grub rescue

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    Zpool upgrade: Grub rescue zfs rpool no such device

    I was prompted to upgrade my zpool, which I did, I rebooted my system and I got the grub rescue error. So I read up that I had to use this Proxmox boot tool that you could find in the live boot. But trying to use the live boot version 8.2, I was getting an error, found out that I had to edit the...
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    Need Help with Proxmox Boot Issue

    Hey everyone, I’m encountering a bit of a snag with my Proxmox setup and could use some guidance. Here’s the situation: I have two NVMe SSDs in my Desktop: one with Proxmox installed and the other with Windows. When I unplug the Proxmox SSD and attach the Windows SSD, everything works fine...
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    [SOLVED] Upgrade 2.4 - 3.1 - Grub Rescue Error - Symbol 'grub_disk_native_sectors' not found - Truenas Core BHYVE

    I attempted to upgrade my Proxmox Backup Server 2.4.x to 3.1 yesterday, and after the reboot it just comes up with the grub rescue prompt, with the error. error: symbol 'grub_disk_native_sectors' not found. I'm running it on a VM on a Trunas Mini - running Trunas Core (TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1), so...
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    Grub error after Update to v3

    Hello everybody.. I urgently need your help. Today, I upgraded our Proxmox Backup Server from version 2.x to 3. Since then, it no longer boots, and I get the error message 'error: disk xx.x.x. not found.' The recovery guide for Proxmox doesn't seem to help me here. Does anyone have any...
  5. N

    invalid arch-independent ELF magic

    Hello, Any one know how to solve this ?
  6. S

    Proxmox Installation Error on legacy devices

    Hello all, This is my very first post on this forum. I have recently bought a used 2012 HP Proliant server for a homelab test environment. *This server does not support UEFI*. For the last 2 weeks I have been battling to install Proxmox to the point of desperation. The main problem seems to be...
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    Error: disk 'lvmid/***' not found, grub rescue.

    Hello, Yesterday i experienced a sudden powerloss, my proxmox node reboots automatically when the power returns. When the power returned, the node rebooted but i wasn't abte to connect or even ping to it, but it was on. Attached a screen to it and got this output; Error: disk 'lvmid/***' not...
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    Proxmox host down

    Hello, my proxmox host is down and not accessible. when i connect to the ILO i got this: What should i do ? Thank you
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    Adding memtest, gparted, clonezilla

    Hi, Given the changes that proxmox makes to grub running does anyone know the process to add more entries to the grub menu please ? I tried grml-rescue to no avail. Your help would be appreciated.
  10. M

    Servers stuck at grub rescue (attempt to read or write outside of disk hd0)

    Half of my servers are stuck at grub rescue after the latest update (pve-manager/7.2-11/b76d3178 kernel 5.15.60-1-pve) and I am afraid to even restart the other servers. I spent all day yesterday and today trying to fix the grub issues to no avail, I tried this...
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    after Update stuck in grub rescue

    hello, So I've had a bunch of updates to install today and had the same experience as others before had in here: I canceld the installation by selecting "NO" and OK. After that no new updates were found, so...
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    nach Update komme in grub rescue

    Hallo, Meine Proxmox Instanz hat jetzt ewig perfekt funktioniert und ich war immer auf latest unterwegs, sobald ein Update zu machen war. So auch heute, wo eine Menge an Updates waren, habe ich diese durchgeführt. Wie dann im cmd popup ein GRUB installer daher kam, hab ich etwas Panik bekommen...
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    Trying to recover from grub failure but /dev/pve/root not found

    After a power outage yesterday, my system was stuck at the grub rescue> prompt. Following the steps here I created a flash drive with the Proxmox Installer ISO and changed my BIOS to boot from the USB. When I run `vgscan` there is no...
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    Can't restart pve after shutdown

    Hi Just now I shut down the pve, and when I turn it on again, it prompts: error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0' I looked at this article and tried to fix it as it says...
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    Hello everyone, I moved a passthrough disk to another VM and the web GUI frozen and then forced a reboot. the issue is that system is now stuck in an endless loop. 1) server is booting, I can see my ASRock logo and boot options 2) I can see the countdown to enter PVE 3) my NICs stops 4) system...
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    Help! Broken bootloader of Proxmox host

    Everyone, good day! As a result of experiments with the BIOS of the computer on which Proxmox VE 7.1-2 was installed, the bootloader crashed ((( The system does not boot, writes something like "Insert boot media". PVE was installed on a single 256GB NVMe drive in the standard way (default...
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    grub rescue, can´t boot after trying to passthrough the gpu and restarting the machine

    Hi. Today I was trying to install a windows VM and I, as a total newbie passthrough the integrated and only gpu to it. After starting the virtual machine, proxmox froze for a moment (jellyfin usually breaks my proxmox machine too when I try to use hardware enconding) so I unplugged the machine...
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    [SOLVED] Stuck at grub on boot

    So, I decided to install proxmox on a new machine, since the old one was getting old. Downloaded the 7.0 ISO, put it on a USB with Rufus, but when I boot I end up at "grub rescue". Have I done anything wrong? EDIT: Do I have to install it ontop of another OS, or can I install it on a bare...
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    Proxmox unbootable - grub error: disk lvmid not found

    Hi, A node(Proxmox 01) in my cluster after I have to enlarge root LVM, is no longer booted. Unfortunately, I do not have a backup of root system In normal other node of proxmox looks like this: root@prox03:~# blkid |grep root /dev/mapper/pve-root...
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    Proxmox Stuck on Boot after passthrough

    Hi everyone, I have my PROXMOX server installed on a intel nuc10i5 8gb ram and two ssds On one Home assistant VM, pihole in a CT and in the second ssd a Ubuntu VM with zoenminder. I tried to passthrough the GPU but when i restarted proxmox, now it's stuck whitout GUI and terminal. Here two...


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