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    Missing network card after upgrade to PBS 3.1.4

    Hello! we upgraded two of our PBS servers from 2.x to the current version 3.1.4 and while doing that we encountered an issue. Both servers are identical except that server 1 uses an additional 10G network card while server 2 got a 40G Intel card (XL710-BM2). The first server upgraded without...
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    Intel 39Y6138 not showing up in Proxmox

    Hi, I'm basically a complete noob when it comes to Proxmox. I recently got an IBM branded Intel 39Y6138 NIC from a colleague. It was working in his machine, but when I try to utilize it in my Proxmox VE server it doesn't show up. The core specs of the server: CPU: Xeon E5-2690 RAM: 32GB MB...
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    Networking Problems r8168/r8169 headers missing without internet connection

    Hello guys, 4 days ago i moved my proxmox server from my office (plugged into switch) into the basement (plugged direclty into the fritzbox) and since then I had networking issues, the server not beeing reachable after some hours. I read into the matter and found out it seemed like an issue...
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    [SOLVED] command ifreload -a failed: exit code 1

    issue: command ifreload -a failed: exit code 1 History: - I have 2 Proxmox Server(s) PVE01 and PVE02. - I moved a working network card out of 01 into 02 and got this error "command ifreload -a failed: exit code 1" when I apply changes to network. I moved the card back to 01, and it works fine...
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    Changed vrmbr0 (network bridge) and now I cannot access my server

    Hi All, I am really really dumb and I hope that I did not just completly screw my server. I just installed a realtek NIC card so that I could pass it through and set up a pfsense VM. The only issue is that when I booted my machine after install the main connection to my server was using one...
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    [SOLVED] USB NIC not seen in a specific USB port after PVE upgrade from 6.4 to 7

    Hello, I just upgraded my PVE from 6.4 to 7 and now the USB NIC I had connected in a specific USB port is not seen anymore (lsusb doesn't show anything). If I change the USB port all starts to work again. When the NIC is inserted in the original USB port the LED starts blinking, but the OS...
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    ixgbe: passing parameters doesn't work?

    I'm trying to use the parameter allow_unsupported_sfp=1. One of the SFP modules i'm trying to use is probably not officially supported. I've tried it in/with: - /etc/modprobe.d/ixgbe.conf - /etc/default/grub - modprobe All with no result. Also tried it with parameter debug=16 to find out if it...
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    [TUTORIAL] Debian Bookworm & Realtek NIC Issues (NIC worked fine before upgrade)

    Situation Upon upgrading from PVE 7.4 (Debian 11) to PVE 8.0 (Debian 12), the On-Board Realtek NIC stops functioning correctly. The NIC may work upon boot, but connectivity will stop within minutes and the console begins outputting lines similar to the text below — r8169 0000:01:00.0 enp1s0...
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    Unable to boot smoothwall express.

    So, I am having a little truble and unsure if it is something to do with SmoothWall Express or Proxmox. Each time I reboot SmoothWall Express, after the install or after, I am always seeing the screenshot attached. I have gone through and tried creating a new VM to see if that would reslove...
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    The network card does not work properly when the first pci slot is used.

    Steps: 1. Install PVE when PCI slot 1 is empty. 2. Close PVE, PCI slot 1 is inserted into the device. 3. Start PVE, and the network card light goes out after entering the PVE boot interface, restart still like this. Inserting a device in PCI slot 2 does not have this problem.
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    Persistent network limits

    Hi, I have been spending my time setting up proxmox and exploring its capabilities, everything seems to work fine except a single thing that I came across. The problem is, when I modify any VM network configuration (net0), for examle set a speed limit or change the adapter to the intel one, the...
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    Proxmox VE Virtual Windows Network Adapter Speed Problem

    I have a server with Proxmox operating system installed, and I have created a virtual Windows 10 machine on it. The server is equipped with a Mellanox dual-port network adapter, each port capable of speeds up to 25 Gbps. When assigning the network adapter to Windows, I chose the virtIO model...
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    Can't connect to Proxmox GUI with two Intel X550-T2 installed and set to auto start

    I had one Intel X550-T2 installed on my server and all VMs were running fine and I setup OPNSense and had it configured with the two ports from the X550 being LAN and the onboard ethernet being the WAN interface using bridges. However, for OPNSense to really replace my router, I needed more...
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    Networking speed issues: 1Gb/s instead of 2.5Gb/s

    Hello everyone I have a 4 ports QNAP 2.5Gbits NIC that I passthrough my Opnsense VM and through that this VM is able to get an Internet speed of around 2.2/2.3Gbp/s so this is OK. On my Proxmox hypervisor i have another 2.5Gbp NIC that is used as a bridge for all LAN VMs. If i check with...
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    Mellanox 100gbe Link only getting ~55 gbit/s

    Hello, I have 2 servers with each one Mellanox ConnectX-4 100 GbE QSFP installed. >I connected the 2 with a Mellanox 100gbe DAC cable. and both idracs show me a link with of 100gbit/s. However when I run ipref3 on both ends I only get around 34gbit/s. I have read that iperf3 might be limited...
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    [SOLVED] VLAN works form host itself but not on VM

    Hello Forum I have searched the forum for an answer for about a month now, but I am unable to find one, or a similar solution to my problem. Recently I made the decision to migrate to Proxmox as hypervisor after using VMware since 2012. It goes very well. I’ve got an LXC container running and...
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    Choose MAC/LAN-Port at setup

    I am new to PVE and would like to install it on my barebone PC Shuttle DS10U. The device has two LAN ports and - as usual - with one MAC address each. But during the setup of Proxmox is always displayed only one MAC address. Even when the LAN cable is plugged into the port of the other. This is...
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    Recommended NICS to use in proxmox

    Good morning, I am looking for a network card to install to my proxmox server. After investigating, the realtek NICs give a lot of problems to install in proxmox, so I don't know what network cards I could install in my server. I currently have an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor, running...
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    Intel NIC e1000e not recognized after boot

    I did several proxmox installations on various hardware. But this one's puzzling me. It's a quite simple setup: 32 GB RAM, ZFS-RAID on a six core CPU. Onboard are two Intel e1000e NICs. Under a Debian live installation (bullseye) they work fine. But the proxmox ISO has no luck. In Debug...
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    [SOLVED] Changed NIC, changed settings, now I can only ping the internet?

    TL;DR I can ping, but I cannot ping the router on the same network, nor access the GUI from another computer. I’ve changed NIC’s before, when I swapped motherboards, so I have solved this issue before, but I’m completely stumped with how my setup is currently broken. I know there is an...


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