1. PVE can not connect to PBS; Error 500 can not get datastores

    Hello everyone, for my problem, i found this "old" thread but unfortunately, the only solution proposed by this thread was different from the original poster and mine, so i'd like to give this topic a bump. I already had this problem in a different setup and was able to resolve it with a fresh...
  2. DynFi User

    PBS on AMD on an Intel PBS infra

    I just wanted to make sure that we could have an AMD based PBS in order to bckup an Intel PBS infra ? Thanks
  3. export from backups

    Hello i want to get export from my VM backup and use in another PBS server but i cant. please assist me how can i do? thanks
  4. PBS --prune-backups option

    Hello i have question about --prune-backups option, this option can be set in command also can be set on storage. i want know about different between them. thanks
  5. Restore containers from PBS

    Hello, i have questions about restoring containers from PBS. I setup PBS (v1.1-5) server, connect it to my ProxmoxVE and backup my containers in it. Previously i often use backup archive of container to make clone or restore it at different server, its very simple and convenient, move archive...
  6. get datastore free space

    Hello dears i want get datastore free space in PBS in CLI but i cant. I expect getting free space with command like below but i cant: "proxmox-backup-manager datastore show <name>" please help me thanks
  7. [SOLVED] PBS Installer created a RAIDZ1 - how to create a Datastore?

    Hi, i am quite sure this is a really silly question but I actually banged my head against ZFS-walls (again). I have a PBS Server freshly installed with 3 disks. I have let the installer create me a RAIDZ1 during installation. Now, I ended up with a PBS installation and under Storage -> ZFS I...
  8. Fail2ban on PBS GUI

    Hello people ! I'm trying to setup Fail2ban for the GUI of my Proxmox Backup Server I'm running PBS over a Debian 10 on a VPS I set up Fail2ban on ssh, tested and working well For PBS GUI, I copied files like on the Github here : https://github.com/inettgmbh/fail2ban-proxmox-backup-server...
  9. Running snapshot backup stalls VM - Backup throughput is low

    Hi, we are trying to replace out current Backup solution with PBS. So I installed a PBS on an older ThomasKrenn 4HE Intel Dual-CPU RI2436 with some disks... One Proxmox Cluster is already running backups into this pbs01 for some time without problems. Now I try to run backups with our...
  10. Es wird mehr Diskverbrauch angezeigt als tatsächlich belegt?

    Hallo Community, ich bin etwas verwundert mir wird im Proxmox auf meiner Disk mehr Verbrauch angezeigt als anscheinend tatsächlich belegt ist. Woher kommt das und wie lässt sich das lösen? Discard ist aktiviert, auch "fstrim -v -a" habe ich schonmal drüber laufen lassen, hat zwar ein wenig...
  11. DynFi User

    mount cephfs using fstab

    I have a PBS system where I need to mount a CephFS FS. I have managed to mount this using this command: mount -t ceph,,, /mnt/mycephfs -o name=bob,secret=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx== This is working like a charm and I have access to my...
  12. DynFi User

    [SOLVED] Weird disk usage stats and data

    I am pushing my tests with PBS and am now encountering a weird situation. I'll try to describe briefly the situation. I have two pools in my system one for the system and one for the backups / data. root@dc1-pbs01:/mnt/datastore/backup/.chunks# zfs list NAME USED AVAIL...
  13. DynFi User

    Turning on ZFS compression on pool

    Just a little question : my PBS is configured using ZFS and compression has been left to default which is "on" and "local" which stands for "lz4". Shall this be left to the default "on" value ? Is there any interest in using compression with PBS (= isn't PBS using it's own compression - in...
  14. [SOLVED] Synced datastores between servers discrepancy

    Hello, I have 2 PBS server with 2 datastores each. Every datastore is synced to the other server like so From my understanding, both servers should have the same used space since they both hold the same data ? Right now Server 1 is holding twice the amount of data than Server 2 Server 1...
  15. how to get PBS storage free space

    Hello Dears i want to get pbs storage free space in my client but i cant. for example : can i get json response from this command? "pvesm status --storage pbs-local" or specific command to get my storage space to manage my backups. thanks
  16. Slow backups from NFS share

    Hi, I'm using Proxmox Backup Client on a Debian virtual machine on Proxmox VE to backup a quite large NFS share (~ 10 Tb) mounted on the VM. The backup works, but it's very slow. First backup took a very long time (~ 12 days) and it's expected, but even next backups are taking so long: at the...
  17. DynFi User

    File level backup for 100.000.000 files

    We have a large volume that we need to backup which contains 100.000.000 files, with a ∆ / day of about 50.000 files (400GB). For the time being this file system is mounted directly in PBS using fuse kernel driver with mount -t ceph ip.srv.1,ip.srv.2,ip.srv.3,ipsrv.4:/ /mnt/mycephfs -o...
  18. PBS iptables

    Hello, I have two questions to the PBS installation: Will a firewall be integrated in the future like in Proxmox VE? Does anyone have a recommendation for the iptables configuration? Thank you in advance Rafael
  19. VM CPU usage during backup

    Hi! Why VM CPU usage(tab "Summary") increase during backup create (to PBS)? It's normal? backup mode: snapshot Guest agent not used guest: windows 2016 server pveversion: proxmox-ve: 6.4-1 (running kernel: 5.4.106-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.4-6 (running version: 6.4-6/be2fa32c) pve-kernel-5.4...
  20. PBS hangs (average load over 8)

    Hi guys, i noticed a very high load - most over 8 - and the web guy isn't accessible. SO i had a look and i've seen that there are many backups seems to run. On a manually initiated reboot the "stop job Proxmox backup api proxy server" took more than 5min. Can anyone help me to analyse this...


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