1. J

    Install Proxmox in an OVH Vrack

    Hello, I am trying to install Proxmox on a dedicated server at OVH but cannot find much instruction and know Chinese for me. Here is what I have: two dedicated server with ProxMox. Both servers have an external ip address but I would like the VMs to communicate with each other via private IP...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] How set an ID VLAN to the own Proxmox server + how set an ID VLAN to a virtual machine?

    Hello. I can't find the way to set to the own server (Proxmox) an ID VLAN (it's connected to a firewall and it only works with our server only setting an ID VLAN to it), I can't see it clearly if I can do it even in the shell. I searched it but I'm still lost. How works this? Sorry if I'm...
  3. C

    Direct spice connection

    Hi all, I'm new to Proxmox. I installed it on a bare-metal server that it's connected to a dedicated mngmt-VLAN, while the VMs (running on it) are attached to the lab-VLAN. In order to access the VM via spiece I use the Console->Spice button on the Proxmox webUI but this point my spice...
  4. P

    virtuelles VLAN erstellen

    Hallo liebe Community, ich würde auf meinem Proxmox Heimserver gerne ein virtuelles VLAN erstellen, damit ich einige VMs vom restlichen Netzwerk trennen kann. Warum? Ich würde sehr gerne eine theoretisch Windows Server Umgebung mit eigenen DNS, DHCP, Testclients, Softwareverteilungssystem, usw...
  5. R

    LCX not working on VLAN

    Hi everybody, I'm quite new to proxmox and networking in general, I really enjoy learning about networking, virtualisation and selfhosting. I recently set up my pfsense router with a few VLANs and got almost everything is working the way I want. I now want to set up a nextcloud server on a DMZ...
  6. TwiX

    Ceph on a VLAN

    Hi, I usually use 2 x 2x10Gb network cards like this : vmbr0 : LACP bond0 with 2x10Gb ports ceph (pub/priv) : LACP bond1 with 2x10Gb ports So we may say that there are 2 dedicated interfaces, one for vms, the other for ceph. But it requires 4 ports on my switch. I'm wondering if it could be...
  7. N

    3rd Router as 2nd NIC? Multiple devices as multiple NICs?

    Hey guys, I'm sure you might get a laugh off this but I'm new, very new and still learning linux and 100 other things at once....can't think its too overwhelming. I know googling won't get these answers, I've spent too much time on that. I already know this is a stupid question but what if I'm...
  8. C

    Bond Bridge to Proxmox

    Hi I'm new to Proxmox and I'm discovering. Until today I was on kvm-qemu / virsh on CentOS 7. My test server is in Virtual Environment 6.2-4. Here is how I work on my current setup: - I've N VLAN (1, 2 and 3 for example) - I've my physical interfaces with configuration to bonding ...
  9. S

    Win10 guest ("Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration) when using vlan.

    Been trying to get my win10 guest to connect to a subnet via its vlan..
  10. Q

    OVH vrack and VMs

    Hello, I'm looking for help on configuring the ovh vrack for VMs hosted by proxmox ve 6. I already configured public IP and vrack private IP on my proxmox host and, through vmbr0 bridge, I already assigned a different public ip to my ubuntu 20.04 VM. I'm a kind of lost on how to bridge the...
  11. K

    VM network problems

    I am running openvswitch on my Proxmox 6.1 server. I installed pfSense as a VM and for the most part it running well. Recently, I tried to install as a VM, OpenMediaVault, which seemed to have problems when it tried to connect repository mirrors. I assumed that there might have been a problem...
  12. E

    Network problem bond+vlan+bridge

    We are using 2 bond interfaces for storage (2x10Gb) and a trunk for the VMs (2x10Gb). We want to split the trunk for the VM in VLAN bridges so we can assign them to our VMs. auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet static address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/XX gateway...
  13. O

    Vlan Firewall (possble) bug?

    Hey guys, I think there is a bug @ PVE's firewall when doing vlans. Here's my setup: Home "server" - PVE 6.2-4 - only has 1 Ethernet interface. 1. Mikrotik router connected to fiber-ONT bridged port - gets an external IP via DHCP and does nat / masq on for the internal...
  14. R

    Duplicate MAC Addresses Generated for Bonded Interfaces on Identical Server Hardware

    Greetings fellow Proxmox users and moderators. First I want to thank the Proxmox team and developers for creating an amazing product. I have been a Proxmox user for only about 2 years but a Linux admin for about 15 years. Regrettably I have not created a forum account until now, however I...
  15. M

    Set Up multiple Ethernet ports VLANs L3 Switch

    I want to Isolate my VM's into multiple VLANs, Currently, my Proxmox server has 5 physical NIC's and I have an L3 switch configured with 5 VLANS, how should I configure networking on the Proxmox server? This is my current Network config on the Proxmox server
  16. H

    VLANs with a single LAN interface

    Hello, I have an OPNsense VM running with a dedicated WAN interface (vmbr1) and the default Proxmox Linux bridge (vmbr0) for LAN. I'm trying to segregate my network like so: WAN -> My public IP VLAN 100 -> LAN -> I only have 2 NICs and I am trying to pass the VLAN using...
  17. A

    Understanding VLANs in Proxmox

    Hi All, New to Proxmox here. I've read through the Network Configuration doc and have even successfully implemented Proxmox VE management IP with VLAN aware Linux bridge as per the docs. I'm simply trying to understand how this works 'behind the scenes' auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface...
  18. H

    SOLVED: Virtualizing pfSense with OpenVSwitch and Multiple VLANs

    I am having an issue with pfSense Proxmox and VLAN's. My setup has pfSense virtualized with other VM's on the same host and 4 VLAN's. I have a Cisco 3850 switch that is my core. Originally I had all of my intervlan routing occuring inside the Cisco switch and anything that need to get to the WAN...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] VMs loosing network after some time

    Hi all, I'm running a 4 node pve cluster (6-1.3) with ovs installed. All networks configured using ovs and all interfaces are LACP bonded. OVS BOND (LACP) -> OVS BRIDGE -> VMS -> Intports Recently I noticed Windows VMs using intel E1000 drivers disconnecting after some...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Proxmox VM Vlan not working properly

    Hello im ussing Vlan "1" to acces the proxmoxweb panel , when i give vlan "1 "to any VM i dont get the vlan no dhcp even if i use static ip , when i assing vlan "2 " to the VM it works . The vlan is getting to proxmox 100% becouse im using it to manage it.


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