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Feb 13, 2023
Hello Forum

I have searched the forum for an answer for about a month now, but I am unable to find one, or a similar solution to my problem.
Recently I made the decision to migrate to Proxmox as hypervisor after using VMware since 2012.
It goes very well. I’ve got an LXC container running and the virtual machines I make, works fine.
I'm even surprised with the speed of Proxmox vs VMware. My virtual machnes seems faster on Proxmox.

My issue is, on my virtual machines, I give them a virtual network card that’s VLAN tagged to the first physical nic. And all the VLANs here works just fine.

But when I add a second virtual network on my vm, were the network is vlan tagged on vmbr1 thats on the second physical nic, I am unable to get network connectivity on that interface.
The proxmox host is able to ping out, using that second physical nic with no issues.
So I think my problem is with the vmbr1 somewere, I just donw know where.
vmbr1 is created with the same properties as vmbr0, just without assigning an IP address as that is not needed here.

I am sure its just some simple thing I am missing, that’s why I am reaching out for help.

Config on my proxmox host and a ping test to a network device on the other side of the physical switch:
2023-02-21 12_12_49-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay DT.png
2023-02-21 12_11_40-mRemoteNG - Frands.xml - Proxmox.png 2023-02-21 12_12_10-mRemoteNG - Frands.xml - Proxmox.png

On a virtual machine with a second network added:
2023-02-21 12_12_27-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay DT.png
2023-02-21 12_15_30-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay DT.png

The documentation and other on this forum are talking about making a vmbr using example: “vmbr1.100”
But the GUI is not allowing me to create a Linux bridge with that naming.

This is the last peace I need to get working in order to, shut down my last VMware host for good.

I am comfortable with using the Linux command line and are not afraid of testing things.
This is really bugging me out. I know I am missing something embarrassing simple, but I have no idea why.

Sorry if this is a double post and sorry for the spellng.
Thanks in advance.
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