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  1. C

    Can't Login to PVE After Upgrade to Latest Version of Safari

    I updated to MacOS Sonoma yesterday. I'm pretty sure I logged into PVE or it came up already logged in. I then upgraded Safari to 17.3. I created a web app for PVE, but it didn't work completely. PVE continued to work in Safari. After being away, I came back to see I'd been logged out. Login...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] access to web interface not working

    Every time I try and access the WebGUI it gives this error after I put in my credentials. I haven't changed them and I know that they are correct because when I type in the exact same thing in the Proxmox server itself I can login perfectly fine.
  3. S

    Proxmox Failed to Login.

    So, These several days I tried to log in to my Proxmox, but it said Failed to Login. I don't know why, I used same cradential for ssh to my proxmox and it's works.
  4. R

    Not being able to log into the proxmox web interface, but via SSH, yes.

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Proxmox node. I'm not able to login via the web interface, but SSH yes. The problem started when I tried to connect a remote storage via sshfs, the command didn't run and then all my machines got unknown status, I lost access to the GUI and now it won't log...
  5. R

    Kann mich nicht mehr bei PMG-Webinterface anmelden nach Update auf PMG8

    Hallo, ich habe das Update auf Version 8 gemäß der Anleitung durchgeführt. Anschließend rebootet. Jetzt versuche ich mich beim Webinterface einzuloggen aber er akzeptiert mein Passwort nicht mehr. Im Logfile steht nur POST /api2/ext.js/access/ticket HTTP/1.1 was mir nach einem Accesslog...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Cloud init Ubuntu 20.04 Focal and Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Login incorrect

    Hi. I followed along Techno Tim's tutorial on how you can create a VM from a Cloud Init image. I used Ubuntu 22.04 and 20.04 to create a VM. Without starting it (to avoid vm getting a UUID as he described it) I set a username and a password. Then I created a template and from this template I...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Login failed. Please try again. Linix PAM auth

    Hello. I can’t log in to the WebUI of our proxmox via Linux PAM, but I connect via ssh with the same access. Only 1 server. Without a cluster. Only one user - root. I tried all the methods from similar topics on this forum - nothing helped - reboot server - Added a new user (admin@pve) - changed...
  8. N

    No web gui access

    Brand new install of Proxmox 7.3.1. can login on the screen attached to the HP Elitedesk I am using, but cannot access the Web GUI on my laptop - it repeatedly tells me the password is wrong. Can also SSH into the HP but I guess no real need for that. there is nothing else on the HP machine...
  9. N

    GUI login failed. SSH works

    I cannot login to the GUI but when I SSH in with same credentials it works. I've been searching the forums for others with the same problem, and I see that those with remote mounts not working then they can't login. I did setup nfs shares for one of my containers, but when I look at the...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Infinite login screen on server itself

    Hi, I cannot login from server itself. (which is proxmox installed laptop) Terminal keep asking login screen. I can't connect Shell from GUI too. Do I have to re-install proxmox?
  11. O

    [SOLVED] Pvescheduler not starting

    Hello, I have been using Proxmox for a couple of days and yesterday I encountered a problem where the web interface does not accept my password. I can still log into the server via ssh or the android app. In the app I saw that the service "pvescheduler" is not running so. I tried starting it...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] updated Proxmox on one host, caused havoc in the cluster

    Hi there. We have 2 Proxmox clusters. I updated packages on one cluster with no problems. Then I started updating packages on the 2nd cluster, and after I upgraded the 1st node, the whole cluster went berserk. Initially, some of the nodes appeared up, some down, and some with a "?", even...
  13. M

    login failed - pvecm expect

    I run proxmox 7.1-10 on some mini micros M93Ps and HP elitebook USFF in my homelab. i have around 4 in a cluster but generally don't need all of them powered on at once, typically only 1 is powered on. What i've found recently is i get a login failed when i use the correct username and password...
  14. habitats-tech

    [SOLVED] Login issues with Proxmox VE 7

    We have ProxMox VE 7 licensed instance, working with no issues for 4 months. As of today we are unable to login through the web interface with "Login failed. Please try again" error. The password was never changed and our last login was end of Dec last year. We cannot SSH as I think the root...
  15. V

    PVE Cluster. Only able to log into web manager if both nodes are on.

    I have 2 servers. I've added made the cluster on pve1 and joined pve2. I did all this in the web GUI. Now, if one is off, then I can't log into the web gui at all. It just gives me an authentication failure message. Both have to be online. Then I can log in using either IP address
  16. T

    (v6) Unable to login (WebGui: root)

    Hello there, Today, out of the blue I am suddenly unable to log in to my Proxmox Web GUI. Additional users work (e.g sub-users who can access some machines). Using 'root' will not work whatsoever, it just errors with 'Login failed. Please try again'. There are two machines in the cluster, both...
  17. D

    Having Login Failed, and partial failure of VM’s

    tldr; I have Ubuntu 20.04 in a VM, running Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, Transmission, Jackett, and PIA. The VM and Transmission are inaccessible. When I try to log into the server, it says the login is wrong. Help, I don’t know where to start. Reboot fixes, but it’s not viable to only reboot because I...
  18. S

    Proxmox Backup get Locked

    Hi everyone I got 2 issue. 1. Proxmox-VE login get failed. 2. Cant make backup due to VM locked. When try to unlock get the error message. unable to open file '/etc/pve/nodes/pve/qemu-server/101.conf.tmp.5989' - Input/output error The above 101.conf.tmp.5989 is not there in dir. How can i...
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Lost access to web admin after disabling 2FA / TOTP

    Hi, I enabled 2FA in web admin panel for root user and worked as expected. But now I've disabled 2FA (unchecked TOTP Enable option in user options) and cannot access the web admin, the endpoint API call returns a 401 error. I can still access through SSH. I've restarted the server, and also...
  20. J

    Can't login via web GUI, SSH works

    I've been searching the threads and nothing I've tried is working... I'm unable to login via the GUI (the GUI works, but I get a login failure when I use the root credentials). I can ssh just fine with those same root credentials, but I'm not sure what to try next to get the GUI login to work...


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