed on top of Debian and recently upgraded to 8.1. Tried (unsuccessfully) setting up postfix after upgrading before learning about the new SMTP notifications system, which was set up successfully and backup jobs send emails as expected. However, cron jobs are not sending...
  5. R

    Proxmox server now is able to email by-default?

    Hey, I used to configure my proxmox server for sending emails using my own smtp server. I did that by following the steps written down in this thread. Now recently I have installed a fresh version of proxmox (latest version) and it seems like it is able to send emails out-of-the-box, right? How...
  6. L

    Mail Delivery System report

    Hello. I need help with the "Mail Delivery System". How can I disable the alert that returns to a sender if the destination address does not exist or any different problem? Thank you Aleksei
  7. L

    How to use Proxmox Mail Gateway as an outgoing SMTP service.

    Hello all. I am looking if I can use the Proxmox Mail Gateway as an outgoing SMTP service. I have a local network and several servers in different clouds. I have several domains, and I need to send all emails to anyone, but from one relay. BR
  8. D

    Different SMTP/TLS Auth to same destination server based on sender address?

    We want to implement a mail gateway that is forwarding email to a specific mail host based on the MX record. However, the login credentials should be different (for that same mail host) based on the sender address. The email is sent from an application server via SMTP to the local Proxmox Mail...
  9. A

    cant fine the SMTP configration

    Hi all , Im new on proxmox ve , and i need your help with finding and changing proxmox smtp configuration file . Apr 16 00:32:25 pve-03 postfix/smtp[2617455]: connect to[]:25: Connection timed out what i need to do is to find where is...
  10. G

    Proxmox Mail Gateway. SMTP Server.

    Hi, I wanted to ask, I have a website that requires an SMTP server to send emails, what does Proxmox Email Gateway do exactly? Does it connect to an SMTP server or create it? I'm a bit confused
  11. F

    [SOLVED] Outgoing email IP (SMTP at pmg) different from incoming mail IP (public IP at haproxy) - fail of ptr test

    In our setup the email outgoing IP (the Pmg, latest version) is different from the incoming mail IP (which is haproxy, that then has the Pmg as backend). I guess it is not an issue to have two different IPs since so many email server work this way, but we see our outgoing mail failing the...
  12. P

    451 4.3.0 Error: Queue File Write Error

    I am extremely perplexed by these error notifications I am receiving from my Mailgateway. This email address (supplier@mail.domain.tld), which does not exist, is involved somehow and I am confused where it is coming from, and why I keep finding it in all domains outgoing and incoming email...
  13. S

    Teilweise Connection refused beim Mail versand an PMG

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe hier das Problem das 2-3 meiner Linux Server Mails zeitweise keine Verbindung zum Proxmox Mail Gateway bekommen um Mails zu verschicken. Beispiel, Postfix auf dem Linux Server versucht um 08:45 Uhr eine Mail zu verschicken und bekommt vom Proxmox Mail Gateway ein...
  14. G

    Stupid questions

    Hi everyone! Two stupid questions. 1. Can I set different smtp helo name and smtp banner for each email domain filtered by PMG? 2. Can PMG send a Delivery Status Notification (DSN) message? TIA, Gabriel
  15. A

    Postfix unknown connections

    Hi all, Having a few possibly concerning logs on my host, I appear to be getting some random connections made to Postfix. I currently have it set up to "Internet" as I have an SMTP server elsewhere Jul 30 17:10:27 prmx0 postfix/smtpd[4336]: connect from unknown[] Jul 30 17:10:28...
  16. A

    Backup Notifications - Email SMTP / STARTTLS

    Hi all, I have having a few issues with sending emails to a syslog email address I have created. I am getting an Undeliverable email bounceback due to auth being needed. Recipient address rejected: SMTP AUTH is required for users under this sender domain Is there any...
  17. B

    PMG smtp behind nginx stream

    Dear community! I am currently trying to install Proxmox Mail Gateway behind a load balancer. This is because I have limited availability of public IP addresses and want to combine things. Loadbalancer Public IP (example) Loadbalancer internal IP: PMG: I am using...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Configure proxmox to use (external) smtp server

    [EDIT] SOLVED, BY USING THIS FANTASTIC POST: Hey all, new to proxmox, so please forgive me my basic questions. I use proxmox on my home-server, so no professional use here. I have one thing left to...
  19. W

    Suggestion - Possibility to provide SMTP credentials during installation or in the WebUI

    Hi everyone, Longtime PVE user here! I have used Proxmox since mid 2013 for private use, and just recently deployed a couple of Enterprise ones at various companies. I realized that it would be very neat if I during installation or in the WebUI could provide SMTP credentials (SMTP-host...
  20. C

    Cannot Change Outbound External Port from 25 to 587

    Hello, I am running into some issues sending mail and was hoping someone may be able to assist. From what I can tell PMG is sending mail externally exclusively on port 25. I am trying to change it to 587 as my ISP blocks port 25. I have attached an image for your reference. Any assistance would...


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