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    PBS Backups über DSL Leitung ins Rechenzentrum

    Hallo, ich habe noch bis vor kurzem ESXI und Veeam Backup genutzt, da ich immer mehr Open Source einsetze möchte PVE / PBS interessante Features bieten migriere ich gerade darauf. Bisher hatte ich die Backups vom Host mit Veeam ins Rechenzentrum gemacht über eine herkömmlich DSL Leitung (100...
  2. J

    Proxmox Backup Server restored. Unable to restore old backups

    Hello everyone, I am having difficulty restoring my backups.Unfortunately, the error message isn't helping either: recovering backed-up configuration from 'restooooooore:backup/ct/102/2023-11-26T18:49:00Z' Formatting '/var/lib/vz/images/103/vm-103-disk-0.raw', fmt=raw size=8589934592...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Backup owner check failed. But I was checked..

    Hello. I researched this issue a lot. There are pages and pages of articles in different languages. However, I still haven't found a solution. I wanted to open a new topic as a solution. I'm getting the same error like everyone else. However, there is no backup for this VM or even one with the...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Custom Status Check

    Hi, I have Dashy setup trying to monitor pve & pbs. However I'm not able to work out if there is a port that is available that will return 200 ok if requested. Below is an extract from Dashy, Custom status check endpoint for this item. Useful if the default URL doesn't return 200, or if your...
  5. 0

    Possibility to move local pve backups to pbs

    Hello together, I#m searching for a solution to move my local PVE Backups to PBS. Is that possible in any way? I did not found a solution in the PVE or PBS Docs. Any Ideas are welcome. Best regards 0zw00d
  6. F

    communication failure (0) / Connection timed out (596)

    Hello everyone, i've a running proxmox server and rented a pbs access from a service provider for backups. Everything was absolutely fine with it. But now after some time and a lot of more backups, i've the following problem. i get communication failure (0)" (somtimes a "Connection timed out...
  7. L

    Problems with backup of the lxc container to pbs

    I found a problem with copying the container to proxmox backup server. pve 6.4-8, Backup Server 1.1-12. As I understand it, due to old containers, upgrading to the latest versions can make containers non-working. Initially it was (log) 202: 2023-11-09 18:16:00 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 202...
  8. M

    "hostname 'pbs' does not resolves to any non-loopback address" after upgrade pbs2 > pbs3

    I'm running PBS in a debian LXC on top of PVE. The PBS container is set to DHCP, with the IP reserved at the DHCP server. After upgrading PVE7 to PVE8, and subsequently PBS2 to PBS3, the PBS container gives the error "hostname 'pbs' does not resolves to any non-loopback address" after boot...
  9. V

    Garbage collection skipped first phase

    Hello friends! We have a proxmox backup server 2.4-1 We recently moved from one datastore to another with ZFS We moved the chunks folder and changed the configuration settings, connected the datastore and it seemed that everything was ok, the tasks were saved, the namespaces were available...
  10. J

    Changing the way I do backups

    I have a PVE in production that I create storage to my home office PBS. All works great but because my home office has a dynamic IP sometimes the IP isn't correct even if my dyndns updater is running every 5 mins from my home office. So I have decided to add an enterprise SSD to the PVE...
  11. M

    PVE to PBS point to point 10G Fiber high I/O delay

    Hi I tried to configure a point to point connection with a 10G Fiber between PVE Host and PBS. PBS IP: PVE Host IP: Adding the PBS to PVE Host worked without problems, but if I want to get the Backup then it comes to high I/O delay on the PBS. Any suggestions...
  12. M

    PBS Datastore 100% full

    Hi, My PBS Datastore is tottaly full and I can't get free space. Here the output of df -h : Any suggestion? Thanks
  13. I

    Restore VM mit Passthrough Disk auf neues System

    Hallo Forum, Ich würde gerne meinen PVE Server neu aufsetzen, da die Systemplatte zu klein ist und ich diese als RAID1 ZFS erneuern möchte. Ich habe 2 LXCs und 2 VMs mit jeweils einer Passthrough Disk Auf einem Terramaster ist PBS mit 2 Platten installiert. Backups der LXCs und VMs sind...
  14. E

    Storage/Disk creation appears empty

    Hello guys, i have a problem. I need to connect my PBS to a PVE. To do this I need to create a Pool Storage/Disk. However, when trying to create it, it doesn't give me the option to select the disk. Both in directory mode and ZFS mode. * PBS was installed as ZFS(RAID10) on installation setup *...
  15. E

    How connect my PVE to PBS (in differents places)

    Hello guys, i need to connect a PBS to a PVE, because i want to make the Backup. The servers are in different locations. What is the best way to do this? Through VPNs? Do I need to open ports on my router? I'm a beginner in networks and servers. I have a lot of doubts
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    [SOLVED] Backup to remote data centre that's part of the same PVE cluster

    Hi there, I have a newbie question. We have two data centres, with four VM hosts, Data Center A and Data Center B. I have an installation Proxmox Backup Server in Data Centre B. I tried to backup a VM in Data Centre A to the PBS server in Data Centre B but it fails with an obvious error...
  17. D

    Backup(BMR) vom PBS Server erstellen und wiederherstellen?

    Hi zusammen, ich würde gerne einen PBS(physische Maschine) selbst sichern, so dass im Worst Case dieser Server auf einem anderen Gerät wiederhergestellt werden kann. Eine "Sichere deine Konfiguration" in der GUI wurde schon öfters als Feature Request gewünscht, bisher scheint es leider noch...
  18. M

    Restore Single Disk from PBS

    Hi all, I have a PBS running nested in PVE. All good so far. I also have OMV (NAS) running as VM in PVE, and as you can imagine, this is a lot of data. The good thing, the data is stored on multiple (physical) disks. Now one physical disk which I used exclusively for OMV died and I want to...
  19. J

    Multiple Backup Locations

    I have a question regarding my backups from pve1 to pbs1 and to pbs2. I backup 6 VMs to pbs1 daily, it does this very quickly all ok. If I keep backing up to this server only, my backups are quick but when I back up to pbs2 its slow the first time due to me doing it only once a week which I...
  20. P

    Proxmox Backup Setup

    Hello, We currently hosting several Proxmox VE hosts in our datacenter all on Enterprise SSD's. What we want to achieve is to setup another bare-metal server with Proxmox PBS installation and an direct connect with an 1gbit cable between the Proxmox VE servers and the Proxmox Backup Server. I...


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