1. P

    Automount not working, but manual mount from shell works fine. -Sequel-

    I will resume my post because this is a derivated question from a unsolved thread and I will ask for pardon. The unsolved thread is: Situation: Around 5 or 6 weeks ago I set up a Proxmox 5.1-35 ( and...
  2. J

    [KNOWN ZFS PROBLEM] Freezing while high IO (only on host - not guest)

    EDIT: As I find out that high IO will only result in freezing while performed on host, not guests please skip to post #19 as there are new findings. I'm basically reposting issue that I have with backups to FreeNAS from this post...
  3. P

    NFS Shares: storage is not online (500). Why?

    I have a Proxmox 5.1-35 ( and FreeNAS 11.0-U4 ( server. Everything was fine until few days ago, maybe 4 days, Proxmox stopped seeing NFS shares on FreeNAS. The message in /var/log/syslog: pve01 pvestatd[1277]: storage 'Backups' is not online This happened for all NFS...
  4. M

    problem using freenas

    i create a VM freenas, for create storage NFS in my cluster. when i finish to install my server freenass, y tried to send shutdown vm but, i can't this is the messages step 1, create server freenas step2 create new particion for NFS step3 create storage NFS in proxmox ( can't see)...
  5. I

    vzdump disk

    Hi, We have a server with proxmox witch have this storage setup: /dev/sda 930.Gb (SSD) /dev/sdb 1.82 Tb (raid) On the storage part of proxmox we can see: local => VZDump backup file, ISO image, Container template => 94.37 GiB local-lvm => Disk image, Container => 810.25 GiB So I asume that...
  6. L

    Power off crontab

    Hello. I have PMX VE, two virtual machines on it (FREENAS and PFSENSE). Also i have crontab on PMX to switch off server at noon (/sbin/shutdown -h now) When cron is working pfsense machine is going switch off but freenas reboot instead switch off. If i change in freenas vm processor settings...
  7. N

    Convert FreeNAS Passtrough ZFS Pool into Proxmox?

    Hello Everyone, i started a few days ago with proxmox running a FreeNAS vm with pci passtrough an LSI controller on a proxmox node. because it was also recommendet on the freenas site i created then an zfs raidz1 and storage pool under freenas and started to migrate all my files to that pool...
  8. R

    Vm FreeNas and Hdd

    Hello everyone, I'm new and recently I discovered Proxmox! I recently installed on my server to version 4.4.1, and I created a virtual machine where I installed FreeNas 9.10. No problem in the installation phase. After two hdd 1tb wd red and physically installed them in the machine some day I...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] Weirdes problem ever with NFS

    Hello guys, I am wondering if it is possible to manually mount (in /etc/fstab) a NFS volume avoiding the GUI, and then creating a shared local directory from the GUI, that points to the NFS path. Is this a safe procedure for shared storage, provided that I edit all the /etc/fstab of all nodes in...
  10. M

    SoHo-Cluster - Tips and Knowledge appreciated

    Hi, i had been using Proxmox v3 for some testing purposes on an old Fujitsu server and really love it. Now i would like to set up a production "cluster" for our small office. The most important software to be run is a Microsoft SQL-Server. It is suggested to run the SQL-Server on multiple...
  11. R

    best practise for ZFS over iSCSI? (FreeNAS)

    Hi, I guess ZFS over iSCSI would be better than just use iSCSI share + LVM on top of the iSCSI share, since it gives the benifit of easy snapshot and clone right? So I have a new installation of FreeNAS to provide iSCSI. Is it best to use a new zvol and device type extend or a new dataset...
  12. M

    FreeNAS iSCSI issues with Proxmox Cluster

    Hi, we have setup a 3-node proxmox cluster (4.1) and configured two storages for VMs - NFS to our FreeNAS and iSCSI to our FreeNAS. iSCSI was configured using Proxmox Web UI ( Both, NFS and iSCSI, use dedicated 10G...
  13. DynFi User

    failed pve-zsync restore from FreeNAS backup

    Hello, I was experimenting a bit with pve-zsync All of our backups are done on a FreeNAS server and I was able to very easily backup the container on my FreeNAS server. I am now trying to restore the snapshot from my FreeNAS server. Restoring went very well and I now have a clean pool with...
  14. N

    [SOLVED] Fibre Channel Storage - FREENAS

    Hello team, it's a pleasure to talk to you. I've been researching on what I need and I found what I was looking for so I am here. Whenever my storage falls my virtual machines lose connection with the disc. My storage consists of a FreeNAS using QLE24xx plates, the servers where I have also...
  15. D

    Freenas VM reboots after Shutdown

    Hello There, I'm currently using Proxmox to virtualize some VMs: -Freenas -Windows Server 2012r2 -Windows 10 I configurated Windows Server to perform Shutdown even if no user is logged, so to allow Proxmox to properly shutdown the o.s. if needed. Windows 10 allow that out of the box, with no...
  16. P

    Wrong device for boot due to passthrough pci sata adapter

    I'm trying to passthrough a pci-e Avago LSI 9211-8i to a freeNAS virtual machine. I got pretty far: - adapter shows up properly during bios boot - freeNAS installed properly and can be run as long as the adapter is not passthrough The LSI adapter messes up the boot order and the SeaBIOS only...
  17. L

    FreeNAS backend for ZFS over iSCSI

    Wondering if this is yet a supported environment? At one point I know in the development chain it was being looked at and worked on. We have toyed around with other back end ZFS solutions and really have not been pleased with them. Admittedly we have almost NO Solaris experience so all of...
  18. Chris.P

    iSCSI SAN Presented as NFS Using FreeNAS

    I'm the Systems/Infrastructure Manager for a medium size software consulting/development co. and have been using Proxmox for several years successfully to host Win/Nix VMs in our Development environment. 4 hosts backed by 2 FreeNAS servers ZFS raid 10 presented to Proxmox hosts with NFS. Our...
  19. A

    NFS shares give me an error 500.

    NFS shares give me an error 500 in the proxmox gui, blocking vm's that require it for boot to stop working. Sometimes when the Share is function and a boot of a vm is made the system eventually locks up. What I have tried: Configuring cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg nfs: hdd01 server...
  20. S

    Poor performance on NFS storage

    I'm running 3 proxmox 3.4 nodes using NFS shared storage with a dedicated 1GB network switch. root@lnxvt10:~# pveversion pve-manager/3.4-11/6502936f (running kernel: 2.6.32-43-pve) root@lnxvt10:~# mount | grep on...


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