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    NFS Storage Issues when on separate VLAN

    Hi there -- New to Proxmox and building out the 1st node in a cluster for my homelab and I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have a single network interface on my server but multiple VLANs configured on my Unifi switch (trunk port) . I have a single Linux bridge...
  2. H

    Using PFSENSE VM as main router for other VMS

    Hello i am going to create new server on Proxmox and as 1. VM is going to be PF Sense other VMS should be connected to pfsense on VLANs can you help me how to configure and how add physical connection Wan from proxmox to PFsense VM and from pfsense virtual network as lan for other VMS?
  3. A

    VLAN configuration problem

    Hi, I want to make my Proxmox to assign address from specific VLAN for the VM. I have configured port on switch for it. Let's say I have got VLAN 1,3 and 99. The Proxmox HV is in VLAN 99 and have an address assigned. On Switch I have this port configured for VLAN 99 as access and VLAN 1 and 3 as...
  4. F

    Setting Up LACP Bond with VLAN Trunk and Bridge

    Hi I'm having a really hard time trying to get the network setup on Proxmox despite looking at all of the forums and tweaks I've been doing. I have configured a 2Gbps LACP bond on my Netgear GS724T managed switch and is also setup as a VLAN trunk with it's PVID (native VLAN) on 8 so it can...
  5. C

    What is the correct VLAN mode on managed switch?

    Hello, my ISP (Vodafone cable) provides two internet access points: - standard (like any ISP offers) - static IP The router (here: AVM Fritz!Box 6490 cable) basically works like any other Fritz!Box with only one exception: 1 port is configured for using the static IP. I guess one could call...
  6. C

    No ping from PVE host to router (Fritzbox)

    Hello, I have configured bond+bridge+vlan on my PVE host. The relevant network configuration (in /etc/network/interfaces) is this: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1 inet manual iface enp4s0f2 inet manual iface enp4s0f3 inet manual auto bond0 iface...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] No ping from LAN to PVE host

    Hello, I have configured a bond + bridge connected to a managed switch (D-Link DGS-1100). The connections can be illustrated like this: Router (FritzBox) <--> Switch (D-Link) <--> PVE Host The issue is that I cannot ping the PVE host from LAN. However I can ping the router from PVE Host...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] Isolating virtual machines with vlan

    Hey everyone, I want to isolate virtual machines from communicating with each other without getting out on the local network. I realised a test with a my laptop connected to the server where i managed to ping a vm from another so even if i need any connection between the VMs I want it to happen...
  9. F

    Set VLAN ID for Proxmox Management IP Interface

    Hi all, I need some help getting my network configuration setup correctly, please. Below is my current setup which is working. I have started making use of VLANs and I have set all my virtual machines to VLAN 10 in their network configuration. This is working, in that they are getting assigned...
  10. B

    vlan unter proxmox einrichten

    Hallo Ich bin neu bei Proxmox und würde gerne wie unter ESXi vlan's benutzen. Was brauche ich grundsätzlich? Kann das PM nativ oder muss ich Open vSwitch installieren? Ich habe bspw. eine VM mit nur 2 nic's als Proxy und möchte jeweils über diese Nic's in- und outbound traffic via vlan tag's...
  11. A

    What's the preferred counterpart for "InternalNetwork" of VirtualBox?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of migrating from VirtualBox and phpVirtualBox to Proxmox and most of my VMs are simply bridged to the public uplink of the host. I'm planning to change that to a suggested routed configuration, as my new hoster will be Hetzner providing a /28 subnet, which will only...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Unable to pass vlan to trunk

    Pfsense vm cannot detect the WAN connection. I can manage PVE through a managed switch. Also, I want to set up VLANs in Pfsense, so that the management VLANID of Pfsense will also the same as that of proxmox. After installation of Pfsense, I cannot login to web interface through the switch. I...
  13. P

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox OPNsense VLAN

    Hello, Here is a tutorial to create with the graphical interfaces 2 Vlans between 1 Proxmox server and 1 OPNsense router. Do not hesitate to make remarks for improvement or correction. So our starting infrastructure is this (Boths hosts are physicals): +------------+...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Vlan: one works but not two

    Hello, I have some issue with vlan on my proxmox homelab. In short I have a physical router with OPENSENSE (it's like PFSense). On this router I have config a interface named : PVms, on this interface I have created 2 VLAN: - PVmsVlan10: - PVmsVlan20: On...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] VLAN Setup for pass Vlans to AP

    Hello my fellow Proxmox Users/Guru's Just wanted to take advice for the potential changes I am planning on to make in my Home LAB. I have 4 Port NIC + 1 onboard on my Proxmox Node, so far it has been working fine. I run Sophos XG and Sophos AP55. I want to move few wireless and wired devices...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] Passing 32+ VLANs to VM - what options?

    Greetings, I know this has been asked many times, but I still did not find exact answer or solution. Using latest no-subscription PVE. We need more than 32 VLANs passed to single VM. We were fine until we hit 32 virtual nics limit in VM configuration (I know there's an option to bump that...
  17. P

    VLAN Ubiquiti

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin neu im Umgang mit Proxmox, dies mal vorne weg gesagt. Ich habe bei mir zuhause ein Ubiquiti Netzwerk mit mehreren VLAN´s. Prinzipiell sieht es so aus: Management LAN (Standardmäßig VLAN ID 1) Privat LAN (VLAN ID 10) SmartHome LAN...
  18. M

    Proxmox + OPNsense + (Cisco) Switch + VLANs: Wie realisieren?

    Guten Morgen, ich habe einen kleinen Homeserver mit Proxmox, diversen Diensten und einem VM und Client-Zoo. Auf dem Proxmox laufen unter anderem: Pihole, Grafana, Omada und Nextcloud als LXEs 2 * Windows, Jellyfin Server, jdownloader, 2 * Linux, OPNsense, checkmk als VMs Im Netzwerk befinden...
  19. M

    Changing lan - add network device?

    I am about to change IP-number on my LAN where the Proxmox server is and all it's guests. Reason is that the network is becoming full... what is the best way to go about his? The server is going to be on it's own vlan, vbr0 and vbr1 is going to be on another vlan. The guests will be on...


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