1. Recovery of VM fails due to exceeding size of thin pool pve/data

    Hello I cannot recover some VMs from PBS to Proxmox PE VM has couple of GBs, for example 64GB, my pve/data has 1,6TB free space. But recovery job is stopped for example after 24% and it ends with following error. It looks like PE think the VM is 7,5TB big and then of course. It can not fit to...
  2. powersupport

    Getting error when running backup qmp command 'query-proxmox-support' failed

    When I run backup in proxmox getting error below Getting error when running backup qmp command 'query-proxmox-support' failed I couldn't find a resolution to this problem, can anyone advice? Thank you.
  3. PBS: large amount of host files (ZFS backend, CIFS mounted)

    Hello! I'm trying to use PBS to backup my host files, but there is something that I can't understand. Let me explain... On my ZFS pools, I have a dataset with 3TB of media files. This dataset is mounted in a Debian VM through CIFS. I wrote a script to backup this "folder" to PBS using...
  4. Traffic limit isn't working properly

    Hey, we have a problem with our PBS setup regarding the traffic limitations. We run PBS 2.3.2 and PVE 7.3.4 with Ceph 16.2.9 as storage backend. We have configured a limit of 120 MiB/s for backups from all networks. This works great on the PBS site but sometimes we observe much higher rates in...
  5. Cannot create backup task. 400 Parameter verification Failed.

    Hello, Since now i would like add a new backup job, but from the cluster i get the error: i have this on every server now, local and pbs. doesn't matter. anybody idea?
  6. Transfer backups to another datastore

    Initially, an old server was used for backups. After the commissioning of the storage system, I want to free the server by saving the backups stored on it - transfer them to a new storage. How to do it correctly?
  7. powersupport

    PBS disk safe not releasing

    Hi, Recently, one of the backup server disk usage reached 100%, we tried to remove many backups from the server, but none seems affected, and it still stands at 100% usage, we removed the backup from the GUI, is there anything we need to do from terminal to release the space, or what can cause...
  8. iSCSI, snapshots and LXC within a PVE cluster

    Hello, I’m currently installing 3 pve hosts in cluster mode with an iSCSI EMC array, everything is redundant : 2 ToR switches for the servers , 2 switches for the iscsi traffic. We’ve chosen this solutions to migrate from ESX (too expensive). I’ve read a few articles / posts related to PVE...
  9. [SOLVED] Unable to Backup CT from PVE to PBS

    Hi everyone I run PVE and PBS in my homelab, due to failure of my UPS and sudden shutdown of my servers i got stuck on the GRUB welcome page in PVE which i resolved by working around the faulty ssd which had superblock issues and was not letting pve to boot. After this incident i am unable to...
  10. PBS sync job to local usb drive failed

    Hi, I used this post to create a local sync to an external USB Drive: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/external-pbs-copy.78215/. Everything worked fine, until I started the sync job. I always get this error: 2023-01-21T09:35:44+01:00: Starting datastore sync job...
  11. Protected backups?

    Hello! Is there a way inside the PBS or PVE to set a specific backup as "protected", so that it will for example excluded from pruning jobs etc.? If so: where can i set it? Thank you in advance for answers! Best regards
  12. Restore files to disk VM

    Hello, I have a question. Can I restore selected files from the GUI and/or CLI to the disk of the affected machine? At this point, I can select files through the GUI and download them to the desktop. This solution is not efficient. Is there perhaps only such a solution? DE: Ich habe eine...
  13. lost old backups problem

    hi dears we lost old backups suddenly without any action on PBS, i want ask this can be happen? PBS version is 1.1-14
  14. [SOLVED] Garbage collector too slow (again).

    I have read all the forum posts related to slow GC. I have to bring this topic up again and ask for help. I use PBS 2.3-2. The work of the disk subsystem does not cause any complaints. Carried out the tests: 1) with copying a single huge file. 2) unpacking their documents from the archive to...
  15. Do I configure Email Notifications on PBS the same way I do on PVE?

    I realize that my node-cluster will now email me when backups are done, but I'd also like to PBS to be able to send me emails as well, such as if the ZFS pool on PBS is struggling or something. So can I go about installing sasl and mailutils on PBS? Or is there another route? Or is this not...
  16. Explanation needed for incremental backups and deduplication backups

    Since all of my backup files are the same size, can someone explain how this works or is implemented? Does it need to be enabled somewhere?
  17. [SOLVED] Moving VZDumps to PBS datastore

    I have recently setup PBS, but I would like to move my VZDumps to my PBS server. Is that possible? If so, how?
  18. Why Restore is so slow from PBS and what is slow/fast ?

    Hello 1. What speed should one expect from PBS ? (restore / backup) Is it Normal that restore operation of 60GB VM took us 10 minutes ? 2. If it's not slow by design why it's so painfully slow in our situation? PVE nodes are 2x10G LACP with separate 10G for proxmox operations (Xeon 2680V3...
  19. Restore CT with Docker all dockers empty

    Hi, I restore a backup of CT, all is ok, not apppear errors , but when run CT not appear dockers!! Docker appear installed and all correct, but all dockers containers is not appear!! What happen?
  20. Full backups and powered off VMs

    Hi All! I’ve a very annoying behavior, when a VM is not running, every day it performs a full backup even if the VM is not powered up at any time and there is no changes inside. If some teams aleatory shutdown VMs for resource/power savings the backups take forever because dirty maps resides on...


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