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    trying to add proxmox server to local network

    Hi guys, I'm testing proxmox for my work, got it installed and made my first VM. Now I want to get my proxmox server on our local network, on a 10.10.1 subnet in this case. before I just used the standard IP at the setup of proxmox, got it directly connected with a ethernet cable to my laptop...
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    Connecting VMs to internet with dedicated IPs that came with dedicated server from oneprovider

    Hello beautiful community, I have got 5 dedicated IP's that came with my oneprovider's dedicated server. Have tried almost all the methods that I could find over the internet but I am still not able to achieve the results most recently followed this guide...
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    Windows Server 2022 not receiving inbound IPv6 traffic

    I have Proxmox setup with a single network card and software bridge. The physical network the host is connected to provides IPv4 via DHCP and IPv6 via SLAAC. I can create VMs with VirtIO NICs and the firewall option disabled, install Linux and everything works (the VM gets IPv4 and IPv6...
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    ProxMox, Vlan's and ACL Rules

    Background: I am a relative networking novice and what I have learned has been mostly by accident and preceded the advent of useful AI's so is quite cobbled together. I have somehow managed to set up what I believe to be a relatively secure network and am trying to be prudent about how I add...
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    Unable to get static ipv6 working on LXC

    My ISP has assigned me a block of ipv6: 2001:19c0:1::1c00/120 I'm currently on Proxmox 7.4. After setting up a new Ubuntu 22 LXC, I've added network settings like so: Static IP: 2001:19c0:1::1c03/120 Gateway: 2001:19c0:1::1c01 I've also tried updating the bridge on the node to include an...
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    Two physical proxmox servers and interconect all vms

    Good evening, I am interested in being able to connect two Proxmox servers to each other and that the VMs of both can be seen no matter where they are. The idea is that they work as if they were connected under the same switch, but the problem is that they are connected P2P. Both nodes are seen...
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    Network issues on VM's running Proxmox 8.0.3

    Hello! I have been trying to setup a server for a student radio at my school. This is my first time working with Proxmox. The reason I choose this software was becuse of the flexibility it creates but right now it's been more of a brick wall that I haven't been able to get past. The current...
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    Networking Novice Struggling to build out Separate Physical Network for Ceph Cluster

    What i currently have is 6 node cluster all running on a single 10GB network, What im looking to setup is the same cluster running on three separate physical networks, 1. PVE Management network 2. Application network (VMs) 3. Ceph I'm assuming this is pretty standard but i can't seem to get...
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    [SOLVED] Network best practice?

    I am new to Proxmox and I'm setting up my first server. So far the only thing I'm confused on is the networking. I currently have a linux bridge (vmbr0) and a linux bond (bond0). Do I need both or can I get away with just having the bond? My host has 4x 1gb nics and I want to bond all four of...
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    Haupt-Netzwerkkarte wird nicht richtig erkannt

    Moin Moin und frohes Neues alle Zusammen! In meiner Proxmox Installation habe ich folgendes Problem: Die Hauptnetzwerkkarte wird nicht richtig erkannt. Früher war es tatsächlichg mal eth0. Jetzt nach zwei neuinstallationen irgendwie nur noch lan0. Auch der Typ wird nicht angezeigt UND im GUI...
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    [SOLVED] [1st install] update and network no route to host

    hello i ve installed my proxmox yesterday , it seems to work fine even if i ve a trouble while installation (cound not find country, i should remove network cable to finish installation). But i can interact with proxmox interface properly. but i cant launch update. Its very strange because...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to access PVE Management Interface if VMs or CTs are started

    Hi Proxmox Community. I would like to report an issue I've been through since yesterday. Been banging my head ever since! I'm using 4 tagged VLANs between my Proxmox Baremetal Server (PVE 8.1.3) to my HPE Switch, VLAN 4 is my Production VLAN as well at the VLAN where I intend to access manage...
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    Has anyone created a DMZ inside Proxmox?

    I want to talk about interface assignment and internet access, as well as firewall.
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    Problem with clustering and network on Hetzner hosts during Create/Join cluster procedure

    Hello, I do have 3 identical Hetzner servers that I configured with their Installimage script - Hetzner-Installimage - and configured Network Bridged setup accordingly to their documentation - Hetzner-Proxmox-Network - configuration of network is similar on each host. Hosts are fresh, no VMs...
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    [SOLVED] (Newbie) Need Help With VLANs

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Proxmox VE, and been wanting to use Tailscale for external access to my home services. I currently have VLANs setup on my network, which is working fine. I wanted to put Tailscale on a new Proxmox VM that is under a VLAN seperate from the rest of the other VMs. I wanted to...
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    Make Two different Proxmox Lan's VMs to communicate with each other.

    I currently have two proxmox Metals in Scaleway Cloud. Yesterday I bought my second one but with the first one I didn't have any issue. So my setup in the first one is a pfsense firewall with a WAN and a LAN in Now I introduced the second Metal and created another pfsense (I know...
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    Looking for a Proxmox Specific MAC Address generator (as opposed to having PVE autogenerate it for me)

    I'd like to Pre-generate the Mac Address for a tool I'm building. I'm currently using one for VMware (and VMware only allows specific MAC addresses) and wondering if Proxmox has something similar? Is there a Proxmox SPECIFIC Mac address generator? (i'm guessing there is a function in the...
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    Need Help Removing Network Card

    When I installed proxmox, I installed a 4 port network card for a pfsense virtual machine. i scrapped that and debridged the network card connections but when i remove the network card, proxmox won't connect to the network. The ethernet is connected to the motherboard. I have VM's set up and...
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    Need help to reconfigure network interfaces

    Hello, I currently have the following network configuration on a proxmox host: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1 inet manual iface eno2 inet manual auto vmbr1 iface vmbr1 inet dhcp bridge-ports eno1 bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 bridge-pvid 1 #To access port portA on...
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    Configuring Separate Internet Gateways for VMs on Two Bridges Using a Single Physical Interface

    Hello everyone. I have a somewhat unconventional task and could use some help as networking isn't my forte: There are two networks, each with public IP addresses: Subnet Address: Default Gateway: and Subnet Address: Default Gateway...


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