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    Help with VLANs and LACP requested

    I run OPNsense as a FW, I have a 4xPort lacp to my main switch also 4xPorts lacp which all my Vlans go through. from my switch to my proxmox server I have a 2xPort lacp. I cant get Internet access or ping any other Vlans/devices from Container or VMs that are not on the main proxmox-mgm...
  2. A

    delete-Duplicate post.

    DUPLICATE POST, SOMEHOW IT GOT POSTED TWICE. DELETE IF YOU WOULD. I cant figure out how to delete this post. I'm not to proxmox and networking in general but I'm trying to learn as fast as I can. I have a few different Vlans on my home network. I have added them to my proxmox config. auto...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Failed to reach Proxmox on VLAN

    Dear community I am pretty new to proxmox but like it so far except when it comes to VLAN's. I know there is ton of articles out there dealing with this topic and I tried quite some of them with no help so far. I have a baremetal machine that connects with two sfp+ ports to my uniFi switch...
  4. U

    Rate limit a VLAN / Linux Bridge

    Is there any simple way to rate limit a VLAN and Linux Bridge under proxmox? For example, say I have a bridge vmbr0 and a vlan vmbr0.2 on a 2.5Gbe port and I want to limit the vlan so it never uses more than 1Gb/s on the port in either direction. I'm using Proxmox VE 8.2.2 but I'm not using...
  5. R

    [TUTORIAL] VLAN für ein Test-Subnetz

    Hallo zusammen, Aus meiner Ursprünglichen Problemanfrage wird nun ein kleines Tutorial und hoffe den einen oder anderen damit helfen zu können. Ziel ist es an einem oder mehreren der Ports des Switches ein anderes Subnetz für Testzwecke oder ähnliches anzubieten. Zum Einsatz kommen Switche...
  6. W

    Setup one bridge per VLAN with OpenVswitch

    Hello everyone, I apologize if this question has been addressed before, but I'm currently encountering a roadblock and have been unable to find a solution. My goal is to create a separate bridge for each tagged VLAN on my eth0 interface. Subsequently, I want to connect virtual machines to these...
  7. P

    not able to mount NFS via dedicated interface

    I have created dedicated interface to communicate with NFS storage (as already used in ESXi a XenServer). Interface is in the same IP range and VLAN. Ping is working fine, but the nfsscan ends with: rpc mount export: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = No route to host command '/sbin/showmount...
  8. J

    Communication between proxmox server to external device issues

    I created a Proxmox server on VMWare as a sort of development environment/ for experimenting to test if my idea works or not before moving it to the actual physical device. I am also using GNS3 to simulate connecting to a switch and then to another VM (external device). Some terms I use for the...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] SDN Node IP

    Is there a way to add an IP address on each node for a SDN Vnet? I have two storage VLANs 20 and 30 that I share to both VM's and the physical nodes. I would like to move all my network config to SDN - VLANs but I can't find a way to add IP addresses to the nodes so they can also access those...
  10. P

    VLAN on management interface

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum, so please bare with me. I've searched the interwebz without finding an answer so thought I'd just test my luck here. Im configuring a new Proxmox hypervisor and I'm wondering about the proper way to Dot1Q the traffic going to the management IP of the...
  11. J

    Proxmox VLAN Help - Virtual OPNSense router with hardware switches not working.

    I have a proxmox host with two interfaces, one for WAN connectivity and one for the LAN, with a OPNSense firewall VM on proxmox. I have several VLANs in place which up until now, have solely segregated VM traffic and worked well. However, I now want to include non-virtualized devices in specific...
  12. G

    [SOLVED] Problem with VLANs over VMBRs

    Hi I have a problem in networking in my Proxmox v8. I use multiple VMBRs for each vlan because I want to easy selection vlan for users. When I bind vmbr450 for VM and configure network all works fine but when I want to bind vmbr0 to another VM and configure VM's network in vlan450 using vmbr0...
  13. E

    Troubleshooting VLAN Configuration: VMs in VLAN 25 Unable to Obtain IP Address

    hello, All network configurations, including VLAN settings, are correctly implemented both on the server and the network switch. The VMs in VLAN 25 have their network settings correct, including IP address, subnet mask, and gateway. However, the VMs still fail to obtain an IP. switch...
  14. E

    [SOLVED] Moving to an SDN with VLAN configuration

    Feel free to ignore all of this, it turned out to be a lack of bridge configuration on my router. Hi, I have two nodes in a cluster. Both see each other and so do the VMs/CTs. This has been a testing bed and now I'm ready to move on with segmenting the different (future) services. So I'm...
  15. C

    How do I create a VLAN in proxmox?

    I am attempting to run two proxmox backup servers on two different vlans. My current network is on a 192.168.1.* subnet. I need one of the backup servers to be on the 192.168.100.* subnet, and the second to be on the 192.168.200.* subnet with a vm tag of 100 and 200 respectivly.
  16. A

    VLAN (802.1Q) with Proxmox VE, OPNsense (as a VM in Proxmox), and UniFi systems

    tl;dr: I want to pipe VLANs around my networks, both the physical and virtual sections, to separate things like IoT out. Some more detail: I have a network consisting of Proxmox VE containers and VMs (one being OPNsense firewall router), and physical network components such as UniFi switches...
  17. P

    Only some VLANs work

    Hi there I've migrated from VMWare to Proxmox and so far it's been going pretty well. However, when configuring VLANs I've run into an issue with one of my game servers. My server is directly connected to my Fortigate firewall and I've configured the NIC on the fortigate to communicate on...
  18. I

    ProxMox, Vlan's and ACL Rules

    Background: I am a relative networking novice and what I have learned has been mostly by accident and preceded the advent of useful AI's so is quite cobbled together. I have somehow managed to set up what I believe to be a relatively secure network and am trying to be prudent about how I add...
  19. S

    Proxmox nested within ESXI

    Hi All, Firstly I will apologize for any rookie questions as I am quite new to Proxmox. I also have a bit of a complicated scenario, namely: I am currently running a number of workloads/VMs under ESXI 7. Given the recent VMWare licensing change I am looking to migrate to Proxmox Since I have a...
  20. A

    SDN/vxlan with VLAN aware PFSense

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to setup this kind of setup (with more VM, but this is the simplified version) : 2 proxmox servers (px1 and px2) 1 pfsense firewall (fw1) on px1 2 virtual machines (vm11 and vm21) on px1 2 virtual machines (vm12 and vm22) on px2 My contraints are : I want vm11 and...


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