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    Remove Hard Disk virtio

    Hi, I have a Mac VM with Ventura running on it. I have added some virtio disks to it and now I want to remove one disk from the System. I am unsure if I can strait remove it from the hardware tab of the VM. I am afraid that i will have some booting errors later. The hard drive has only 3...
  2. R

    Sharing Proxmox external HDD on home network

    Hi all, Quite new to Linux and Proxmox especially. I have a PVE on an old macbook in a cupboard with a Plex LXC, and have successfully mounted my external hard drive (USB into the machine running Proxmox) and passed it through to the Plex container. Plex reads the HDD fine and has generated my...
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    Physical Hard drive Pass through with physical attributes and without emulation

    Hello, first of all, apologies if that question makes no sense to anyone. I am VMing Open media vault (OMV) inside PVE, I have a couple of NTFS drives that I want to backup in a larger drive with EXT4, fortunately, OMV supports both file formats. Recently, I have been using VirtIO to...
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    PVE not showing full 3TB hdd capacity, only shows 100gb?

    Hi, new Proxmox/server user here. I'm having trouble configuring my machine to use all 3 TB of storage on my hard disk, I already have 3 VMs set up, and I noticed that the hard disk was being occupied way faster than I anticipated. then I saw the supposed maximum capacity. any ideas on how I can...
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    I need help. My Main storage drive is full and I haven't been able to figure out how to use my second drive

    I have ran out of storage space. I havce a second drive but I can't seem to figure out how to move or extend to the second drive so I can update and install ceph. My scans are listed below. Any help would be greatly appreciated root@apple:~# pvscan PV /dev/sdb1 VG vmdata lvm2...
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    high IO delay

    Hello. I am having big IO delay problems using Proxmox 7.2 and i see major speed issues, sometimes VM appearing to freeze. My current configuration is CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor RAM : 64 GB DDR4 HDD: 2x12TB TOSHIBA MG07ACA1 (configured in software RAID1 probably) Speed...
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    Add a Windows partitioned Hard Drive to a VM to copy data from it

    I'm working on a Minecraft Server, which i installed per Proxmox on a Ubuntu VM. One Project is to map out a whole custom world with dynmap to play on it. My Friend renderd all the data for it when I was doing Vacation on his Gaming PC (Windows) and it still took him 3 Weeks. So now I have 32...
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    HDD I/O errors after shutdown

    Hello, huge noob here and looking for some help with my HDD. When trying to shutdown proxmox I got a kernel error: kernel panic - not syncing attempted to kill init When I tried to reboot into the same hdd, I got the following error: kernel: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sde This kept...
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    [SOLVED] Replacing a failing hard drive

    Hello everybody, I'm sorry, this is my first post, so please don't blame me if I'm missing some piece of information. Will be glad to provide you with all the required info useful to resolve my case. I've installed Proxmox on a mini PC, on a M.2 sata 256GB hard drive, which is the only attached...
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    Unable to active Storage -Directory is expected to be a mount point but is not mounted

    HI Guys i am new to Proxmox, i took my hardrive out put it back in now im getting this error message, any suggestion please?
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    Why "discard" isn't enabled by default?

    I was wondering, why the "discard" option at Hard Disk isn't set by default. Can that cause negative effects or why it's not set by default?
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    SATA Passthrough without RAID Controller IT Mode

    Hello, it is possible without RAID Controller in IT Mode several SATA hard drives to a VM like Openmediavault? Would this work with a SATA adapter?
  13. H

    Share a virtual drive amongst multiple VMs?

    I'd like to create a virtual hard drive and mount it to multiple VMs, some with read-only access. I do not want to share anything with the host and do not want to use networking to accomplish this. Is this something that's possible? Thanks.
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    Storage Help - Proxmox Newbie

    Hi all, Extremely new to proxmox and have never really used Linux before. I've got two physical machines that I've put together in a cluster, although when configuring them I've accidentally put one on ZFS storage and one to whatever the default is. I've been able to setup vms on my server...
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    1 Transcend 128GB SSD + 1 4TB Ironwolf HDD = Good idea?

    So my purple western digital 2TB hard drive decided to die last week good thing I was able to still recover the data because I converted the thin volume(1.7TB of it) as an ext4 partition where I can store all my files, and the root fs took only less than 100GB where the boot partition resides ...
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    How to spin down temporarily unused hard drives

    Hi there, I have a small home server with 5 hard drives. 4 of those just contain movies and since I just watch a couple of movies per week it would be ideal to shut the drives down when they are not in use. From what I read, the problem is pvestatd which spins the drives up right after they...
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    Sugesstion for hardware

    Hello. Need to buy server for education purpose. (looking in HP dirrection) It will be used for students LABS - who will install and configure different OS simultaneously (at the same time) Need that Proxmox worked fine with 12 students working (simultaneously) What to look for in hardware...
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    Backup Drive accessible from LXC and VM for RSYNC offsite

    First of all - great software. I'm getting into IT and learning Proxmox. I want to set-up a remote server running Proxmox and VM for CentoOS7 that will run a webserver. The server specs are Dual - Xeon E5, primary drive - 960GB SSD, 2nd drive - 2TB SATA, 96GB RAM. I want to install Proxmox on...
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    New Proxmox machine HDD not fully usable

    Hi All, I use local storage for some intensive VMs, since I don't have a robust enough storage system yet. I currently just installed proxmox on a new-to-me Dell R620. I am using 146GB drives in a RAID1 and the installer detected them as such. But now that i've joined this machine to my...
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    Unable To Install Proxmox With ZFS RAIDZ Due To 1 Hard Drive Being Slightly Smaller

    First, thank you for this wonderful ESXi alternative! My issue is that I'm unable to install Proxmox 4.2-17/e1400248 on 3X 4TB hard drives in a ZFS RAIDZ because one drive is 1MB smaller than the other two (all of the hard drives are the same make and model). Proxmox complains that the drives...


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