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  1. J

    Proxmox installation failed

    Hi, i'm new to the proxmox world, i was trying to install it on a server that i got a few years ago from a company that failed, it is a fujitsu primergy tx150 s7, i haven't exactly checked all the requirements but it support virtualization, the problem is that on the installation process, it go...
  2. H

    Installing Proxmox 8.1. crashing when loading nvidiafb driver

    Hi, I built a brand new server with the below components: MB: ASUS TUF GAMING B650-PLUS CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X RAM: CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 RAM 96Go (2x48Go) 5600MHz (CMH96GX5M2B5600C40) NVME: 2x Samsung 990 Pro 4 To, NVMe M.2, PCIe 4.0;4, MZ-V9P4T0CW GPU: MSI GT 710 2GD3H LP Nvidia GT710...
  3. B

    Installation Fehlgeschlagen

    Hallo zusammen ich wollte Proxmox neu installieren und habe dazu im Internet nichts gefunden also habe ich das einzige erdenkliche gemacht und mit einen Boot Stick neu installiert nun ist mir aber klar geworden das ich denke einfach Proxmox auf das alte drauf installiert habe. Zunächst ich habe...
  4. P

    Unable to Re-Install Proxmox

    Hi, I am trying to reinstall the latest version of Proxmox (8.1) but having some issues. Steps: I downloaded the latest proxmox version from here I installed the USB imager to make the USB rebootable using GTK+ version for Ubuntu LTS from here Problem: I boot from the usb then I get proxmox...
  5. A

    Installer crashing on Dell R730

    Hi, I'd like to install Proxmox VE on a Dell PowerEdge R730 but experiencing a crash just after the installer starts to load. Have searched for solutions and tried everything I can think of including: updating the server to current BIOS (2.18.XX) disabling various integrated devices (NIC...
  6. Z

    PVE 8.1-1 installation fails with unsquashfs-error

    Hi Community and a happy first Advent, I can't figure out why my installation fails and desperately hope for your help My installation of PVE 8.1-1 keeps aborting with the following error: command 'unsquashfs -f -dest /target -I /cdrom/pve-base.squashfs' failed with exit code 1 at...
  7. P

    [PARTIALLY SOLVED] Boot failed after clean Proxmox installation

    Hi to all fans of Proxmox! I am using Proxmox for a while for my homelab. I recently get an old but powerfull laptop Elitebook 8570w with 32GB RAM and 1 SSD 512GB SATA Installation from USB stick of Proxmox 7.4 or 8.0 works fine but boot loader seems not well configured as the laptop refuse to...
  8. C

    installation failed to xfusion server

    It gives an error when trying to install version 7.4.1 on an OEM server called xfusion. I've attached a picture of the error screen. I have also included the manufacturer's solution proposal as an attachment. My question is: Is the solution provided a safe and healthy solution? For example, will...
  9. S

    Proxmox 7.1-2 is unable to install on AMD Processor

    HI Team, We are Installing the Proxmox VE 7.1-2 in the Server whose processor is AMD EPYC 7F72 24-Core Processor and getting the following error, which is in the below image, We request you to please help us with this issue and resolve the problem, Kindly do the needful. Thanks & Regards...
  10. O

    Proxmox installation failure

    I keep getting this error, and am unsure why. It's a Dell r430, with 4 600 gb harddrives. I do not know why it keeps complaining about lack of space for. I've done both ext4 and zfs, and it complains either way.
  11. O

    installation of package pve-firmware_3.4-2_all.deb failed

    Hello :) Installing PBS, I get this error : installation faild : installation of package pve-firmware_3.4-2_all.deb failed Do somebody could know what's wrong? thank you :)
  12. X

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Installation faild

    Hallo, ich habe das Problem das wenn ich proxmox installieren will bricht er ab und sagt mir das was nicht installiert werden konnte, Sieh Bild. Ich weis leider nicht genau woran das liegt, hab es jetzt mehrmals versucht aber keine Besserung in sicht. Wichtig ist vielleicht zu sagen, das auf...
  13. S

    New install onto a SAS dual path system

    Hello, I'm trying to install the latest PVE onto a host for which ALL disks are dual port SAS units. This system was formerly an Oracle Solaris box hosting ZFS. The dual ported SAS disks seem to confuse the installer. I try to make a raid1 array for the boot system (see images) but I get the...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Proxmox hat bei Installation Probleme beim mounten

    Moin liebes Forum, ich wollte mir Proxmox installieren und habe die neuste ISO auf eine DVD gebrannt (war für CD zu groß), weil mein PC aus irgendeinem Grund sich gegen USB-Boot wehrt. Als ich dann den Installer gestartet habe, kam folgende Fehlermeldung (siehe Anhang) Mir ist es gelungen, das...
  15. J

    Installation von Proxmox auf Debian 9 fehlgeschlagen

    Guten Tag ich versuche nun Proxmox auf einem vServer zu installieren, ich nutze Debian 9 und habe folgende Anleitung befolgt: Nachdem ich nun Proxmox installieren wollte ging anfangs alles, jedoch wurde bei einem Installations...
  16. P

    pve_6.0-1 Installation failed on Dell Poweredge 830

    Hi all I'm stuck on installing pve on a Dell Poweredge 830 with 8Gb Ram; this machine has been running ESXi. The message that I get is: command 'unsquashfs -f -dest /target -i /cdrom/pve-base.squashfs' failed - got signal 9 umount: /target/tmp: mountpoint not found umount: /target/proc: not...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Installation Menu does not load from USB-Stick

    Hi, I tried to install Proxmox on my Gigabyte BLCE-4105 with Celeron J4105, 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD by a bootable USB Stick with the 5.3.1 Iso file without success. I have put the Iso file on the stick by BalenaEtcher or ImageUsb or the command dd on my Mac/Windows. Always with the same...
  18. M

    Virtual box,No support for KVM virtualisation detected

    I have Ubuntu 16.04 on my desktop.ON my Oracle VM I want to install Proxmox.During the installation process No support for KVM virtualisation detected Check BIOS settings for INTEL-VT/AMD/SVM My proc info cat /proc/cpuinfo processor : 0 vendor_id : GenuineIntel cpu family : 6 model...
  19. R

    USB install halts at a black screen with 'GRUB'

    I am installing proxmox via USB key following the instructions at The target devices were Dell r710 and Lenevo Thinkpad dd if=proxmox-ve_*.iso of=/dev/XYZ bs=1M After changing BIOS to boot from USB , the USB device is detected but install...
  20. U

    unable to install: "no cdrom found"

    Hi, I'm trying to get my feet wet with proxmox, but so far fail even with the very first step of installing it from an USB stick, using the lastest ISO available (proxmox-ve_5.1-3.iso). No matter what I do, the installation process ends pretty early, just after the kernel has been booted...


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