1. PBS Client 2.x for Buster/FocalFossa

    Hello, Is there a possibility to update the Proxmox Backup Client for older versions of Debian and Ubuntu? Also, when are the Backup clients for RedHat/Fedora Systems come out? Securing my Fedora-Laptop with PBS-Backups in my NAS would be very useful. Sincerely, Cyagon
  2. Während Backup nach einer Zeit sehr hohe IO-Verzögerung - kein Backup mehr möglich

    Hallo zusammen! Ich habe folgendes Problem, es wurde ein externer Ceph-Datastore (nicht der Ceph der in Proxmox integriert ist) dem PBS hinzugefügt. Der PBS wurde dem Proxmox Cluster hinzugefügt, und die dort ersten manuellen Backups waren erfolgreich und auch in der Geschwindigkeit völlig ok...
  3. PVE v7 / PBS v2.1 - backup qmp timeouts

    ps. Not sure if this should be in PVE section or PBS section. Any ideas/suggestion on what next I could pursue for debugging this issue? Summary With v7 I'm starting to get periodic or sometimes constant issues with PVE/PBS backups Backups task trow errors about backup timeouts on certain...
  4. Built-in Backup Regressions I've Noticed Since The Release of PBS

    I've been holding back a long time, but I've decided to go ahead and say what's on my mind. This is the most overloaded drop-down-menu I've ever seen and it needs to be changed back to how it was before! : Instead of trying to use one drop-down to set "day of week" and "Start Time" (at the...
  5. Consultation on pruning schedule

    Hello, I want to schedule the next pruning: 1 weekly backup (only during the current month), 1 monthly backup 1 annual backup Are these options correct? Thanks
  6. powersupport

    proxmox backup issue

    Hi, While taking the backup in the proxmox, it shows the below error. ==== ERROR: Backup of VM 10655 failed - VM 10655 qmp command 'backup' failed - backup connect failed: command error: backup owner check failed (admin@pbs != root@pam) ==== Anyone please advise on this. Thank you.
  7. Move backup to external drive and restore on a new cluster

    Hi guys, we have a PBS and a need to copy some our backups to external disk once a month. Is it possible to copy only last backups of particular vms? As far as I understand in a folder with vm id there are only metadata: So copying this folder won't do the trick. What is the right way to achive...
  8. pve-zsync für zfs-Datasets

    Hallo, ich habe 2 PBS-Instanzen im Einsatz und synce sowohl Backups von VMs (blockbasiert), als auch Client-Backups (filebasiert) zwischen den beiden Servern mit dem "Remote"-Mechanismus für Datastores. Das funktioniert gut. Leider eignet sich der Proxmox Backup Client nicht besonders gut für...
  9. Create admin who cannot create or restore backup

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create a role with all admin permissions except manipulating backups. I excluded VM.Backup privilege and cannot restore backups now, but backup creation is still there. What else should I exclude? I need only a couple admins to work with backups but all others still should...
  10. Proxmox VE Host Backup to PBS

    Hi, According to the Roadmap of the PBS we will see the option to Backup the PVE Host to PBS, when can we expect this feature to be enterprise ready?
  11. Configure or disallow concurrent backups

    Hello everyone I have a virtual PBS inside one of my servers, on a 4 clustered array. I noticed if I select a big list of VMs to start a backup on the weekends, since they are on different servers they will start up simultaneously, even though the backup schedule is done on the datacenter...
  12. [SOLVED] Pbs Garbage collection taking days

    2022-03-24T06:45:56+01:00: starting garbage collection on store pbs-nas 2022-03-24T06:45:56+01:00: Start GC phase1 (mark used chunks) 2022-03-24T06:53:39+01:00: marked 1% (25 of 2472 index files) 2022-03-24T06:53:58+01:00: marked 2% (50 of 2472 index files) 2022-03-24T06:54:02+01:00: marked 3%...
  13. PVE backups to PBS and "pct fstrim"

    On a new PVE 7 installation with 7 containers only, I hooked up a PBS (v2) server and when the time came, PVE started backing up the CTs to the PBS server (as expected). So far so good. Since these CTs were migrated from a PVE 6 system a few hours before the backup I (stupidly?) run a "pct...
  14. Verification speed

    Hello, I have a question, i read from @tuxis they reach around 2GB/s read speed for verify https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/pbs-scaling-out-storage.97785/#post-430819 The also use normal disks with special devices, just like our situation. 12 x 7200 RPM 8 TB disk (RaidZ2) 2 x 960 GB...
  15. [SOLVED] PBS Repository Tab - 400 Bad Request nach upgrade von 10 auf 11

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe nach einem PBS Upgrade von Buster auf Bullseye das Problem, dass ich beim aufrufen des Repository Tabs, 400 - Bad Request erhalte. Updates können ohne Probleme weiterhin via CLI durchgeführt werden. root@server:~# proxmox-backup-manager versions...
  16. Komplettes CephFS auf PBS Backupen

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe in meinem Cluster in CephFS und würde gerne das gesammte CephFS auf meinem PBS backupen. Ist das möglich überhaupt möglich / vorgesehen? Beste Grüße, Valentin
  17. Backup funktioniert nicht mehr - Fehler 255

    Hallo, ich werd hier noch wahnsinnig... ich hab 4 Container in meiner PVE-Umgebung, die ich alle seit geraumer Zeit auf meinem NAS und auf meinem PBS sichere. Seit einigen Tagen werden nur noch drei meiner vier Container gesichert, der eine nicht mehr (klar, Murphy, der für mich wichtigste geht...
  18. Transfer Backups from PVE to PBS

    Hello! i got a few backups on my local backup storage on my PVE server. Is there a way to move and migrate them to a new PBS? Do i have to transform the format of my backups? My current ones are all using vma / vma.lzo and as far as i know does the BS use a different format (meaning the .fidx...
  19. Hohe CPU-Last der VMs durch qemu-guest-agent nach Backups mittels PBS

    Hallo zusammen, ich stehe aktuell vor folgender Herausforderung bzw. folgendem Problem: Ich habe in meiner Umgebung zwei Proxmox (VE)-Nodes (1x Deskmini X300 und 1x Deskmini A300). Zusätzlich habe ich noch einen Intel NUC auf dem ein Proxmox Backup Server läuft, mit dem ich die VMs der beiden...
  20. where best is, PBS on VM or Bare-metal Server ?

    i want to install PBS should i install on VM or Bare-Metal need your experience advice ?


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