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    Newbie question: Why do the web gui state active for a network device though no cable is inserted in the physical nic?

    Hi all, Here's a newbie question, Why do the web gui state a network device to be active when no cable is connected to the physical nic? nor is that network device intentionally used anywhere else in the setup as far as I know at least. :confused: The nic has had a cable in it but not for some...
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    Unusually Bad Network Performance with 40 Gb NICs

    Hey all, hate to do this cause I know that there is a constant stream of "my NIC isn't as fast as I thought it would be" posts, but what I'm seeing goes well beyond any sort of CPU overhead or packet size issues. I haven't been able to find a solution anywhere that works yet, so figured I'd take...
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    Pfsense does not take the network adapters

    Good evening, I have set up a cluster in Proxmox and it works so far. My problem is that the network interfaces are not really working. As in many other Proxmox installations, I have configured the network interfaces as Linux bridges. Then I edited the /etc/network/interfaces file and it...
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    Need Help Removing Network Card

    When I installed proxmox, I installed a 4 port network card for a pfsense virtual machine. i scrapped that and debridged the network card connections but when i remove the network card, proxmox won't connect to the network. The ethernet is connected to the motherboard. I have VM's set up and...
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    Proxmox networking best practices (aka How to setup networking right this time)

    For a HA system with 3 nodes, is it a fair assessment that can both use CEPH and NAS storage would work in this setup? 1 10GB nic for Storage (VLAN 10) 2 Bonded 2.5GB nic for Web interface and VM usage 2 Bonded 1GB nic for cluster (VLAN 1) Rather than make this look like Pepe Silvia...
  6. A

    VM Interface Shuts Down

    Hi Guys! Some of my VM lose their network connections on random time and when I check the issue, It leads to turning off and on the network interface to solve the problem. Proxmox Version are 7.4.3 and 8.0.4 on different networks. Any idea how to solve the issue?
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    Cannot find network interfaces enp2s0 and enp3s0

    I set a dns name with duck dns to my ip address and it worked fine a while them I could not got to the web ui anymore. I could not ssh to the server either. I accessed directly the server and I discover that my two network interfaces where missing and vmbr is still there but gave an error as...
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    r8168/9 disconnect after PVE8 upgrade

    Hi everyone, I've seen many with similar issues, but no resolution that I could apply (at least I wasn't able to). I have a test PC that was running fine with PVE7. After the upgrade to PVE8, the network connection would stop after a few hours after reboot. The screen shows loads of messages...
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    [SOLVED] Bookworm cloud image fails to find network adpater?

    Hi I'm trying to use Proxmox with the debian bookworm cloud image and cloud-init. But when I start the vm it gets stuck on boot when it checks that it has a network connection Job systemd-networkd-wait-online.service/start running (#s / no limit) for about 2 minutes. It seems Debian bookworm...
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    Proxmox v8.0 and intel AX210

    Hi there, I've tried to do as much reading up as I could on this before posting. I got the main takeaway that for debian 12 the AX210 was included so some of the issues I read for earlier versions don't apply now. I've struggling to get the interface to work with similar messages from...
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    HP DL gen10 no bond communication

    Hey all, I have a DL gen10 server that I installed an HPE dual 10Gb 560FLR-SFP+ Adapter into. I've found that it will not pass bond0/LACP communication. An Intel X520-T2 with the same interface bond0/LACP config connects without issue. The switch shows LACP is communicating/connected. Does...
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    Proxmox VE Virtual Windows Network Adapter Speed Problem

    I have a server with Proxmox operating system installed, and I have created a virtual Windows 10 machine on it. The server is equipped with a Mellanox dual-port network adapter, each port capable of speeds up to 25 Gbps. When assigning the network adapter to Windows, I chose the virtIO model...
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    NEW NIC not ACTIVE but detected.

    So, here is the thing. I have a dual SFP+ NIC that works well. I also wanted to place a 2.5Gbe Quad card into my proxmox machine. I am simply trying to do a Linux bridge within proxmox. The card is seen but won't become active. I tried a dual 10Gbe card and it was seen and would become active...
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    network adapter not working (Intel Eth Converged X520-DA2)

    I'm trying to use a network card on my server, I've tried some configurations but without success, would anyone have any guidance on this? -network card does not appear in IP link Proxmox: 7.4-3 I tried this and it didn't work: $modprobe -r ixgbe $modprobe ixgbe allow_unsupported_sft=1 $...
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    [SOLVED] VLAN works form host itself but not on VM

    Hello Forum I have searched the forum for an answer for about a month now, but I am unable to find one, or a similar solution to my problem. Recently I made the decision to migrate to Proxmox as hypervisor after using VMware since 2012. It goes very well. I’ve got an LXC container running and...
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    Hetzner additional ip doesn't work

    Hi, I have additional ip on Hetzner, but I can't figure it out how to use it, all my attempts have failed. Below I have attached my most successful host and virtual machine config. From a virtual machine, I can ping, but that's all. Thank you. Main ip Hetzner info: Gateway...
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    Realtek 2.5Gbit network interface drivers?

    Hi, While investigating stability issues with my Proxmox installation, I have looked into the Realtek R8125B interface I use. It seems to use the wrong driver. My UniFi switch often “auto-negotiates“ the ethernet speed on the switch port to Fast Ethernet (10/100mbit) instead of 1 gigabit (max...
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    Can't connect to the network after NIC change

    Hi everyone, I've been doodling around with Proxmox for a couple of months and, sadly, I've recently lost the onboard Ethernet port on the PC I'm using as a server, the same I used for the initial configuration. I have handy a USB to Ethernet adapter which is being detected via lsusb but I...
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    [SOLVED] why does vmbr0 has an IP?

    Hi According to the documentation, Proxmox uses tap devices (layer-2 devices which accept Ethernet frames) along the virtual switch (Vmbr0). I am not understanding why vmbr0 has an IP address, what is it needed for? and what is it used for? The code below is taken from the documentation for the...
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    Incompatible card?

    Hello! I upgraded the kernel to 6.1. After installing a PTR-FU network card (RTL8125B) my main network card stops linking once the kernal boots and it is not reachable by the network, however it has the same IP as before. Any idea what it could be? Do you know if PTR-FU (RTL8125B) is compatible...


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