1. DynFi User

    Proxmox <--> FreeNAS iSCSI initiator integration in business repo

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any plans to integrate the Proxmox FreeNAS iSCSI initiator patches developped by the TheGrandWazoo and available in github repository here : into the main FreeNAS Enterprise repo. I am not a huge fan of...
  2. Y

    HBA passthrough to FreeNAS fails

    Hi, I'm trying to setup FreeNAS inside proxmox (v6.1-11), and I can't seem to pass the PCIe HBA to the freeNAS. If I attach the PCI device to the FreeNAS VM, the proxmox system hangs and the screen is filled with Error: Buffer I/O error on dev dm-7 I'm running AMD Ryzen 3 1200 on Asus 320M-K...
  3. B

    [TUTORIAL] 2 Proxmox Server und NAS mit 10Gbit verbinden?

    Hallo, ich habe hier schon einige Sachen über Proxmox gelesen. Jetzt hab ich zwei gebrauchte Server erstanden und ein Freenas aufgebaut. Alle 3 Geräte sind zusätzlich zur 1GBit Schnittstelle mit 10GBit ausgestattet. Alle Festplatten sind mit zfs formatiert und die zwei Server sollen in einem...
  4. S

    Proxmox, FreeNAS, NFS and snapshot per dataset

    Hello, I'm looking into building a FreeNAS server which will host my VMs through a NFS share. As Proxmox does not support snapshot on raw image hosted by an NFS server, I'm trying to find a way to do this in an "easy" way. I was thinking about creating a dataset per VM which will allow me to...
  5. S

    CIFS share refuses to connect.

    Proxmox keeps giving me the following when I try to connect to a CIFS share running off of a virtualized FreeNAS box: create storage failed: error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg': storage 'Proxmox' is not online (500) This share works fine on multiple computers, and running smbclient -m smb3...
  6. P

    Existing ZFS Pool to VM (FreeNAS)

    I have found 3 ways to get a ZFS pool to a Proxmox VM (FreeNAS). I was wondering which is the best? ZFS over SCSI Could I import my existing ZFS pool or do I have to create a new one? Would I have to use this? Virtual Disk...
  7. W

    FreeNAS ZFS-over-iSCSI Issue

    I am trying to use a FreeNAS server for shared storage in a 3-node Proxmox cluster to enable HA and live migration. The iSCSI target is set up on a ZFS pool of 4 identical enterprise-grade SSD's and is reporting "healthy" in FreeNAS. I followed the helpful instructions here...
  8. J

    Issue passing through one of two identical disk controllers

    I'm attempting to create a Freenas VM by passing through two HBAs. One is a flashed H200 (9211-8i) and one is a used 9200-16e. Only issue is, my boot controller is an identical flashed H200. I followed the guide for PCI-E passthrough here however when I get to the host configuration step, the...
  9. B

    OsX VM unable to write data to NAS properly

    Hi everyone, I am at an impass. After several iperf3 tests and Blackmagic write/reads, I realized all connections work fine from all the computers at home, except uploads/writes from my Macintosh VM to the NAS (freenas). As you will see below, I've ran tests from all points (Proxmox node...
  10. Z

    sharing storage for local (ISO,CT templates)/local-lvm(vm backup)

    Hello, I need sharing for more than one Node for sharing (local storage) for ISO,CT Templates to another Nodes without need to SCP or upload it,so what the preferred Data method to use NFS,Ceph...?supported by proxmox (need to installed on host) or created VM and using like FreeNas and How to...
  11. P

    PROXMOX on R720xd - Home Server Build - Looking for suggestions

    Greetings Forum: I'm new to PROXMOX. I have been experimenting with PROXMOX on a Dell R720xd, a H710 HBA flashed to IT mode, an internal PMR79 Dual SD Card module to store the OS, numerous 3TiB SAS drives, and 128GiB of ECC RAM. I run one QNAP NAS box for file storage, a media server (Plex...
  12. S

    Meinungen zu dieser Idee?

    Hallo zusammen, aktuell habe ich ein Synology 4-Bay NAS mit 2x WD Red 6 TB und 1x Seagate IronWolf 12 TB Festplatten als NAS System. Darauf liegen diverse Daten: Filme, Serien, Musik, Fotos, Projekte, private Dokumente und auch einige Backups. Bislang hat es mir gereicht lokal über SMB auf die...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Weird problem with imported ZFS disk.

    I come from Freenas and had a lot of data on a ZFS pool I created (2 x 8 TB disk) and now I migrated to Proxmox, when I did zpool import it all went without error and the pool showed up under Server > Disks > ZFS. But I noticed that it didn't appear in the left collom where all my other storage...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] qm: Unrecognized Command: 'list_extent'

    I recently patched my Proxmox 5.3 with the FreeNAS iSCSI API. I can now use the FreeNAS as storage. However, when I try to clone an existing EFI Linux VM onto the FreeNAS storage, I am seeing a ZFS error (unrecognized command 'list_extent'): As you can see, the command completes and the zvol's...
  15. D

    VM/Containers not running after removing bad OSD

    Hi Everyone, I'm in a bit of a situation here. We identified a bad drive (but still running) and decided we needed to remove it. Therefore we followed these instructions believing that it would work without a hitch and all our containers/vms would continue to run. Unfortunately, not the case...
  16. X

    FreeNAS virtIO/PCI passthrough LACP

    Hello, I'm currently virtualizing my FreeNAS to VM on my proxmox. However, I have a problem. These are the tests I did. On proxmox: For debian the LACP is working properly. (network virtIO bonding on vm) For freeNAS the LACP does not work. (network virtIO lagg on vm) Physical machine Same...
  17. J

    Unable to attach FreeNAS iSCSI volume on Proxmox 5.2

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had success on connecting an FreeNAS iSCSI volume to Proxmox? I could not for some odd reason. I created two iSCSI volumes on FreeNAS. I have a Xen and Proxmox server. The Xen server sees both volumes. The Proxmox sees none of them. I even tried disabling CHAP...
  18. V

    Late 2018 - State of FreeNAS on Proxmox?

    What's the current advice around Proxmox and running FreeNAS? We have a server we'd like to use predominantly as a storage server - but running some extra VMs on the side would be useful. I've read elsewhere that Proxmox/FreeNAS can be funny - in particular that the PCI passthrough (which is...
  19. R

    ZFS over iSCSI using FreeNAS

    Hello. I would like to know if anyone has been able to find a way to use ZFS over iSCSI with FreeNAS. I know that FreeNAS has switched from istgt to ctld and there is no support for ctld in Proxmox. Any ideas how this can be done? Thank you.
  20. P

    Automount not working, but manual mount from shell works fine. -Sequel-

    I will resume my post because this is a derivated question from a unsolved thread and I will ask for pardon. The unsolved thread is: Situation: Around 5 or 6 weeks ago I set up a Proxmox 5.1-35 ( and...


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