1. M

    45Drives HL15 for PBR

    Has anyone tried using the 45 drives HL15 for their PBR server? I'm at a point where my pbr, running as a vm on my pve server, with nested storage isn't going to work long term or be very dependable long term, in fact it's already crashed twice and I lost my data. The first time I lost my...
  2. F

    CEPH vs RAID

    Hello, I would like to ask you a few questions about CEPH. Currently, I'm working on critical infrastructure for my client, and I'm planning to use servers with hardware RAID. My first question is whether I should opt for CEPH or classic RAID on these servers? The second question is whether it's...
  3. R

    Proxmox startup error

    Hi, after turning off the server, when I start it gives me the error that I attach in the photo, the server has two disks, one 500 GB for the operating system and one 2 TB for the VM, does anyone know how to resolve it?
  4. R

    Bond0 ProxMox slow internet speed

    hi, I installed two Mellox network cards of 10 gbit each, but when I make the bond with the two network cards the maximum speed is 9 gbit, always the same dedicated if I install windows and configure lcap the connection speed is 20 gbit, so the cards work correctly, how do I solve the problem on...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] Network configuration on a Cisco UCS Blade

    Hello everyone, We would like to use Proxmox on a Cisco UCS B200 M-Series Blade. We've already installed the latest Proxmox version on the Host. From the network side on the switch we've configured two LACPs which has 4 ports each. With the VLANs 9 for management and 201, 4092 for data. This...
  6. P


  7. A

    Hilfe benötigt - Proxmox-Server nach SSD-Umzug ohne Internetverbindung

    Hallo Community, ich stehe vor einem Problem und hoffe auf eure Unterstützung. Ich habe kürzlich eine SSD in meinen Laptop eingebaut, auf der ein Proxmox-Server installiert war. Alles funktionierte einwandfrei, bis ich die SSD in einen anderen PC eingebaut habe. Seitdem habe ich keine...
  8. M

    Proxmox dies when i try to install win11

    Guys, please help me. When I try to install windows11 on my proxmox which is on virtualbox, I wait couple minutes when it says installing some components and when the installation is done my vm freezes and server crash. I tried bunch of different iso images but none of them work correctly. Does...
  9. T

    Script that communicates with Server

    Hey im pretty new to Proxmox and i got a Excercise from my trainer to build up a connection between out Company-Notebook and our new Server. The script should check all Versions of the open source software we use. Then it pulls the current Version thats established in the server, compares it and...
  10. M

    How many network cards do I need to build 3-server HA system?

    I learned that we need one Internal IP for HA data transfer and one for public use IP. I am not sure how it works Please suggest. Do we need two network cards per server? (Dual Port 10GbE for HA and Dual Port 1GbE for other use)
  11. J

    Kompatibilität Dell Server

    Hallo Forum, Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer unterstützten Hardware für einen PVE. Jetzt habe ich ein Angebot erhalten für einen PowerEdge R350 Server 210-BBRU. Wisst ihr, ob der von der Hardware her geeignet ist für Proxmox? Ich möchte bei diesem kein Hardware RAID verwenden, sondern aus 4...
  12. M

    USV für Server

    Hallo zusammen! Ich habe als Server einen HP Z420 mit 3 SSDs und 5HDDs laufen. Nun überlege ich eine USV zu installieren. Welche könnt ihr da empfehlen und wie kann die in Proxmox eingebunden werden?
  13. R

    NUC12WSKi3 for proxmox

    Hey, I need a bit of advice here for my home server. Currently I'm running Proxmox on a 2014 PC with a Intel Pentium G3240 on a Asrock B85M PRO4 mainboard. This does the job fine, but I want something new. Also, the hardware is almost 10 years old now, so it's time for something new. I found the...
  14. CarstenMartens

    Server mit AMD Ryzen 9 3900

    Guten Morgen, ich plane einen Upgrade unserer Infrastruktur. Ich habe da die Hetzner Server mit der CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900 und 128 GB RAM ins Auge gefasst. Als VM sind 2 Windows Server 2022 und 4 Linux Cent OS 9 geplant, auf alle sollen HCL Notes Server laufen. Hat jemand Erfahrung mit den...
  15. B

    [SOLVED] x11 forwarding via ssh

    Hey, i have a problem on my pve host. After migrating several physical servers to the new pve server he is now the only physical server left so its my only way of connecting my ups. Installing my ups software is easy enough via command line, but the documentation is so spotty, that i cant for...
  16. B

    Feedback für Serverplanung benötigt

    Hallo zusammen, ich plane einen neuen Proxmox-Server zu bauen und wollte euch bitten einen Blick auf die Teile zu werfen, um eventuelle Fehler / Unachtsamkeiten meinerseits auszuschließen. Zuerst zum Verwendungszweck: Virtualisiert wird eigentlich nur Standard Home-User Zeug - ein paar Linux...
  17. S

    PVE server not able to connect to network.

    Hi, I have PVE 7.4-3 version installed and has couple of nodes running. Both the nodes I've installed run fine and connect. I'm also able to access Proxmox web GUI with ip:8006. But my server when I try to ping for example ( or try apt update or install says things like "Failed to...
  18. M


    Hi all, Have the backup server working, but one thing which seems odd, the amount of memory it's using while there is no running tasks. the server has 32gb in total and it's using 16.82gb. It seems high to me with no jobs running. Rebooted and memory was around 1-2Gb (would need to reboot...
  19. I

    [CRITICAL] | Installation Issue: Flashing Screen after First Step

    Hello, So i tried to install Proxmox nativly. After it entered the Proxmox installation Screen i had the option to select Proxmox VE and Advanced options. I selected Proxmox VE. The the Bad things started to happen. First it drew an purple line across the screen, then as the time went by the...
  20. L

    Connection Error problem

    Hello to everyone, I have a problem with my proxmox GUI connection. When I try to access inside the GUI I receive this message "Connection error - Sever offline?". I tried to restart my PC manually and nothing... I also tried to remove all browser history but nothing. How can I resolve this...


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