1. N

    freenas: unknown iscsi provider

    Hello, i got this error while trying to start a vm Task viewer: VM - Start OutputStatus Stop TASK ERROR: freenas: unknown iscsi provider. Available [comstar, istgt, iet, LIO] at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/ line 35.
  2. F

    "local" hd filled with less than 2 ISOs

    Hello to all - a nubee here with a new Proxmox cluster running on three thin clients, each with a 16GB boot disk and a 1TB m.2 SATA, and with 36G RAM. The cluster is configured with shares on a separate TrueNAS box for general shared storage (including ISOs) and for backups. Those shares show up...
  3. D

    [TUTORIAL] Failed Pool Disk in FreeNAS/TrueNAS - Proxmox VM

    I'm posting this as a guide to help anyone who created FreeNAS/TrueNAS VM on Proxmox Host and need to replace or upgrade a failed Disk. On FreeNAS VM identify the disk that's bad or needs to be replaced Record Disk Name and GUID to be used for getting the Serial Number of the disk Dashboard -->...
  4. R

    New installation instead of upgrade to Proxmox 7 - general structure

    Hello, as the title already says, I would like to reinstall my Proxmox environment, as the current one has already been messed up a bit and partly serves as a playground. Among other things, this was there to gain experience with it. Now the question is, how do I best build the construct...
  5. M

    pass drives through for TrueNAS or not

    Hi there, I am new to Proxmox, first post here. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction, I have a good machine i9, 64Gig of RAM. I have 4 ssd's in a Z2 array to hold my VM's...and 2 8Gig mechanical drives for my NAS. I'm hosting TrueNAS as a VM and passing the 2 8Gig drives...
  6. D

    Proxmox drives configuration

    Hi there, i am about to make my first server and i will use it for production use / website hosting. I have decided to buy either Dell R630 or Dell R730. So about the drives i am thinking to use an nvme card with 2 Samsung 970 Pro in raid1. All VMs will live in the nvme’s and i will add at...
  7. K

    VM backup to CIFS share on TrueNAS VM fails at 100% completion

    Hi folks, I did set up a TrueNAS Core VM (version: TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1, FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p3) with 2TB SSD passthrough from the Proxmox host (version: 6.3-6). Inside this VM I created a CIFS share in order to back up other VMs to. To test its functions I mounted the share on Linux and could...
  8. K

    VM-Backup zu CIFS-Share auf TrueNAS-VM bricht ab

    Hallo Allerseits, Ich habe eine TrueNAS-Core-VM (Version: TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1, FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p3) (mit durchgereichter 2TB-SSD) erstellt, um auf dieser via CIFS-Freigaben Dateien von anderen VMs (sowie Backups dieser VMs) zu speichern. Beim Einbinden eines CIFS-Shares im Proxmox-Datencenter...
  9. S

    ZFS lieber mit PVE oder FreeNAS VM?

    Hi Leute, eine kleine Frage zu ZFS. Ich nutze ein Supermicro Board das in der Lage ist seinen internen SATA Controller durchreichen zu können mittels VTd. Die Frage ist, ob es besser ist eine FreeNAS VM aufzubauen die sich dann um das ZFS kümmert und dann über iSCASI an PVE weitergibt oder das...
  10. M

    Cannot Create LVM on iSCSI storage

    I set up a new instance of TrueNas 12 Core. I am attempting to setup iscsi storage to TrueNas in Proxmox. The vdev was created in TrueNas along with the iscsi target. I have created the iscsi connection in proxmox and it is showing as available but receive the following error when I attempt to...
  11. J

    FreeNAS pcie/sata passthrough

    hi all, I am planning to setup a freeNAS VM and pass through the relevant controller. my setup: - supermicro x10sdv-6c - 1x m.2 nvme for proxmox OS etc - 4x sata HDD to pass through to freeNAS my question now: would it make more sense to A: pass through the on-board sata controller to the...
  12. U

    r720xd. h310 passthrough failure

    Hey guys, Thought I would come on here to ask this question. Just got a new r720xd, and installed proxmox on it. I am trying to passthrough my h310 (it mode) raid card through to a freenas machine. I followed all steps in the documentation to passthrough my raid controller. Everytime I...
  13. S

    Migrating from Freenas to virtualized freenas within proxmox - tips?

    Hi all, I have a server that is running freenas with few encrypted drives, and two flash disks that acts as a mirrored boot drive. I would like to migrate to proxmox, and have the entire setup I already have today, running within a freenas VM. That means passthrough the hba controller. Any...
  14. T

    LSI SAS9201-8i (SAS2008) passthrough to FreeNAS

    Hello everyone, I've been fighting this issue for the last day with no success. I've tried all of the methods I found in threads on this forum with no advances. I'm trying to pass an LSI SAS9201-8i card to a FreeNAS VM. I've set the VM to q35 mode, the card to pcie, and tried all combinations...
  15. S

    PVE - Local VM host and remote NAS

    Hi All I'm looking to set up PVE on a home server setup. I'm looking to run several VMs for my home network, where I combine a bit of tinkering with what I'd like to think is useful tech. I want to run Apache DS, FreeRADIUS, Plex Media Server, Nextcloud, and maybe a few other projects that...
  16. TwiX

    PBS and freenas

    Hi, Is there a way to make PBS work with Freenas in order to have all functionalities you provide via ZFS but on a remote (ZFS compliant) NAS ? Thanks !
  17. J

    FreeBSD guests are challenging

    After the prior post on FreeBSD (OPNSense and FreeNAS) failing to boot due to hotplug being enabled there remain issues. Both install just fine and boot just fine. It is only after a while they become unresponsive. I have yet to find an indication or metric to watch to understand what is going...
  18. T

    Migrating from FreeNAS to Proxmox and need advice please.

    I'd like to migrate from FreeNAS to Proxmox but I'm having a few problems with getting my head around the Proxmox way of doing things, having spent years using FreeNAS (most notably, I'm struggling with how various storage related things are handled). I'm also not entirely sure how best to...
  19. V

    Installing Proxmox Backup Server on FreeNAS 11.3 as bhyve VM

    Dear Proxmox Team, Thank you so much for PBS. It's a game changer product for PVE. I'm trying to install Proxmox Backup Server on FreeNAS 11.3U3-2 as bhyve VM since it's recommended to separate installation of PBS from PVE. Installing PBS on FreeNAS can save from using a separate physical...
  20. S

    unable to activate storage randomly showing up, ping to NFS OK

    Hello, I recently added a FreeNAS server to my network and have setup it with Proxmox as an NFS server. Ping is ok, no loss at all. Network is 10 Gbits. Randomly, I get the following error on my nodes : Jul 3 02:12:45 athos pvestatd[7137]: unable to activate storage 'freenas-a' - directory...


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